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Actress Halle Berry was photographed picking up daughter Nahla Aubry,3, from school in Los Angeles, California earlier this week.  Click over to see more pictures of Halle, Gabriel Aubry, and Nahla, and find out the answer to an important question: what’s going on with the Berry-Aubry custody battle?

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Scroll down to see more pictures of Halle and Gabriel picking up their daughter from school(on separate occasions).

Photos: Fame Pictures

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  1. Let the judge determine if Gabriel Aubry violated a custody agreement. Perhaps “the judge” has determined that the child should be with her mother for extended periods based on Aubry’s ability to parent long term. So many grew up without a father that they automatically give Aubry a free pass for flawless behavior just because they see picture of him. Doesn’t Aubry work and go on location too? Is Halle Berry the FIRST actress/actor to take their child on location? NO. If Halle is the custodial parent why can’t Gabriel make arrangements TO SEE HIS CHILD LIKE OTHER PARENTS DO? Is he that busy? He needs someting to do like all men do.

  2. Good for Halle and Nahla. Halle wasn’t trying to keep Nahla from her dad. She wanted the right to take her daughter with her when she film a movie. That is her livelihood making movies and Gabe knew that when he got with her. He can still see his child when Halle film movies, he just has to pay and go visit her. He was trying to make Halle be a stay home mom and pay him to be a stay home mom. He needs to go back to work.

    • How exactly is not seeing her father good for Nahla? People always want to say how men are deadbeat father’s but then when they take responsibility they’re put down. For the record the only people who have ever said that Halle paid Gabriel was an “Anonymous source close to the situation” and we know how factual those sources really are. Even if she did pay him what would really be the problem, she’s the one who wanted to take off for three months not him. SAHM’s do the same thing, take care of the work in the home while the father’s go off and make money working outside of the home, and they bring it back to the wife.

      Didn’t Halle have to know from the get go that father’s want and are entitled to see their children, and don’t want to have to fly half way around the world to do it. And this dude may not have Halle’s money but he’s worth 4.5 million dollars, he doesn’t have to work actually or at least not for awhile.

      All I know is that when you have children the right to see them and care for them goes both ways no matter what.

    • AMEN Lisa.FINALLY someone else who makes sense!

      Halle is THE one as much as folks hate her and lie about her;call her crazy and say she’s a “bad” actress who is bringing home the damn bacon.NOT saint Gabriel Aubry!

      At NO point has Halle kept him from seeing Nahla.He sees Nahla every damn day and the paparazzi parks in front of Halle’s house every day in the hopes that some chyt will go down and NOTHING happens much to disappointment of Halle’s haters.

      A few months ago one of saint Gabriel’s people even told JustJared that all saint Gabriel had to do is call Halle’s house and say he was gonna come up and see his kid and he had NO problem any day;any time.

      saint Gabriel should have known that Halle can’t always film in Los Angeles and will go overseas yet HE chose to have a child with her.

      Gabriel Aubry is worth an estimate $7 million while Forbes estimated “bad” actress Halle between $50 and $70 MILLION big ones!

      Halle’s next movie is called Movie 43 with Kate Winslet;Richard Geere;Uma Thurman;and Hugh Jackman;Emma Stone and Liev Schreiber

  3. The Halle-Gabriel fight is disappointing.
    Too many mothers out there are begging father to come and see their kids, never mind take care of them for any amount of time.
    Here though, you have a father who wants to spend time with his child and is fighting for his rights but yet we have a mother who wants to minimize that time to the slots she wants them in.
    Halle is selfish and she would rather have Nahla sitting with a nanny than with her own father. She has Olivier and his father playing and spending time with Nahla but her own biological father is fighting tooth and nail to get his fair share of time with her.
    It’s pathetic and for Halle sake, I hope Nahla never catches on and grows up resenting her while remaining closer to Gabriel.
    The effects of growing up fatherless is clearly trickling down.

    • I know she does sound pretty selfish now.I have asked my baby’s father probably more than a dozen times to see his child until finally I just gave up completely.But here she is with a good baby daddy who wants to take care of their daughter and see her and everything.Yet she wants to take her to Europe away from him just because he wouldn’t be with her and follow her every demand.I wish my childs father was wanting to be in my child’s life right now.

  4. @Lisa I agree she’s making that man’s life hell!!! Nahla is one of my favorite celeb kids just love her she’s so pretty and becoming a big girl.

    Sanaa have a baby when u want if u don’t want kids it’s fine everyone isn’t menat to have kids. I’m glad ur family showed u being blended isn’t a bad thing.

    Terri Vaughn looked cute in the pictures I didn’t know she was married for a 2nd time!

    Hurricane Irene is a pain in my side all this rain and wind! Trees and debris everywhere ugh!!!!!!!!!!

    Royce I really really like u but if u come back to BBW’s ur setting urself up for failure those woman r triflin with no class! I don’t understand how grown a** women with children can behave in such a manner it’s a disgrace to all races!!

  5. Nahla is beautiful! Halle, please back off and let her dad be a father. If you wanted to have a child all to yourself, why did you seek a sperm donor?

    I wish the father luck with getting his equal parental rights.

    • Nahla is such a pretty lil girl,but it seems like Halle used Gabe just so she can have a baby,and a cute one.I guess she thought when she wanted to leave him after having the baby she could take the baby and do whatever she wants with her and have her all to herself.And yeah allot of times it happens that way.However its sad when a guy can call himself a man and won’t help take care of his kids.Halle needs to be happy that Gabe loves Nahla and that he is trying to be in her life and take care of her.She will probably never have to ask Gabriel when he’s going to come see Nahla or anything.She needs to learn that she has a child now and she can’t just be taking her away from school to go Europe and all these places that are far away from her loving father.

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