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They don’t call her Violet for nothing! Celebrity kid Violet Nash,18 months, looked pretty in purple(violet, if you will) while on her recent outing with her mom Christina Milian.

Violet wears a floral print ruffle dress, available at Gap.com for $30.00. The embroidered denim jacket can also be purchased at Gap.com for $19.99 . Her Converse sneakers can be purchased at Converse.com for $27.00.

PHOTOS: Check out photos of Violet and her mom at a Pampers event





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  1. I guess I don’t see what some others see…. This child gets more & more beautiful the older she gets. The way she dresses and loves her reminds me of when I had my oldest daughter who is now 18 and in college. This is my favorite celebrity baby. I could just kiss those fat cheeks all day long.

  2. @Monique, I soooo agree with u….seems like nobody knows the true meaning of beauty anymore.. unless ur skin is bleached and u have 3 packs of Remy in it hair….this child is very cute and adurable.

  3. That is Obviously the sale prices ’cause those clothes hit the stores over a month ago. Fabulous collection!

  4. It’s depressing that so many of us (black folk) are still obsessed with “light-skin and long hair” being the standard of beauty. SMH!!! Violet is beautiful little girl.

  5. I think Violet is cute even if she looks like her father; I dont think the Dream is all that bad looking. Now he may not be a great partner but from the pictures I’ve seen posted on BCK he looks like he’s stepping up his daddy duties and that’s what is important. As far as Jay n Bey people need to check themselves worrying about who the baby will look like. A child is a blessing from God period.

  6. Its annoying to come in a Violet post & always seeing people say Violet should have came out looking like her beautiful mom smh. Violet is beautiful. Just b/c somebody is pretty doesn’t mean the pretty genes will transfer to the baby. I have seen plenty of pretty people who name out looking like their parents but were a lot better looking, & vice versa lol. The same junk is said about jayz & beyonce’s baby. Christina clearly saw the dream as attractive since she dated him, slept w/ him, got pregnant by him & married him. So i doubt she sees a problem w/ her child looking like him. Smh.

    Love violets outfit & its affordable. I love denim jackets on little kids. Its so cute!

  7. @candy is dandy I was thinking the same exact thing! She’s a cutie pie for sure and one of my favorite BCK girls! She’s looking so pretty inn her purple

  8. Even though she favors the dream, she’s a beautiful female version and I’m sure she’s be a gorgeous woman some day. Some people, geez!

  9. cute outfit..I really wish she would have taken after Christina and NOT the Dream. I always thought Christina baby would look like her and be gorgeous like she is but…

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