It appears that Violet Nash,18 months, is a certified shoenista like her mother. The little tot and her mother Christina Milian were spotted shopping for shoes at Fred Segal in West Hollywood, California on August 30, 2011.

Looks like Violet was a handful! Check out more pictures below and in the Gallery now!

In related news, Milian is rumored to be the lead in a new ABC Family development called Maid in Miami, which will be similar to Glee.

Photos: Fame Pictures

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  1. Violet is perfect the way she is. She’s too cute and Christina seems like a great mom. Go Violet, my fav BCK kid!

  2. Lol, it is hilarious to see people talk about a 18 month old needs to be slim or thin. what 18 month old is not chunkie. My nephew was the same at her age and he was not over fed and he was definitely one of the most active babies. That is part of being a baby. More to squeeze, kiss and hug.

    And I do not think she had on mix match shoes, it look like the jordans were her original shoes, and they were just trying on shoes. And the outfit is too cute, and she is too cute also.

  3. Christina is Latina, so she’s probably feeding Violet very good. Red beans & rice, chicken, steak & etc… lmao. I don’t think she’s over feeding her, but she’s probably been eating table food for a long time plus baby cereal in her bottle. Also her dad use to be big & if i remember correctly, Christina’s mom is a little thick too.

    It’s baby fat, Violet will loose it soon. I love babies that are chunky, so i think she looks fine :)

  4. Omg. She is a baby. She does not need to be thin. Lol that is hilarious that someone thinks a baby should slim down. And it doesn’t mean she eats a lot. My nephew was chunky too when he was her age, and he mostly just ate baby food. And he was not over fed.

    Oh. And i do not think she had on mix match shoes. I think they were just trying on shoes. Look like the jordans were her original shoe. And it was a cute outfit. She is such a cutie.

  5. i think she is just the cutest baby…and she is just trying on shoes….theyre at a shoe store….the baby came there with matching sneakers…her jordans….duh lol

  6. Let’s hope it’s not in her genes and that she slims out like her beautiful Mama as she grows. LQTM (Laughing Quietly To Myself).

  7. Mama Christina and lil’ Violet are looking cute as usual. I’m just loving little Mama’s frilly tu-tu and her girlie violet (purple) colored heart T-shirt top.

    Don’t want to leave out her little pink bowed hair puffs.

    Violet reminds me of a little Filipina baby.

  8. Both mommy & daughter were trying on shoes, so cute! Violet originally had on Jordans w/ that outfit. I love when she has on Jordans, her cute chunky legs lol. I love seeing little girls in Jordans but still look girly w/ it.

  9. She is cute…. She is defiantly a carbon copy of her daddy for sure. He couldn’t deny her if he wanted too…:-) I see only a pinch of Christina in her…if that.

  10. I usually love how Christina dresses baby Violet but I’m not feeling this outfit! Violet is one of my favorite celeb kids so cute and loving the mismatch shoes as well.

  11. Isn’t she almost 2 now? My goodness, how time flies.

    She is a cutie in her outfit & mismatch shoes. Must be the new thing for I see so many children doing that now. I remember when Bunky Brewster did it. All things come back around I guess.

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