Shaneice Hairston poses for the camera. Get to know this college-bound teen and much more in today’s “A Celebrity Baby Blog Party”.

Shaneice Hairston is not just Evelyn Lozada’s daughter[SheIsNyc]

Michael Jordan’s daughter is heading to college[Syracuse]

A pregnant Jessica Alba does a little light shopping[Babyrazzi]

Sherri Shepherd is getting married and son Jeffrey will walk her down the aisle[BMK]

Toni Braxton’s sons can sing, too![GrandLifeDaily]

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  3. Why is there an argument over race people

    these girls are very pretty…and please do remember that they are girls…no bad comments

    Also, I am not black american, but I am black and I have always thought Evelyn Lozado was afro latino…and she has stated that she is afro latino

    but anyhoo!!!!!….whatever!!!!

  4. Sasha are on drugs? of course this women is afro latino the term who ever has african blood in latin america. I am Haitian I consider myself afro latino proud of it to. We blacks all over the world have so much in common I just love meeting people in general.I love meeting people that have african ancestry it doesn’t matter how much or a how little. Plus if that women trace who roots it would also come out as Spain and mostly Africa maybe small amount of native or even semetic from arab rule in spain which arabs also have african negroid ancestry. I have meant so many people all over the world guess.I have meant north africans who are white, brown, dark ect who are proud of there negroid ancesry and there will say it many in front of white people not all of them but vast majority. When you mixed with black you will never know what you are going to look like. I also meant may africans from different tribes who have no mixs in them some look like this women and her daughter and this black women told me from the congo there is many tribes all over africa that have so called european features long hair and have no mix but black in them. Blacks are the first humans and we have the most diverse race on earth many blacks look asian without having no mongloid blood in them why because black is everywhere who made everyone else.

  5. WOW..Jasmine Jordan is gorgeous.com SO beautiful! I haven’t seen her in a while. She look way better than her older brothers.

  6. I don’t care about Shanice nor her mama Evelyn.

    Jessica Alba looks beautiful!

    Congrats to MJ daughter for pursuing a college education.

    I thought Sheri was already married..well congrats!

    Toni Braxton is beautiful and her sons are cute.com

  7. Too many of yall are insecure about yourselves. I find it funny that everyone states Jordan’s daughter is beautiful,which she is, but here we have Shanice and most are complaining that she isn’t black enough. Clearly,you have to be as black as coal to be welcomed on this website. Anything that isn’t dark enough become nothing more than a type that we are “sick of seeing”.

    Yall need to get over yourselves. That insecure side is showing.

    • Well Im light like the sun but that don’t have anything to do w/me not liking Evelyn nor her family. I hated how Eveyln potrayed herself on BB Wives..so I don’t want anything to do w/her or fam. As for her daughter, she is Black & pretty. I must agree w/you that ppl on here gush hard over Kenzo/Miley etc but have harsher words for Nahla mom (Halle) and Jaid/Jax mom (G.Beauvais) Baby Hank, etc. I think alot of A.A. women in particular want to see Black Love/Families. But ppl need to get over it bc being A.A comes in all shades (mixed or pure) AND its beautiful!

    • People are insecure because they like seeing black features?? I thought you were insecure if you didn’t like your black features and you mated with another race to change them. That’s what’s clearly going on in black hollywood. People are merely pointing it out. If you want to wear blinders, so be it. But it’s definitely not insecurity you’re seeing. People are just pointing out the reality of the situation. And the reality is that many of these people are not black.

  8. I guess BCK doesn’t like me today, My comments won’t show up lmao

    But it made me feel bad when Shaneice said Jessica White told her she needs to loose 15 pounds. The girl is slim enough, she doesn’t need to loose weight. I’m glad she has enough confidence in herself to love her body & to accept the shape she was given. The modeling world is crazy

    Shanece & MJ’s daughter is better than me w/ moving away for college. I couldn’t do it. I thought about it, but then I said I need grocery’s & i like my home so I go to school an hr away from home so i can go home often & raid the fridge & cabinets LOL.

