Julia Hudson, David Daniel Otunga Jr. and Jennifer Hudson pose at the 1st annual Julian D. King Gift Foundation Hatch Day celebration at De La Salle Institute on August 14, 2011 in Chicago, Illinois:

Chicago’s favorite ”Dream Girl” is helping kids get ready for school and honoring the memory of her late nephew.

Oscar-winning actress and Grammy-winning singer Jennifer Hudson, along with her sister Julia, hosted the first ever Hatch Day on behalf of the Julian D. King Gift Foundation at the De La Salle Institute.

At the event, 2,000 Chicago students received school supplies and got to create their own custom backpacks. The Hudson sisters say Julian loved school and helping others.

“It feels good to give back to children as he was a child. And also to help inspire your kids — that’s one of the things that helped me growing up to know that, ‘Wow if this is in my presence, then I can achieve and I can do it, too,’ and we want to send out that same message to the youth of today,” Jennifer Hudson said. (Source)

More pictures of the family are below!

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  1. I’d like to take a few time to mention what beautiful is what you are doing for the kids . i’m in Haiti and i’m working in developpement system over the web, interact with people who is in need of a better life. Kids suffering with diseases and helping them realise something for they life . the work is hard but when its about good thing no looking back .. Could you please take a special eyes to us in Haiti .. Contact me for more infos.

  2. Jennifer cut or comb that childs hair. If this child were Seal and Heidi’s all the people on comments would be screaming “she needs to learn how to take care of black hair”. Apparently so does Jennifer Hudson.

  3. One thing about black folk, we will let you know whats on our minds. Love it! Jen cut that childs hair & make your sister get on that weight watchers program! You’re looking good doll baby so they should too.

  4. @Pisces and Sherley- “wiping the tears from my eyes” you all have me falling out of the chair laughing over here OMG Your comments are tooooo halarious! Anyway I do agree that Jen needs to peep her sister about getting on some kind of weight loss diet WW or otherwise. I used to weigh a lot. I have lost 102 pounds and I can’t tell you how good I feel no more high blood pressure medication for me. I look good in my clothes, not to mention I can go to the store and try on just about anything. Lane Bryant,Ashley Stewart no more!!! I went from a size 22 to a 10-12!!!! and I did it just through changing my diet and exercising 4 times a week. It wasn’t easy but definately doable. You guys keep the comments coming – have a great day!!!

    • Congratulations Champagne!!! You must be so proud of yourself & I am happy for you. Being healthy is the best thing one can do for oneself. It ensures you longevity & the fact that you look delicious in clothes doesn’t hurt neither. Keep doing your thing lady!

      Pisces & I are messes but glad we can make you laugh! :)

  5. Please Jennifer cut your babies hair or take him to a barber. That wild look is not cute. He would look much nicer as a clean cut little boy. Why doesn’t his dad see this is done for him

  6. Why can’t she recommend Weight Watchers for her sister then…..JHud is just making it look like she didn’t use just Weight Watchers.When her sister loses all that with Weight Watchers then we can talk.LOL

    • I agree Toni, he is looking too wild. her hair always looks nice why not do the same for her son and cut it so he can be clean cut looking.

      • Sherley, I’ve been trying to give more obvious hints, but BCK is refusing to post them. I guess the issue is too sensitive because there are no bad words contained in the comments.

        Love reading your comments and it’s even more fun when we can chat back and forth as we are doing now.

        Have a beautiful rest of your day.

          • I’m just saying, it’s no BIG deal, it’s a national epidemic, but when sis and cousins successfully represent Weight Watchers…it’s a wonderful incentive. I admire them on the commercials.

          • Lmfao Pisces you are too funny. But I realized it as soon as i saw this post, but decided to keep things as clean as possible lol

          • She could probably be in a commercial and make money if she would pledge to follow through with the plan. Still need more incentive than that? Maybe if some Ding Dongs were tied on a string like a carrot and she had to chase it, exercise would be so much easier.

          • Wonder if she has a tattoo on her lower back, like her arm? Sexy, huh? Lucky tattoo artist. My goodness!

        • LMAO! Why am I now just getting what you mean about an ‘elephant’ in the room. Girl, you are bad, bad, bad.

          I addressed it in my comment because when I saw the pic, I thought wow..Jen get on your sis. But you can’t change someone who doesn’t want to be changed.

          Maybe Julia doesn’t have the funds to get on ‘WW’ like Jen does.

