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Prince Michael Jackson, 14, donned a black suit and red armband as he appeared at charity event Tribute to Bambi  in Germany yesterday. The outfit was an exact replica of the one that his dad wore to the American Music Awards in 1989.

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Check out TributeToBambi.de for more on the foundation!

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  1. MJ had testing done as part of the surrogate arangement with Debbie though he ended up marrying her as well. BINGO they are his kids…these are his children! Now can we please put that bio mess to rest? Besides Prince favors his dad when he was younger, nose, eyes hands wide neck broad shoulders..JEESH!~ lets get pass HE IS biracial and looks more caucasion……he’s MJ’s seed and boy for days.

    **Great work Prince keep the legacy alive and make dad proud!**

  2. Nice picture! The kids represent their father with honor. Their family and I bet, MJ’s fans, must be so proud of them!! They’re doing so well, and I hope they achieve all of their dreams. :)

  3. Clearly you all are see Michaels post op face. This is not the face he was born with. He has Chin and cheek enhancements, his skin is lighter and his hair is fake. That’s not his son. Michael used a White donor who looked like his post op face to make is seem as though these are his kids. I don’t care what anyone says but these are not his kids!

  4. Days later & Prince’s parental makeup is still a debate..SMH.

    Well MJ’s manslaughter’s trial is beginning today. Prince is set to testify in it. Please pray for him. A child testifying is hard in itself but to have to testify in your father’s death case has to be twice as hard. Please keep him & his siblings in your prayers.

    Thank you & you may now return to the usual BS.

  5. blanket does not look like mj either .smh denial. I saw a video where they put an afro on blanket . he doesnt. People are trying so hard to see things . they are his kids , blood doesnt count . their are a lot of bio fathers who dont care for theirs .

  6. People, you are comparing Prince to a photo of Michael POST- SURGERY! The real comparison would be Prince to the teenaged PRE-SURGERY Michael. There is no comparison. They are not blood.

  7. That boy is too dark to be PURE white,lol.He is Michael’s bilogical son.Why is who this child’s father is always up for discussion? Why can’t he be recognized by the good deeds he’s doing? No matter what anyone says he is Michael’s son,deal with it.At least he’s following in his father’s foot steps trying to help someone,he could’ve kept his father’s work to himself….

  8. Those are Michael Jackson’s children because he raise them, is on the birth certificate, loved them, and used a sperm donor. The beauty of sperm donations is that there is NO adoption process for paternity.

    The woman that birthed these children has already said they used a BIRACIAL sperm donor to conceive.

    • Please show me proof that Debbie Rowe said this. There was one interview that was completely fabricated that people often like to quote as her saying that Michael wasn’t the biological father. But that was quickly shut down. The website even removed the lying story from their site.

      Blanket looks like Michael. I don’t see how people can’t see that. I think it’s willful ignorance. People don’t want to see it, because they want to believe the tabloid lies about Michael.

  9. I think Prince looks like Miko Brando…but there’s a few Jacksons that resemble Prince. Those kids could easily be blood.

    • Michael was not delusional , he had problems stemming from childhood.ask joe why he had to call him ” black and big nose ” . And yes everbody has to accept their are his children , but the issue with black people need to stop . unless we go non-existent . some black people do not support each other like any other race .Micheal is a handsome man anyway you slice it , i wish he knew how handsome he was . I wish there was a kid that look like michael. Jaffar is looking like ” off the wall era ” michael more and more even tho he’s jerm’s. And that is a joy.

    • Leave mike alone and let him rest in peace please..he has been through enough in life, he dont need to be critized no longer.


  10. “Why couldnt Michael adopt or have only A.A. kids?”…Well mainly because it was his life and he could do whatever he wanted to with his life. So just because we are A.A, we have to only date, marry and have only pure A.A kids??? That is ridiculous and you sound silly…I guess you are a dog then.

  11. Wow, I dont get why people get their panties in such a twist, everytime someone brings out the REAL possibility that those are Michael Jackson’s biological kids. It’s as if their sooo invested in the media’s made up fairy tales about MJ. What? do these people have a share in TMZ’s stocks?!!! They may need to get out more, cuz I’ve seen with my own eyes, an AFRICAN man from Birkina Faso have a kid Prince’s color, with the same degree of curl in his hair to boot! And I’ve seen African American men, darker than MJ, have kids that look like Prince & Paris! Sooo, note to doubters: What the media tells you is NOT the Gospel Truth!!
    Besides, what of Damon Dash? His daughter Tallulah with ex wife Rachel Roy is blonde & green eyed & lighter than both her brown skinned parents…who’s to say, If Damon had Tallulah with a full blown white lady, that she would look whiter than she already looks? Think on that.

    • Exactly look at Paula Pattons son. You dont hear anything about Jillian being adopted and that little boy is whiter then these kids and his hair is more european then theirs he dont look nothing like Robin Ican name all the other white men that little boy look like thst she has worked with before her pregnacy or during the time he (I estimated from about when she was suppose to have him) was conceived

      • Oh and hes 1/4 black if hes that light and hes only 1/4 black just imaging how light he would be if he was half black and white just like Jason kidd and his kids one of them even has greyish blue eyes

  12. I think it’s wonderful that Prince stepped out to do this. Michael would be so proud.

    I think it’s ridiculous to continue to debate paternity, because we will never have an answer. There is NO need to do a DNA test. Matt Fiddes and Mark Lester were talking about how they wanted DNA tests, and they even said they were planning to go to California for DNA tests, and they never did. They know that when the truth does come out, nobody will care about them anymore.