  9. Honor’s father is half Black which is why she is part of the bck gallery. Jessica is part Danish and Mexican I believe. I don’t know if it’s such a good idea to tell the world where Michael Jordan’s daughter will be hanging out for the next four years since he always very private with his family.

  10. Oh yeah, if Nahla, Honor, Julian Thicke and baby Hank are “black” by BCK definition then Shaniece most certainly is. She is darker and more “black”/biracial looking than they are.

  11. Mixed is a mongrel dog, Jessica is half white and her husband Cash Warren is half white, with both parents being biracial Honor and her sister are too.

  12. Jessica is half white and her husband Cash warren is also half white so Honor and her sisters are biracial and welcome on bck. Shaniece’s father is black.

  13. Is Jessica alba’s child black or mixed? I am really not sure, not even a joke, just asking cause this is BCK.

    And Shaneice is too cute. Wish her the best in college.

    And I thought I had already seen that caption for sherri shepard, I thought she was already married. Maybe I read wrong.

    • Jessica’s husband is half black, so yea i guess you can say her kids are black.

      My comment didn’t post :/ But i think Shaniece is beautiful. She seems like a sweet, soft spoken girl. Good luck w/ school. (why the surprise Shaniece is on here? She’s been on her before. lol)

      I think its creepy that Syracuse talked about ever tweet MJ’s daughter sent lol

  14. No comment regarding Shaneice but good luck in college.

    Michael Jordan’s daughter is cute. Good luck in college as well.

    I wonder is Jessica Alba is having a boy. She looks like she’s due any day now.

    I thought Sherri Sheppard got married already?

    If you are going to tell me Toni B.’s sons can sing..how about posting a sample link? Only thing dailylifegrind had was a pic of the Braxton sisters.

    Have a wonderful drama free BCK commentors.

  15. Smh @ BCK having Shaneice as the main link…

    She’s a pretty girl but i didn’t even know she was “Black”, even by BCK definition

    Anyways, I love the fact that all these kids are going to college, how exciting!

    Jordan’s daughter is a beauty… but it’s weird that Syracuse posted that article. Won’t everybody knowing she’s there make it awkward for her???
    Anyways, good luck to all the kiddies off to a new school! College is fun times!

    • shaniece is clearly a black women. Her mom is afro latin and her dad is black/dominican. These are black people, they are just from different parts people aren’t familiar with unless your exposed to it by living in a melting pot like NY.

        • Well she is, you can look at her features, nose, eyes, hair texture. Don’t let her bleached blond hair fool you. She is a Light skin/ caramel color Black American with Latino roots.

          • Having a tan doesn’t make you afro-latino. Zoe Saldana, David Ortiz, Lala Vasquez are afro-latino etc. Evelyn is slightly darker than Jennifer Lopez. She’s not afro-latino at all.

          • nisha, it’s not just a tan. she has admitted she’s afro/latin, and that’s exactly how she looks! I guess you don’t get out much.

            I bet you’re one of those people; when you see a mexican person, you call them white.

          • Yeah I guess my dark-skinned Dominican self doesn’t get out much. Her saying she’s afro-latino doesn’t make it so. Her looks are more similar to that of Jennifer Lopez than that of Gina Torres. But hey I guess Jennifer’s an Afro-Latino too.

      • @Kayla I’m really confused as to why you want Evelyn to be Afro Latin so badly. I mean do you know her personally or something? Evelyn is NOT Afro Latino and no her father doesn’t have any black in him. The only black Evelyn has in her is ochocinco. I really don’t get how black people always trying to claim someone as black or part black. Evelyn and her family are straight non black Latino just like J Lo and her family. Anyone with basic common sense can see that.

