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Joumana Kidd(C), the former wife of NBA player Jason Kidd, poses with Miah Kidd, Jazelle Kidd, Trey Kidd(L), and Jason Kidd Jr.(in the back) at a Night Under the Stars with Sports Legends on August 26, 2011 in Saddle River, New Jersey.

Joumana and her ex-husband Jason Kidd continue to remain friends for the sake of their three children Trey(b. October 12, 1998) and twins Miah and Jazelle (b. September 26, 2002) .

“He comes over all the time; we laugh and joke about it now and he’s apologized a million times about how it happened,” Joumana said about her divorce in a 2007 interview. “It is unfortunate things didn’t happen in a more gracious manner, but I have no grudges in any way. My goal is for my kids to always focus on the positives in their father.”

“For them to see us getting along, that’s important,” Joumana said. “I’m very forgiving, and we’re both in a good place now. There’s no reason to still be upset(Source).”

Jason Kidd Jr. is Jason’s first-born son.

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  1. Those girls must be fraternal twins lol. They look like regular siblings, not twins. But the one in the white & blue is very pretty. I wish the other twin would have wore different sandals lol.

    I remember that little boy from cribs & the twins were just babies. He still hasn’t grown into his head lol

  2. Jason Kidd has 6 kids from 4 women. Boy, pictured above, and girl Cheyanne,who are older than his ex wifes kids, and two babies, one with Porshala and one with Hope Dworaczyk.

  3. The kid in the back is Jason Kidd Jr. he is Jasons oldest child from a relationship he had with Alexandria Brown,once you see his mom you’ll he is the right mix of his mom and dad. Also he’s a really good kid plays decent ball as well check him out #41 http://youtu.be/c86m4tVPCqc

  4. Jason Kidd’s oldest child is a 17 year old girl named Cheyanne, her mother is black and was his college sweetheart. He only has two sons, Trey, pictured above and the baby boy he had with his now wife Porsche. The young man in the picture is a member of his family on his father’s side.

  5. That’s good that they can get along for the sake of the kids. Does J Kidd have 8 kids? His oldest son looks nothing like him.

      • Also he has only been married twice the first time was to Joumana, the second to Porsche. He never married Cheyanne’s mother. He has five children all told.

  6. Agreed! She seems like a good mom Jason genes r so strong all 3 kids look just like him. The twins r cuties, Trey has always been cute to me but he still hasn’t grown into his head!

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