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Up and coming rapper and actor Fresh P celebrated his 16th birthday on August 13th in Atlanta, Ga. Blackcelebkids.com as well as several young stars-Grand Hustle’s Lil Shun Hendrix, Miss Mulatto, Jabias The Kidd, Dj Priest-were in attendance for the fun event.


Cali Dream, the daughter of rapper The Game,celebrated her first birthday this past weekend. The Game tweeted on his daughter’s birthday, “Move over Rihanna. My daughter got the mic in her hand on her 1st B-Day !!! Happy B-Day Cali… From: Daddy[sic]”


Heidi Klum and Seal are not afraid of being naked in front of their kids. In fact, the couple’s kids see them naked ‘all the time.’

“If I go to the bathroom and my kid walks in, I’m not going to be like, ‘Oh my God! Close the door!'” — what is it with that bathroom door? —

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