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Marjorie Harvey, the wife of comedian/author Steve Harvey, and four of the couple’s children were in attendance for the  Jeffrey Cares fashion show in Atlanta, GA yesterday. Pictured above are the Harvey’s two youngest kids: Wynton(l) and Lori(r).

Media personality TalkingWithTami describes her encounter with Marjorie and the Harvey kids: “I was too tickled when I saw Steve Harvey’s wife Marjorie at the Jeffrey Cares fashion show yesterday. She was wearing an all white backless dress that she told me was designed by Tom Ford.”

“…[Marjorie] also introduced me to her family which included Winton, Lori, Morgan and Jason. They all were decked out in designer pieces. Wynton sported a royal blue jacket with a Louis Vuitton belt; Lori wore a Gucci printed dress from the Spring 2010 collection; Morgan wore a Gucci dress from the Spring 2010 collection; and Jason wore grey jeans and top(I’m sure it was designer, I didn’t ask though).”

Morgan, Jason and Marjorie

Photos: TalkingWithTami

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  1. veuve glacée et rigide. Bien au contraire, la femme Scorpion affiche un look piquant, pour ne pas dire franchement sexy. Un peu allumeuse Peut être. Sensuelle, sûrement. Adepte de la robe près du corps, courte et pourquoi pas découpée, fan des liaisons dangereuses entre cuir et minijupe, elle évite le vulgaire. [.] de quelques millimètres d’ourlet ou de doublure. Surtout, son goût pour les matières chics apporte une caution luxe à sa silhouette sulfureuse et inimitable. [.] L’accessoire. des escarpins en cuir verni bicolore, noir et blanc, Jean Paul Gaultier. [.]

  2. I’m Mixed up…I thought he just went throught a custody battle with his younger kids with his ex-wife….I guess I got the wrong ifo or wrong man

  3. It is so obvious that Wynton is Steve Harveys child not by her and the other children are hers by another man.

    Poor Wynton looks like Steve :(

  4. Cute kids don’t care for the parents @PlainMean I agree that is the first thing I thought about when I saw Wynton in that leather jacket!!!

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