(L-R) Ming Lee Simmons,11, Kimora Lee Simmons, Kenzo Lee Hounsou,2, Djimon Hounsou and Aoki Lee Simmons,nine next month, posed at the 12th annual Art for Life benefit at a Private Residence on July 30, 2011 in East Hampton, New York.

Kenzo is growing up fast! Look at that smile!

Russell Simmons(L), Ming and Aoki’s dad, took out time to pose with his blended family.

How adorable! More pictures below! and in the Gallery, too!

Photos:Jerrit Clark

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  1. I wonder why Kimora wears these heels all the time.Does she think that she just has to be taller than everybody wlse or something~!


  3. I was gonna say the same thing. If Kenzo had a white mother you all would be freakin about his hair sayin how she needs to take lessons.

    • And if this was Nahla Aubry and her world reknowned professional model father, Gabriel Aubry you’d be cooing and fawning about how beautiful she is.

      Kenzo’s parents have both walked the the catwalks of London and Paris as models, but you just focus on his curly Afro and not his beauty..

      Talk about double standards.

    • And if this was Nahla Aubry and her world reknowned professional model father, Gabriel Aubry, you’d be cooing and fawning about how beautiful she is regardless of her hair being combed or not.

      Kenzo’s parents have both walked the the catwalks of London and Paris as models, but you just focus on his curly Afro and not his beauty..

      Talk about double standards.

  4. I like this family. I especially love Kenzo…what a gorgeous Boy! And I LOVE his hair…fits him perfectly. Watch out Tyson Beckford, Kenzo may come for your job one day soon :)

  5. Kenzo is such a handsome lil man (and his dad has such a hot body LOL). The girls are beautiful but i especially love Ming- she seems like a sweet natured lil girl while Aoki is a bit like me (too resereved- as a result, people think i am stuck up. Smh).

  6. I luv how beautiful and different this family is. They have their own look. Some people thinks that Ming looks like Kimora I disagree especially in these pictures shes starting to get into her own unique look with the combination of both her parents looks when she has her hair up she looks like a sweet little kid and when its out she look like a little princess with her beautiful light skin and chubby face. Aoki looks like a hawiian goddess she is so beautiful with her slightly darker skin then her sister and longer face, and baby Kenzo is gorgeous with his chocolate colored skin. Sorry Kimora besides the hair and the very slightly lighter skin then daddy you did not have anything to do with this sweet child if the race was the other way around (you whatever race Djimond is and Djimond was Korean and black)I would have looked at you eye brows up lol. But they are indeed a beautiful family very diverst and blended.

    • So, what’s my point? Can you not read? My point is: Kenzo’s hairstyle looks cute on HIM. I don’t think that Henry’s hairstyle looked cute on him, and I think that Johan’s hair looks better as it is now. You see, these are called opinions. Opinions are like buttholes; everyone has one. You will often come in contact with people who do not share your opinion. As an adult, you should be able to state your opinion, and agree to disagree without getting all upset, ranting & raving, and calling names… Do you have an inferiority complex that causes you to get so upset? Did someone talk bad about your hair? Get over it!

      • @AND THE KID..

        “Not Buying It”, is that you?
        The same dead horse you used to beat about bi-racial causes seems to have sprung to life again.

        Not Buying It/ AND THE KID appear to be the same infamous, hateful blogger who used to be all over bck a few years ago. If this is you, get lost!

  7. I saw Ming & Akoi yesterday. today is Kenzo’s day. Look at how bug he has gotten!!! He is soo darn hansome & I am loving his hair!!! The picture of him kissing his mom is so precious!

    He is so darn cute! The pic on the right of him & his sister is too cute for words.

  8. Cute family. They are always looking nice. and that’s including the rest of the simmons family too. And I was not wearing a lot of pony tails when I was 11 and 12, but I rocked the bows faithfully. Big ups to kimora and forget what everybody else thinks. Because she know what the world is like and how these little kids act and dress now a days. And I commend her for allowing her daughters to be little girls as long as she possibly can.

  9. I see future models in this gorgeous family–especially Kenzo. They are all so photogenic. Also, I must agree with the majority that there is nothing wrong with Ming’s hair. She has ribbons in her hair instead of barrettes; which I find appropriate for a 12-year-old. Now, the “lace front” comment was too funny. Also, I commend Russell, Kimora and Djimon on their relationship.

  10. Oh my Look at baby Kenzo. He’s grown so much! He’s a cutie and he’s gonna be a heartbreaker when he gets older…Those girls are beautiful as always……..

