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A pregnant Kelle Bryan showed off her baby bump at a special screening for Disney film Lemonade Mouth on August 25, 2011 in London, England.  The former Eternal singer(she is now an artist manager) dressed her burgeoning bump in a black lace maternity dress.

Kelle, who is eight months pregnant, is expecting her first child with husband Jay Gudgeon.

Lemonade Mouth airs on the Disney Channel on September 16th.

More pictures below!

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    • i guess you beat me to that bit of news cuz i was comin here to see if BCK had reported it yet, and then i was gonna go totally off topic on this post lol! but yep, looks like it’s pretty much true this time. yaaaaay! :-D

    • She’s pretty big too! I know there will be a post on it tomorrow on here. Beyonce been playing a game w/ the media for awhile lol. All her interviews been about her waiting till 40 to have a baby & focusing on her career. Jay Z is going to get his Baby Brooklyn Carter (if it’s a girl)

      • I love the name Brooklyn (for a girl)! Brooklyn (Shawn) Carter would work well for a boy or a girl however I think she will chose a weird hollywood name like most celebs do. Anyways congrats to both of them finally.

        • finally is right! oh we discussing baby names already? let me get in on this lol! Brooklyn is an obvious one i didn’t think about. i also thought of the name Nolan (Nolin, etc.) for a girl or boy to somewhat preserve her last name. but since her falling out of sorts with her dad, that’s out. i also thought maybe they may go French, like the origins of her name and her sister’s, to honor her Creole background.

          i just hope they don’t go spacey out there and give the baby some jacked up name to deal with for life. somehow i sense she’s gonna have a girl. i’ma just gone and put that out there right now lol!

          • You have some good points but I know this will be one secret and hidden baby. Her child will be close in age to her brother also.

  1. I never heard of her or the group she belonged to but she is very pretty and I hope she has a healthy baby.

    “Lemonade Mouth” has been out for awhile now, I can’t believe they are just getting the movie..it was a good movie though.

    • wasn’t it tho. i ended up buying the movie and soundtrack for my little cousins…ok for me too lol! have no idea who this lady is either, but her shoes are cute. the young lady in the one pic with her is Naomi Scott (Mo), the only British cast member from the movie.

      • her shoes are cute..LMBO! Yeah I loved the movie, I liked Tisha Campbell role and the music was good too.

        My all time fave teen movie will always be “Good Burger” w/Keenan and Kel..I loved the soundtrack too as a teen. But Nickeledeon produced that film.

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