Alicia Keys recently expressed her disapproval over the negative influence pop culture has on the youth of today. As a mom, the singer plans to set a better example for her son. Find out how and much more on today’s “A Celebrity Baby Blog Party”.

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  1. @Tired,
    Teenage pregancy plagues ALL communities. I’ve never watched the show “Teen Mom”, but I’d be willing to bet that all of those teens are some race other than Black.

    • I watch Teen Mom every week for the past two years and the majority of girls are Caucasians. I have seen only two or three A.A’s on the show. It mainly involves white and latino girls on Teen Mom

      • Seriously I’ve seen u up here often I’m confused r u the same seriously with the lower case s as well if not ur moniker is being used.

    • @Billie’sMom 16 and pregnant r mostly caucasian females not even a handful r african american so I agree with u 10 fold

    • I agree, it is evident that this “Tired” person is just grabbing an opportunity to express negativity against Black families on a site with a Black point of view under the guise of trying to sound “educated” about the subject.

      What educated or informed individual would use such an ignorant and stank pseudonym to present themselves? It speaks volumes about this frustrated, closed minded and angry individual.

      This person is just trying to find a reason to join the conversation to express their own rage against a group of people.
      Typical of most uneducated people who internalize EVERYTHING that others say. Insecure and hateful.

  2. Alicia..I love and wish her the best with raising her son. The bible states to “Train a child up in the way he/she should go”.

    I love Nia Long and can’t wait to see her baby…her man is the true definition of F-I-N-E..I likey! :)

    I can’t stand Shaunie..she gets on my last nerves, her and her fake crew.

  3. I’m loving Egypts Burberry swimming trunks.
    The youth today are crazy! I’m only 21, but i feel so old when i see how these kids talk & act. They talk worse than i do lol. I just saw a video on online of like 5 girls, no older than 12 in a bedroom dancing. They were booty popping, booty shaking, rolling of the hips & at the end of the video they just started cursing & talking about their haters. Omg, after seeing that video i said when i have kids they will never be allowed to go over friends house & friends can’t come to mines lol. But i wouldn’t put it all on the pop culture, i would say the environment the kid grows up in plays a big part too. Parents/family members sometimes turn the blind eye, or even encourage the dirty dancing.

    I find it a little weird that BCK would put a link to something about Jessica, but never have a post on her daughter. Jessica Alba’s daughter is adorable!

    • Trisha, it’s really pathetic, isn’t it? You know the sad part is they’re probably getting all this from their parent(s). So many of these teens/young people have young mothers who are probably booty poppin, cursing, and Lord knows what else in front of their children. Apples don’t always fall far from the tree. Grandmothers are younger and younger. Gone are the days of the “Big Mamas,” the matriarch that held it down.

      • Teri..so true and well stated. I remember growing up and our Big Mama’s raised kids, grandkids,went to church, scolded us, taught us and ran a candy store.lol But she was way older. I know a 35 and 37 year old grandmother and they are still “droppin’it like its hot” in the clubs with NO real careers. It is so sad and pathetic. When I have kids I plan on raising them the “old school” way bc it worked on me and my siblings. I dislike this “new age/anything goes” parenting style and I don’t like seeing younger parents/grandparents…call me old fashioned.

        • @seriously, call me old-fashioned too. We are >>>>HERE<<<

          Yeah, Big Mama ran the show (I wish I had had a Big Mama that ran a candy store – LOL). She was full of wisdom and passed that on to her her children and grandchildren. Not only are some of these women "droppin it like it's hot," but they are drinking, smoking weed, and kicking it with their kids.

          Also, back in the day, you have neighbors who watched out for each other's children. Neighbors could freely correct a child that was out of line. I don't mean hit, but they could chastise a child because the parents knew the neighbors and trusted them. I don't like this new age way of parenting either. Children are now their parent's friend and they are calling the shots.

          I believe in old-school. I was raised old-school too, and I thank my momma (and grandmother) for that.

