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Singer Mariah Carey will soon look like she did in her twenties, says husband Nick Cannon. The America’s Got Talent host says that not only will his wife take off the baby weight, but she will also get back the figure she had in the 1990s.

“She is getting it off,” Nick says of Mariah losing the baby weight. “She is about to be 1990 again!”

Meanwhile, Nick, who welcomed twins Monroe and Moroccan in April, says that he is enjoying fatherhood.

“There is no “worst” part at all. Everything is amazing about fatherhood,” Nick says to OK! magazine. “The best part is when they communicate with you and they recognize you. It’s the best.”

But the new dad adds that it’s been tough juggling work with home life: “It’s the toughest thing in the world – leaving my family in general, not just my children, but my wife,” he said. “Knowing that she is there with them being mommy, I don’t want to miss any of those moments!”

Check out a recent picture below of the ‘mommy’ working out with her dogs. What do you think? Is Mariah about to be 1990 again?

  • Mariah working out with her dogs
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  1. I don’t see the 1990 comment as flattering since he references her age. She looks great now esp. after having 2 babies at the age of 40. All he had to say was she’s taking off the weight while keeping up with dem babies and she’s looking great and happy.

  2. I feel for this couple what most people feel for Beyonce and Jay. They are cute and I like how he dotes on Mariah. I’m not a gambling person but if I were I would put money on the idea that we won’t see those babies or a family photo spread until MiMi is back at a weight she feels happy with (like post J-HUD). And those babies will be close to walking. Her favorite holiday is christmas so maybe a big christmas at home holiday pictorial (and you know those jack Russell pups will be in the photos).

  3. When r the babies pix coming Nick & Mariah. I hope Bey & Jay don’t do a Mariah & Nick….I’m sure they will since they never revealed any wedding photos. I can already imagine what baby Carter will look like…ummmmm

  4. Who cares if Mariah is 90lbs or 900lbs..show the pics of the children already. Life stopped being about you once you have children..show the babies.

    • Nick seems like marriage and fatherhood really agree with him. He speaks so well of Mariah and of being a parent. It is quite moving to hear a man express of so much pride, admiration and love for his family!

  5. I really like this family. =)

    Though pre-baby 2000’s Mariah had a great figure too! We don’t have to go back two decades to reference a good look for her. I’m not even a big Mariah fan, but she never looked bad to me.

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