        • You both have seen her nose and still think that? If you can’t trace a clear ancestral path back to Spain (& I’m assuming you’ve seen how they look) then somewhere, somehow, someone got down with an African, or Native Islander (i.e. Taino). Evelyn would be made VERY aware of just how afro-latino she is walking the streets of Madrid. smh
          Why do you think “black” people are trying to “claim” anyone? The real question is why are so many latinos are always trying to distance themselves from A.A.s when we share many of the same ancestral roots?

          No one wants to be at the bottom of the social totem pole i guess. “brown” gets you farther than “black”, is that it? smh

          • Wow you’re really splitting hairs. If you consider Evelyn afro-latino then do you consider Jennifer Lopez, Fat Joe, and Eva Mendez Afro-Latino too? Because she looks far more like them than she does Lala, David Ortiz, Gina Torres, Celia Cruz, etc.

          • @ nisha, somewhere down the line….YES! Africa has had different ways of showing up in features, & it doesn’t always mean someone will have kinky hair and brown skin. If you keep using what you SEE as a reference point for origin, you’ll stay confused and continue to misjudge, discrediting someone’s true history.
            The Latin islands were subject to slavery and imperialism JUST like America. So ANY latino from the islands has a VERY high likelihood of having African/ Native Island blood in them, which is why they don’t quite look like Spaniards.

            What is the likelihood, that someone would be able to trace their ancestral line from a latin island ALL THE WAY BACK TO SPAIN without ANY contact with African/ Native Island blood? Highly unlikely.

    • And here is my point. The people on here are so hypocritical. Anything not black enough is questioned and automatically made into the “non blackest thing is the favorite” situation but yet when we have a kid that is black enough to these folks standards, anyone who doesn’t call them a beauty queen/king is in the wrong.

      Shaniece is clearly black and unfortunately, she isn’t black enough for the likes of those on here. Seriously we need straight African, coal dark black kids to appease you all and your insecurities.

    • I know what you mean. I’m personally tired of the mixed look. I like traditional black beauty. I don’t think you have to be mixed to be pretty. In fact, some of those people look plain weird to me, honestly. Their genes clash. I prefer symmetry and I like textured hair. @Bookworm, I do think they should put more coal black kids on here. But I think the insecurities you’re talking about keep them from finding kids like that since most black people in hollywood are more apt to erase those features in their kids by mixing their black genes away.

      • That is sooo funny – the “mixed look”. I didn’t know it was a look, children didn’t ask to be mixed first of all. And second of all, being a “mixed” person myself, only black people dwell on these things – to white people we are all just black.

        • @ Vickie…It’s the parents preference. Society got this generation focused on “One beauty Type”. Don’t Front!!!!

          • It’s not a front, you are the 1 with the problem. I have 4 boys and they range from light to brown, from coarse to curly hair (and yes they all have the same father) and the skin color/hair texture makes no difference in how cute they are and how we treat them!!!!! If black people could get over this, maybe they could start to focus on more important things like healthcare, education, disease/debt, absentee parents, etc.

    • People from Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Cuba,Brazil, even Peru & Ecuador & plenty more too numerous to name, have African roots, SURPRISE! As Biggie said, “if you dont know,now you know!” Thats the truth!

  16. Shaneice is very pretty. I’m glad she’s comfortable w/ her body type/shape. It kind of made me sad that Jessica White told her she needs to loose 15 pounds to be model. The girl is slim enough. The modeling world is crazy lol. She seems like a sweet girl, so soft spoken. She’s better than me w/ moving away for college. I couldn’t do it, I thought about it but then was like ahhhhh no! I need grocery’s lol. So i go to school only a hour away

    MJ’s daughter is pretty too! I remember my freshmen yr, i was excited too lol. Co-ed dorms = trouble! Especially for freshmens lol. But that article from Syracuse is kind of weird to me. They like have every tweet she has ever sent out lol. Kind of creepy

  17. Jasmine and Shaniece are both pretty, smart girls on their way up in the world. Is Shaniece’s father a famous athlete?

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