          • @Teri..YES,our Big Mama owned a 2-flat and it was a candy store(it was called Big Mama Candy & Ice Cream Shoppe)on the main floor and you could buy candy, get ice cream sundaes or play video games(the old school kind). I remember walking into the store and it smelled like candy ALL the time. And it was dead in the hood…lol! She lived on the top floor and everyone knew her and respected her. She didn’t play and if you stepped out of line, she would correct you or kick you out. Adults have lost the respect from the kids and the kids are running the show. I just hate how it is nowadays…

          • You need to send an email to the admin…that is what I had to do to stop my comments from “waiting moderation”. BCK has your IE domain address on the “watch list” and you can get off that list by sending them a angry email asking them to remove your user name and email address. It took them a month to remove my name off that list and I have no clue what I said to anger them.

      • So true! My mother had my my sisters and I young & she too became a young grandmother (my sister had a baby at 16), but she never tolerated us wearing certain clothes or cursing. She still tries to tell me what i can & cannot wear at 21 lol. That Jamaican discipline stayed w/ her lol. You know the saying “it takes a village to raise a child,” thats not happening anymore. Growing up, all my aunts, uncles, & extended family had a part in raising me & my sisters. We were a product of a teen parent, but having so many older people involved in our lives, my mom learned how to be a real mother & grew up. No more clubbing lol. Kids now are a product of their environment. They are born to young mothers who don’t know how to grow up. They have their kids around anybody & unstable people. Thats not the type of village a kid needs to be around lol. I have friends who parents still go clubbing & hook up w/ random guys. & I’m like wtf my mom will never. My friends are having kids now & i see the cycle is just repeating itself smh.

        • Trisha, your mom sounds wonderful. Even though she had you all young, because of her background, family structure, and the person that she is, she grew up and raised you all like a great mom. Even though you are 21 years old, you are still her baby and she’s watching out for you :-) I sure she is very proud of you all. I applaud her. When you mentioned Jamaican, I had to smile because my Nana was Jamaican. Girl, talk about a woman who helped form my two siblings’ lives and mine as well. She was wonderful (RIP, Nana).

          I’m so sad that extended families are not a part of many of our family structures anymore. A child put up for adoption at one time would be taken in by another family member.
          Many kids are a product of their environment and no one is teaching them. It’s very sad, and as you stated, the cycle repeats itself. My older brother is 56 years old, and I’m the youngest and not one of us can remember my mom having random men traipse in and out of our home. My mom dated at times, but never, ever did a man spend the night. She didn’t do that under her children.

          So many kids don’t have a chance. :-(

          • Sounds like a vicious cycle of teenage pregnancy that plaques the black community. I don’t see how that is good parenting. Good parenting, involves setting positive examples, sorry but someone dropped the ball in this family.

          • @”Tired” the word is “plagues” not “plaques”. You are so busy trying to sound knowledgeable or educated but you just come across as rude, angry and dumb.

  4. Alicia please.. set an example give me a break. She will not be fooling me again. I hope she instills different values in her child than she displayed in herself. He is cute tho.

    • Same place mine went. I’m beginning to think BCK does have certain names on lookout (like the more strong willed people) & need to read the comments prior to posting them. I do not take it personally. But they should know which one of the commentors say ignorant & hurtful things & that is not us. But it’s whatever.

      • Sherley, by george, I think you’ve got it! That must be it because sometimes they show up, and sometimes they vanish into the atmosphere.

        I know I can get a bit “opinionated” at times, but I hope I’m never nasty.

    • It happens to me too Teri! lol. It’ll appear later. I think certain key words may make the comments disappear for a little bit. idk

      • Hey Trisha, I’ve noticed that too. They’ll show up hours later. I wish we knew what the key word are that makes BCK flag the comments. It would really be helpful. Like Sherley mentioned, there are some people that are just darn right rude, nasty, and mean, but we aren’t so *shrugging shoulders*.

          • Well, here’s a novel suggestion. If we are so “racist” (the fact that you call us racist shows me that you weren’t too far from getting off the short yellow bus. You don’t even know what racism means, but that’s typical of the over-emotional nitwits that oftentimes visit BCK. I suggest you get the CORRECT definition before your numbskull starts accusing people of it. I’m not going to defend myself (and I hope Pisces won’t either if she reads your stupid comment) because you are just that -stupid. How is THAT for nasty.