  11. Maybe Ming likes wearing her hair this way. It’s obviously not an issue with Kimora for her to wear her hair down because Aoki’s is down.

  12. I can’t help but to love this family! Kimora and Djimon seem like good, down-to-earth parents. I just love Ming, she’s always smiling. Aoki is a little model in the making. And of course, Kenzo… beautiful mix of both parents. Can’t get with the hairstyle (y’all know me), but he has the most unique dark chocolate complextion that I’ve ever seen. Looks like fine, dark chocolate was just poured into him, lol.

  13. I’m happy that everyone finally got a chance to see Kenzo. I think the girls r so cute her having a barrett is just fine.

    • Oh and picture 9 is tooooooo cute Ming is bigger than her dad he look like he’s struggling to hold her. Damn Russell is short

      • I know parents want to hold onto their children as long as possible, but Russell need not hold Mingy like that again, lol. She is almost as big as he is and by the time she reaches 13 she will most likely be his height or taller.

    • Kenzo is one of THE CUTEST boys on this website! He is BEAUTIFUL. Pure cutness!!! Kimora has a gorgeous family, her girls are very pretty and she herself is beautiful. Djimon is just fine ….

  14. Once again this blended family is together and look great. cant believe that they all get along like that. Kenzo complexion is soo beautiful.

    • It’s very believable that they get along well. But the media likes to only put out the bitter new ex’s story. There are many families out there (celeb & non-celeb) that are blended & get along well w/ each other (it may not be as close as Russel & Kimora *i believe there closeness has a lot to do w/ business ) But look at Will, Jada, & his ex. They get a long well (from what we see).

  15. Oh my, the camera sure loves them! Just look at that Kenzo! This family warms my heart, and I love the united front the men provide for their children.
    The girls are styled beautifully(as always), and little Kenzo is beyond adorable . The pic of him with both parents as he lays one on Mom’s cheek is priceless. Kimora is looking extra fab also, her recent weight loss yielded awesome results. *I gotta hit the gym,lol*

  16. Kenzo is so adorable!!!!!! I love this family and love that they all get along. That pic with Kenzo and Aoki is too cute. I’m happy Kimora found love with Djimon, just love them!

  17. Omg, Kenzoooooo! This little guy is too adorable. They should definitely have another one! This whole family is gorgeous. Maybe i’m just not open minded enough, but why is Russell in the picture?

    • Umm… I think Russell’s in the picture because the child next to him is his! Now back to lace fronts. Who else is getting one for their 12 yr old? My kid is due a new one soon.

        • It’s been said that they all really get along and I don’t see the problem in him joining the picture. Now in my family this wouldn’t happen, but it obviously works for the Simmons/Hounsou clan.

          • “Now in my family this wouldn’t happen” – same here! It’s great if they really do get along that well.

    • @PlainMean, I am with you. It’s not about being open-minded enough, we just have our own particular viewpoints as it relates to these types of matters.

  18. Kimora don’t loose anymore weight! The weight lost makes her neck look extra long lol

    Kenzo is too cute. I love his hair.

    The girls are very pretty. I love how this family runs/works.

  19. @ Kayla…they look more like ribbons than barrettes to me.

    Kimora looks amazing and her children are beautiful. Djimon…you are one sexy man.

  20. I love the pic with Ming and her daddy;too cute. Kenzo is OMG! That child is too gorgeous for words wow. Everyone looks nice here.

  21. Aaahh Kenzo! Sooooo handsome! The girls are cute, and I personally really like the way Ming’s hair is done. Beautiful family. x

  22. Ming looks better when her hair is strait. The baby girl barretts is time to go. She’s almost 12 kimora.

    Beautiful family though. Kenzo is so much like his dad, that’s amazing. Complexion hair, etc.

    • Did you say a hairpiece….lol! I know you weren’t serious but it’s still funny to think. Yeah his hair grew out real quick.

  23. Omg!!!!! look at my baby, he is absolutely gorgeousssssssssss. Lawdy, Kimora makes beautiful kids, look at those pretty babies. Kimora looks fab with her new slimmed down look, get it gurl, lol. Dijimon and Russell both looking handsome as ever. Still can’t get ova how big Kenzo have gotten. That complexion is to die for, that baby gonna be fionnnnnne when he is all grown up.

  24. we finally get our Kenzo fix! and well worth the wait. how cute are these pics! he’s getting so big. lil man is gonna be tall like mom and dad. everyone looks great, the girls are dressed cute as usual.

    • wow i was thinking the exact same thing…. kenzo is gorgeous and his face looks so much older than a 2 year old.. hes lost all his puppy fat

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