America’s Got Talent alum The SH’Boss Boys, featuring (L to R) Little Jeff (age 5), Tobias (age 7), and Young J (age 6), pose at the third annual Runway fashion gala benefiting Show Me The Way Foundation on Sunday, August 14, 2011. The boys were one of the performing acts at the gala.

The OMG Girlz- Bahja(Beauty),15, Breaunna(Babydoll),17, and Zonnique(Star),15-posed on the red carpet before performing.

Teen star QT Jazz  also performed at the event. Check out more pictures of them below. Stay tuned for the video! Photo Credit: Ben Evans, Celebrity Event Photographer/VisualFiend

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  1. All the negative comments about the OMG Girlz are unnecessary. If you have nothing good to say, hush and don’t say anything at all, no one wants to know what you think!

  2. Mrbake…hush your mouth!!! We are just speculating, don’t be starting no baseless rumors up in here (neck twisting, fingers snapping, hands on hips). Just because she dresses grown does not mean she acts grown.

    On a serious note..please tell me you are joking or being mean for that is not even a tiny bit funny if it were true.

    • I absolutely agree that wasn’t nice at all!! These kids don’t even know what to do with it! GTFOHWTBS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Not Hatinq , but the ” OMG GIrlz ” iss tooooooo qrown ! , they’re 15 ? , with diffrent color hair dyed ? , belly piercings ? , nose piercings ? 15 ? are yu freakin serious !?!?! , now that breaunna girl shes ok , because shes 17 . but tiny needa take a look at bahja & star . . .tooo GROWN !..but they are some beatiful girls :)

    SN: let them grow , slowly !

  4. Young J is too cute and I like the way he talks.

    The OMG Girlz outfits were cute until I saw the legging o_O The leggings would be cute without the skirts. The 2nd outfit is great.

  5. That’s Atlanta for you. That’s the one thing I couldn’t understand while living there. Lol,, Colorful weaves. Tucan Sam’s all over the place. Fruit Loops, Trix, Fruity Pebbles hair all over the place. A HOT MESS! I don’t agree with what they’re wearing. They look like mini Tiny’s. Again, that’s Atlanta for you.

    The SH’Boss Boys are too cute! So handsome

    I appreciate kids giving back and that’s what this event was about. I commend them and their parents for teaching their children to give back.

    • I live and Atlanta and I don’t understand it myself. There are some women down here who don’t do the color and aren’t unbeweaveable. I certainly am not. I never could get with the weave and he haircolor and I certainly don’t like the way girls look way beyond their years. My daughter is eleven and there is no way in heck is she is going to look 20 when she is only a teenager.

      • Lol I lived there for 3 1/2 years (came back 08) and I would see this every time I went too the mall and not just on the women either *wink*. Some malls where off limits to my girls and nieces and nephews when they came to visit because there would be too much going on.

        • aww now y’all just making the ATL sounds all types of ignant lol! granted you guys have a valid point, but this isn’t all of the ATL. certainly you have your “spots” where this is rampant. just like you would in any other city with a sizable minority population. but there are parts that are decent. parts that are business oriented and the people have a little bit of sense. just sayin, don’t lump us all into this ghetto unfabulous category.

    • I agree. Too many young girls are looking a good 6 years older than what they should. People don’t understand why men prey on these girls. They could fool anyone.

      My mother would get on me now and I’m grown! Nevermind when I was 15.

      • I guess when men prey on innnocent young baby girls or boys (bc it does happen) its bc they are wearing a diaper……if a person has a sick mind he or she doesn’t need anything to help it….i’m just saying….live and let live

        • We aren’t referring to the men who are pedophiles, we are referring to the men who zooms in on the young minded, but grown looking & acting teenagers so they can make them experience the hard side of being grown. You know the men who are 19, 22, 25, 30 who prefers a barely legal (16 is the age of consent in many states) youngun so they can convince them their deflowering was out of love.

        • i tell my husband the same thing. He gets behind my daughter for wearing a strapless dress. (ankle length and flowing) He tells her that she attracting the wrong attention. So i asked him what sort of attention did the baby int the news attract that caused her uncle to molest her. I got no reply. I detest when we as a society seem to get stuck in the “blame the victim mentality”.

          • @jj

            I see your point, but I also feel that your husband has a strong point as well. That baby in the news that got molested by her uncle didn’t do anything to deserve that horrific act done to her. I also feel that that her parents or guardian should’ve been watchful and vigilant of who their child is around/with. Parents should stop turning a blind eye to the obvious (if it is obvious) and stop being so trusting of certain people because they SEEM nice or okay. You should not subject your child to anything of that nature. People must realize that in this day and age, people are even more sick-minded and do not care who they are hurting (physically, mentally, and emotionally which is absolutely disgusting). I think that when it comes to older children, they should dress appropriately and be covered because all of this helps to reduce lust. Even adults should start covering up more to reduce lust and contribute to a more healthy society. It may not seem like much but we have to start somewhere.

    • That is what they are aiming for..their parents know sex sells & are allowing them to market it.

      My guy friend has a 14yr old daughter who he allows to wear those cropped tops without a tank top underneath. She’s in the park playing & watching the guys play basketball. I drove by, put her in my car, took her home & asked her dad if he saw what she was wearing. He said yeah & thought it was fine. I shoke my head made her put on a tank top or keep her behind home..her choice. She put a tank top on & I dropped her back off. This is why I’m happy to have a boy.

  6. Love the Sh’boss boys. Not just cause one of them is family but because I think what they are doing is positive. Haven’t really heard anything from the OMG girls since Reginae and that other little girl left the group.

  7. I see the rap pose of arms crossed & hard faces still exists since Eric B & Rakim.

    Other than that, I am speechless & we all know that doesn’t happen much.

  8. I think the OMG Girlz look really cute, but to me, they don’t seem like serious artists. They’ve been together for like 2-3 years, and they’ve made like only 3 songs together. I don’t know. But, I really am proud to see our generation doing something positive with their lives

  9. They look nice, but unfortunately here comes the negative comments. I really wonder if it was Willow would people be up in arms.

    • There is no such thing as a negative comment..the truth hurts..

      I like to think of it as constructive criticism..

    • Why is willow’s name always mentioned lol. Willow gets the most backlash on this site. People on this site always get on Willow for what’s she’s wearing & start questioning Will’s & Jada’s parenting.

      These aren’t negative comments, its the truth!

    • My point is that their is a double standard on this website. I feel that most people look at the OMG girlz based on their creature, Tiny. The reason I said Willow is because she does not get the same criticism that they do and she wears funky stuff too. My thing is they’re artist and artist have to do something to make themselves hot and new. Everyone is talking about them so they must be doing something right!!

      • “based on their creature…” I am laughing so hard right now that tears have started to roll down my face!

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