          • :), Whew, finally, Sherley! I was running out of “subtle” hints. I agree with what you said and who am I to judge? I’m not, it is just ironic to me that her sis is skyrocketing as spokeswoman for “WW” (I think that the words for “WW” are the “bad words” here on BCK :), just kidding) and Julia hasn’t joined the band wagon.

            Jennifer got her cousins a “WW” commercial after they shed pounds, which I’m pretty sure they got paid for their endorsements.

            If Julia can’t afford the plan, Jen should show her love and gift the program to her sister. Maybe she already has and this picture on BCK will be the “before” picture. I don’t know…just speculating as always.

            Let me shut up before the weight police come out in force like the race police always do. Surprised I haven’t been attacked yet.

            Oh, that’s right, everybody is skinny and perfect who comments on here so it’s not their issue like “good v “bad hair”. 😉

            Luv ya, Sherley. Ta ta!

          • Maybe her sis will gift her with the program. This is a good “before” the weight loss picture.

            I see it is criminal to discuss obesity on BCK unless you are Mrs. Obama. Even then it’s just glazed over.

          • You’re right, Sherley. Produce and reduction programs cost way more than McDonald’s and Kentucky Fried chicken.

          • Hey ladies “waving” did either of u ever consider that she’s fine the way she is! From the looks of it their entire family is or was big! I’m a big girl never ever as big as Julia but I’m perfectly fine the way I’am! Justsayin have a good night!

          • Lol Pisces. I have my slow moments at times. :).

            If Julia is happy with it, then I’m happy for her. What can you do?

            @misunderstood..it is highly possible Julia is happy as is. However I cannot imagine she is healthy. I am saying based on the fat I see spilling out of the clothes she has on. I am not saying juding her nor saying she needs to be skinny, but healthy is the best for everyone.

            I myself am a thick woman, a size 8-10 depending on the make of the clothes. I workout 5 days a week & I swear I suffer from ADHD because I never sit still nor shut up. I too am love myself as is & am very happy with my health, size, everything.

          • @Misunderstood,

            Hi sweetie pie (waving at you). You are right and there is so much more to all of us than how we look..short or tall, big or small, black or white. It would hurt me to feel that you think I am shallow, NOT ME!

            I remember Jen’s sister on television when the family tragedy occurred. Julia was smaller then and her weight gain is probably attributable to several years of coping with depression and grieving over her tremendous loss.

            You’ve been so kind to me on this blog when others have shot me to the curb…I would NEVER purposely say or suggest anything to offend you in any way.

            Sometimes I’m way over the top. Trust me, I adore your comments because they are very tactful as well as lovely and complimentary to just about everyone..celebs and others commenting.

            Hugs and kisses…till tomorrow…:)

      • I wish some ladies were as passionate about the epidemic of obesity as they are about race relations, skin color and hair texture. Obesity is so accepted that it is not even considered an issue worth discussion.

        • To whom it may concern, sorry for so many comment postings. My earlier comments didn’t show up until later. I know I irk/tick off some of ya’ll anyway, so I wanted to give this disclaimer.

          Though I am passionate about the seriousness of losing weight for better health.

  7. Twitter is the worst thing to ever happen to celebrities. It takes away the PR person who use to make them seem intelligent and kind! I don’t think those pants flatter her shape, and she should cut his hair or something cause the bed head look isn’t cute…

    • Yea, and then she had the nerve to say that her brother use to be the best looker in the family but now that he dead, she the best looking one. Somebody lied to huh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. I don’t see the resemblance between Julian & David Jr. Can someone point it out to me. I’m staring back & forth between the two pictures & I can’t see it.

    David is cute & getting big. Maybe this is Jen’s way of combing it. *shrugs*

    Jennifer really needs to develop tough skin on ppl asking her if she only used weight watchers to lose weight. How many celebrities said they didn’t do surgery & you find out years later they did? It’s a legitimate question & will be asked for a long time to come. Going off on ppl isn’t going to stop the question being asked.

    I saw a commercial where her cousins joined Weight watchers & not being mean but she needs to introduce her sister to it as well.

    Otherwise, it’s great to see Julian being honored in such a positive way.

      • When did Star deny having surgery? She just didn’t talk about it. Since when is someone required to discuss their medical history with others?

        • When Star first started to loose weight, she said she did it from Pilates. If anybody mentioned surgery to her, she would get mad. But then after she was caught in a bikini & the scares from the weight lost surgery was visible, she finally admitted she had surgery.