            Secondly, if we are so racist and have nasty comments, then here’s a novel suggestion – DIVERT YOUR EYES AND DON’T READ THEM. Now, take a seat. Please and thank you.

          • @Tired-blah-blah, Neither myself or others have to use race neutralized language to please you or anybody else that is offended by pro Black/African American expression.

            If you feel uncomfortable with what is said on a site with a focus on Black people, then why would your crazy azz come here to read?

            I’m nasty to people who are nasty to me ergo my outrageous expression to you on this Sunday. You are abhorrent and repellent to me…beginning with your stinky pseudonym.

            Don’t hate me because I love who I am and a big part of that is my loving being BLACK!

          • For the record, I am not racist, I am pro Black/African American. You need to stick to commenting about celebs…you know more about them than you know about me or Teri.

          • @Kiki..I don’t care what you think. You are stank and tired just like your buddy Tired, you cyber bully.

    • @Teri, I know I tripped out the other day when I saw my post say “Awaiting Moderation Approval” or whatever the exact language was. I was like “Meeee” of all people. Yeah, sometimes the comments will show up later. I don’t get it.

        • Billie, Sherley, Fashioned, Trisha and Seriously,

          I just wrote BCK so I’m hoping they will let us know what’s up. At least if we are doing something erroneous such as a glitch, wrong key words, out of line, etc., they can tell us.

          We shall see.

        • @Teri, thx. Maybe I should email them as well. The ones you listed are faithful readers & commentors. We are strong-willed women who gives our opinions no matter how others react to it. It isn’t fair that our comments, which are not spiteful, mean, nasty, cyber bulling, etc, have to await approval, however others get away with saying the most shocking things.

          Hopefully, it will get straightened out soon.

        • Billie’sMom, I could NOT have said it better, and I agree 100! I know this blog belongs to BCK, but I hope that they don’t start censoring comments either. There are so many people here who have different personalities. Some are very opinionated and some are not. I, like you, love this site and enjoy the conversations. I have learned a lot too. I think for the most part, most of us are very respectable. I know there are times I’ve gotten mad and said some things that might not have been out of pocket, but I speak my mind like everyone else. I don’t, however, believe I’ve ever violated BCK’s rules. Like you said, if BCK reader do violate their rules, I’d hope they’d let us know.

          Anyway, I agree with you, and no problem on “the book” LOL :-)

    • BCK can block your computer IE domain address and stop any comments they don’t agree with. It gets on my nerves. It has nothing to do with your user name but they can disable your domain adress in your computer.

      • @seriously, interesting point. There are so many different personalities and ways of communicating. I would hope, unless something is REALLY out of line, that BCK wouldn’t block our domains. We are a pretty faithful bunch of readers.

  5. I read Alicia’s comment several days ago, and agreed with her. I wish more celebs would speak out and stand up, but I also understand that parents have to ultimately teach their children right from wrong so when they see the negative, they can filter through it all. Alicia’s son is a cutie pie.

    Shaq – if it’s true that he’s an absentee father, tisk, tisk, tisk!

    Jessica Alba – I didn’t even know she was pregnant. Congrats to her and hubby.

  6. Shaq..why?

    How come we don’t see pictures of Jessica Alba’s daughter Honor? I thought she was partially black?

    I still like AK, she seems like she’s enjoying mother hood. *runs out before the she’s going to hell for stealing another woman’s husband sayers come in*

  7. Pop culture is horrific and the most heinously negative examples for our upcoming youth. It is so sad how much of our society are so easily brainwashed. They don’t think they are, but it’s all manufactured consent! Things we would normally never do or allow, people are doing because it is gradually brought about in pop culture! That’s why my children are homeschooled and don’t have a TV anywhere in our house. As for Alicia Keys, she is a part of it but I’m all for her trying to lead by example as she stated in the article…we shall see.

    • I just came from a weekend vacation where we saw a 7 year old sing rhianna’s “s&m” at family karaoke, word for word. & yes her mother was asked if this was all right, and she said YES!! so AKs comments are LONG overdue.

      Also as someone who was somewhat homeschooled herself, i commend you for protecting your children from these kinds of horrible influences.

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