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Blackcelebkids.com has weathered through the storm of Hurricane Irene to bring you earth-shattering news:  BEYONCE IS PREGNANT!
Beyonce confirmed the news of the pregnancy tonight at the VMAs.   According to ETonline.com, “the Grammy winner broke the news to paparazzi while walking the black carpet in a flowing red gown, cradling her new baby bump.” This will be the first child for the singer and her husband, rapper Jay-Z. Stay tuned for more!

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  5. So I’m confused , because jay-z lips are big they shouldn’t have a child together? Despite their genuine love for each other his lips are the reason this Married couple shouldn’t have a child together? I’m sorry but that doesn’t make sense!

  6. I understand Beyonce being pregnant is wonderful for her & her family & that is the best news in the entire world, however to put hurricane Irene in this was wrong in my opinion.

    Irene caused 11 deaths, one of an 11yr old who was killed when a tree crashed through his apartment complex. Another of a female who drowned waiting for help while stuck in her car that overcame with water. To them & their family members, Beyonce being pregnant will NEVER be that important.

    Congratulations to the couple.

  7. omg. im beyonce’s #1 fan. i love her sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much…and her music. can’t wait to see her little angel……love you bey!!!!

  8. Children are God’s gift. Congrats to her and I’m so glad she would be covering her flesh up more now. Well hopefully.

  9. She did steal the show!! I was so happy after her performance just seeing the look on Jay’s face!! It was priceless!!

  10. Ya’ll kill me. Wekk, some of you. What’s wrong with Jay’s nose? His lips? There are the features God gave him. If he woul’ve been ashamed and gotten plastic surgery a la Lil Kim, you would talk trash and call him a “self-hater” he doesn’t. Loves himself and finds a woman to love him for him and what he looks like and you still talk trash? SMH.

    And until an actual DNA TEST proves otherwise (a la Mathew Knowles) this is Jay’s FIRST child. Rumors does NOT equal fact and there has NEVER been any PROOF of paternity regarding Jay and children beyond some internet gossip & some “he looks like him” bullish as if looks are PROOF of paternity. I’m sure there are more than a few folks that look a lot like Jay but that doesn’t mean he’s biologically related to any of them.

    Congrats to Mr and Mrs. Carter!!!

  11. To ALL THE HATERS who said “she NEVER have Jay-Z’s baby” TAKE THAT!

    All the best to Beyonce and Jay!

    Little Daniel will soon have a cute cousin and Tina will FINALLY get her second grand-baby :P

  12. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH im about to cry. i never thought that i would see this day! when i saw the title i was like ” whateever beyonce’s pregant” but she really is. CONGRADULATIONS B!!!!!!!. you will be a wonderful mother to a BEAUTIFUL and talented child!

  13. Congrats Beyonce and Jay-z. Now maybe people can get out of her [word omitted]. But that probably won’t happen until they see what the baby look like.

    SN: I thought it was hilarious how she upstaged Brittany Spear’s tribute. Did they really think it was a good idea to put her after Brittney’s tribute. I don’t even remember Brittany’s acceptance speech all I remember is them talking about Beyonce.

  14. Now she can relax and enjoy being pregnant,I wish her nothing but the best and for her not to worry about her figure or weight gain.Wonder what she would like to have? boy or girl

  15. Congrats to Bey and Jay! They shall be amazing parents.It’s depression how successful this baby is in the womb than any of us will ever be. LOL. But for the sake of the child I hope it’s a. Boy. Lol or Beyonce has some strong genes like Mama Tina!!! Cause … Whooo wee…………….

      • Those lips and nose. LOL . Let’s hope the baby doesn’t get those traits. And we know the baby name will be Brooklyn if a girl? Probably Jay-Z said it in a song. Lol I’m so excited

  16. I had to see the baby bump twice last night before I beleived it!! After she performed and they showed JayZ he looked so happy, excited and proud!! Congrats to them both cause it is about time..LOL!!

  17. Congratulations! This is wonderful news to share with the world. May God bless them with a easy pregnancy and healthy child.

  18. I am surpised noone suspected that she was pregnant since she had that long gown on. Her attire normally is something shorter and spunkier for the MTV Awards. She’s looks radiant and beautiful and she and Jay will make wonderful parents. Congrats to the both of them. Does anyone know her due date?

  19. I freakign LOVE Beyonce. I was more excited than if someone in my family was having a baby. Granted people in my family churn out babies like butter…but thats beside the point! BEYONCE IS PREGNANT!!! OMG! I cant wait to see this baby!

    BTW is there any actual FOOTAGE of Beyonce breaking this news to the Paparazzi?

  20. She looks gorgeous as usual! She’s really showing too! I wonder how far along she is? Jay Z is gonna be one proud papa! Love the Carters!