          When your a public figure and promoting something like Jhud & swearing by something (Star swore that Pilates was the cause of her weight lost) then that’s false advertisement. A big person may start doing Pilates in hopes of loosing the weight fast like Star, but then it comes out she had surgery. JHud has her name & face attached to a product that many women go to in hopes of loosing weight. If JHud had weight lost surgery, the consumer has the right to question the credibility of WW & JHud

        • Google Star Jones interview prior right after she lost the weight. She never said no per se but she kept saying she did it the natural way for years. Three years later she finally admitted she had gastric bypass.

          They do not have to disclose their medical history but why not say, I do nto want to disclose it, rather than lying about it? That way you wont ever be called a liar.

          Kelly Price was another who said she did it naturally, but years later, admitted it was gastric. I personally do not care how they lose it, but don’t lie about it..it’s your life, your money & your health, so do what is best for you.

        • Please reference wikipedia. Starlet Marie Jones first denied bariatric surgery in 2006 while a guest on a radio show. She later admitted it on The View. Hmmmm….

          • Well, there IS an obesity police on BCK in addition to the race, Jackson kids/family, hair texture enforcers.

            Thanks Hmmm because obesity is a killer in our community. We need you. :)

  9. Such a good foundation, i couldn’t imagine loosing my nephew. I would love to see this little boy w/ his hair cut or w/ his curls combed to make the hair look even.

    i agree w/ you @ Tami. I lost a lot of respect from JHud after she went off on twitter. It was completely classless & disgusting. The follower asked her a simple question, a question that a lot of people want to know, & she just went off calling the follower names & saying she looks a mess since the gym doesn’t work for her. But it’s like Jennifer, you were a big girl like 5 months ago & looked a mess most of the time. But since she’s “supposedly” a size zero now she felt she can talk down to big people smh. After doing all that ranting on twitter, she still didn’t deny getting surgery. I think it was all a guilty conscious. As a spoke person for a weight lost program, people are going to ask her questions whether she wants to answer it or not. I know they gave her weight watchers 101. & as a spokesperson that is all over the tv, radio, & magazine talking about the program, i believe it is everybody’s business to know if she had surgery or not (false advertisement). She was giving me a Star Jones vibe lol.

  10. This is really great. I’m happy that they are giving back after this tragic event. I wonder what ever happen with that case. Did the guy get life in prison?

    Anyways, Little David looks cute but tired. lol.

  11. I lost a little respect for Jennifer when she went off on a follower and got really rude. The follower asked a simple question that was it all Weight Watchers to lose her weight. She went completely off saying something I’m from Chicago and the gym doesnt work for you. Then the follower went off on Jen it was funny. But I don’t understand how she can get upset it people ask her..Umm hello isn’t that was she is payed for by Weight Watchers.Makes me goo hmmmmm did she really lose all that with it. She looks good but still cute boy.

    • @Tami, I just looked that up. It was so silly of her and shows that she is letting the weight loss go to her head. Sad, really.

      • She’s talking about that tweet that J-Hud responded to about her weight. The question was asked how did she lose it because the fan knew it couldnt have been off of weight watchers alone..
        J-Hud got called a bobble head and her husband was called a “kiki” brother..

        It was a bad look on J’s part..I know you cant possibly lose that much weight off of weight watchers alone and keep it off(look at Oprah) being that being big apparently runs in her family..But whatever fans look up to that because they want to lose the weight and try the product but why if its a waste of money and thats not what she used..#justsayin

  12. Hey my cousin graduated from De La Salle Institute here in Chicago..such a great high school for boys. J-Hud son is a cutie. I always & still believe that Julia Hudson was half-responsible for her fam deaths. The guy was a total loser, gang member and “druggie” and this is who she always seems to date.

  13. My heart still goes out to these ladies I bet they will never stop mourning the lost of their family. Anywho I agree JHud really needs to do something about David’s hair. Only if she just comb or brush it down.

  14. David’s hair and expressions gave me a good laugh. He looks like he has been cuttin’ all sorts of up! On a serious note, good idea with the foundation and I hope it continues.

  15. So happy they’re honoring Julian’s memory with a foundation to inspire others… On to a somewhat trivial and maybe petty observation..David is such a cutie so why oh why does Jennifer allow him to walk around with the Don King look, especially at a special event like this? We get it, you think he has “good hair”, now do something with that stuff. Comb it, pull it back or cut it for pete’s sake!

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