  21. I love me some beyonce…..she’s so down to earth,and sweet. Congrats if it is true. I really want to believe it ,but at the Roseland ballroom her stomach was flat as a board(nowhere like it is on these websites-a wk later). I really do hope she’s REALLY PREG.as she has no reason to stunt….as she will b a beautiful mom.I just can’t believe the hype,no more then I believed the hype on Irene. If so, congrats beautiful lady!

    • If you wasnt in the area of irene where it was flooded badly then I dont think you shouldeven be talking about the “HYPE OF IRENE!!!!!”

      • Well I was…..FYI…..n it claimed bad for the shore lines of the east coast (nj)where I was….since it seems as if u wanted to know. N my mother ,brother,n father r n n.c. they only got rain…I’m aware some areas got it worst…but all the extra hype was my point. Although….I traveled to c some plcs flooded….it wasn’t cat.1 n.e way ths isnt about Irene…it was about Beyonce , n it was my opinion n my comparison….its ok for our views to b different. That’s y were individuals. Anyway, Congrats B…. Again

    • Irene did alot of damage in NC where I live just a fyi!! And from all the pics I’ve seen she is def preggo. I don’t see anyone going through all that for nothing. I mean its pointless!!

  22. i saw the interview when she said it. lol she said jay almost cried. after all that trying. and i did hear it on 106 and park earlier this year.

  23. I have a question, was y’all happy when Jay had his son with his baby mama? This “WILL NOT” be Jay’s first kid so everybody calm down. I thought it was tacky how she announced it. Is anything sacred anymore? And I hope Jay dresses like a adult when the baby gets here.

  24. im so happy shes not doing a j-lo and having a babay at 40, her baby is going to be blessed witha wonderful mother and hopefully jay z will be able to have responsibility, congratulations!!!

    • A majority of women are now having children at 40 years old, or at least 35+. Jennifer Lopez is not some special exception.

    • why do people say that about women but not men..Jay Z will be 42 in Decemeber 2011. Two of my aunts and my grandma had kids after 40 and they are just fine. I see nothing wrong with have kids later in life. Young mothers can give birth and the baby still could be born with a diseases, or autism or something. In fact, it happens alot. Its not about age its about how God want the baby to be.

      And J-Lo didn’t have her twins at 40 she was in her lat 30s and there is nothing wrong with that either.

  25. Congrats!!
    I will say this though, lord please let that baby look like its mother. Cause you know daddy ain’t nothing to look at.

  26. YIPPEEE!! Finally! Congrats to Jay and Bey on their new bundle of joy. It will be BEAUTIFUL regardless who it looks like.

  27. Well it’s about damn time she’s glowing the happiness I saw on Jay Z’s face was priceless congrats to the both of them! @Sherley I told u everbody and their momma was pregnant this year if this doesn’t prove I’m right nothing will! Again Congrats

  28. Congrats! I’m so happy for her the hubby. She was def glowing in that gown looking gorgeous! Now let me dip out this post before it gets negative. As Beyonce post always do no matter how positive the topic or what blog or forum it’s on. I can already see a bit of the negativity starting up above…

  29. Whaaaa? On my FB page, someone mentioned Bey being pregnant, and I just wrote it off as a joke as I didn’t watch the VMA, but it’s true! I am soooo happy for them.

    Congrats to Jay and Beyonce!!!!

  30. Congratulations Beyonce&Jay-z a baby is always a blessing I hope God will bless you with a very beautiful healthy baby!!!!!!!!

  31. Congrats to Bey and Jay but Bey is just ok to me. I did see her “glow” though and she was pretty tonight on the VMA’s.

  32. She’s a good role model for all the black women in world, date, get married and be well of on your career and then start having children. This is probably the news of the whole day.

      • That orange looks really good on her. When i saw her on the red carpet I was like “whaaaaaat, Beyonce not wearing a skin tight dress where she can’t barely walk” lmao. But When i saw the pics, i was like that makes sense. Then when she came out fully covered ready to perform, I was like this girl is most def prego lol

        I loved Jay Z & Kanye’s reaction. Kanye looks like he’s gonna be a proud uncle lol.

        Beyonce been playing the media for the past couple of months lol. She telling the magazines she’s waiting till she’s 40 & getting commenters on blogs (including this one) fired up about her not having a baby lol. Whole time she was pregnant. I hope its a girl, so Jay Z’s lyrics can come true and he can get his little Brooklyn Carter

        • Awh, I missed it! I really have to see it. N if its for real, as she never pulled an attn stunt before, I mean she doesn’t need too…like u, it will be the sweetest thing….n yes Brooklyn is a beautiful name….they will b such great parents! I love me some B since she first came out!

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