    The fact is that there is only one man that those kids will ever call Dad, and that’s Michael Jackson. To continue to say those aren’t really his kids belittles the relationship between all parents and children everywhere. Biological parents, foster parents, adoptive parents, step parents, etc. Your father is the man that raises and loves you, and that’s all that matters.

    Plenty of men out there step out on their kids. Plenty of mothers do, too. But Michael stepped up and took care of the kids. He wanted to be a dad, and he did a damn good job raising them.

    People need to look past skin color and hair texture, because those two things are not the be-all end-all of race definition. He clearly is comfortable in knowing who he is, and if he is at all bothered by the media speculation, he clearly doesn’t show it. It must be difficult to go out and do something wonderful and thoughtful like this only to have the comments go right back to your genetic makeup.

    Good for you, Junior. Keep your head up and stay strong. Your dad would be proud!

    • Well said. They were MJ’s kids becuz he loved and cared for the m enough said. I can only imagine how hurtful this is for these children. I’m a mother
      of 4 and would never want my kids to endure this type of debate.Not fair to his kids they don’t deserve this. Media ruined MJ now ur after his
      Childreñ. That’s y MJ did so much to protect them
      people are cruel. These are doing good things carrying on father’s legacy. MJ did a
      great job raising them. Keep the faith ignore the

    • GREAT post, Ashley! :-) Family ties and love go past superfluous things like race and color. I personally believe that they are all Michael’s bio children, but even if they happened to not be…doesn’t matter one bit!

  13. he don’t look nothing like the BLACK MJ.
    Yes mixed race children come out different shades but its unusual! Sounds to good to be true that this black guy who wanted to white and turned himself white just happened to have the white children doesn’t it!
    Ppl see what they wnt to see!!

  14. I agree that the kids look nothing like Michael or the Jacksons. It’s only the kids’ business, but Michael is their father regardless. Looking at the pics of the kids when they were preschoolers makes it even more clear that Michael Jackson is probably not the bio dad. I have seen biracial kids who looked white, but they were always the kids of a biracial parent and a white parent. In these cases, the kids are probably more than 75% white.

    • OH, REALLY!?! Then how do you explain Donna Summer, OJ Simpson, Lionel Richie & Quincy Jones’ daughters?! They look caucasian too, but one parent is black. I’ll share a lil sumfin witchu…Black ppl R not 100% African. Their genes are mixed! Dr Henry Louis Gates’ admixture even reads 50% European & 50 % African & both his parents are black! Really though, stop repeating media hearsay.

      • Exactly, both Quincy daughters look pure white as do Lionel Richie youngest daughter. And I know a Black guy who had kids w/ a white woman and both came out looking white. You cant see any A.A features in them and if you were to see them you would think they were white.

      • There are def some biracial children that look white. Lionel Richie, Donna Summers and OJ Simpson’s daughters are not one of them.

      • I can definitely believe, now more than ever, that they’re Michael’s bio kids. The Jackson family is of mixed roots, I’ve heard (Black, White and Native), so I don’t understand why it would be considered unbelievable by anyone why the kids are of fair complexions.

    • Those pics youre talkin about were AIRBRUSHED, & PHOTOSHOPPED to look lighter than their true skin tones. The media still does this to the kids to this day, just to sell their stories as believable. There is an article about that, but too bad we cant post links here. They ARE actually the same skin colour as Latoya Jackson, who has always been the lightest of MJ’s siblings…If u think I’m making things up, go look for yourself, at footage of MJ’s memorial where the kids are standing next to their family on stage. And it’s not a tan, they just couldnt airbrush live TV.

  15. smh ” prince looks like michael in the 70′s” ” prince has randy’s applehead” or whatever.smh people will never tell the honests truth . i am a diehard mj fan , but i cannot lie to myself he doesnt look like mj . Even IF they are blood- related to each other they dont look alike . period. someone needs to cut his hair. the only decent ones are blanket and paris . congrats prince !

  16. never seen caucasion ppl with virtigo….I would wrecken it would be hard to detect….JMO. Prince is very handsome…missing me some MJ! I was a huge fan of his…RIP MJ! You are FOREVER missed!!

  17. Whether Michael is Prince’s bio dad or not is no concern to me. Michael is still legally his father because he signed Prince’s birth certificate declaring so. And Michael raised Prince – he is the only father this young man has ever known. I wish people would stop being so cruel. Prince is Michael’s son because Michael raised him. What percentage of fathers in our community have nothing to do with their biological children? About 67%, shameful. Yet we like to mock one black father who was a good father. SMH.

  18. He looks like the light skinned version of off the wall Michael with a jacked up wig on

    WTH is up with his hair? a mullet? Katherine should be ashamed letting that boy go out like that. Cute kid, hideous hair.

  19. aww, Prince Michael seems like such a sweet guy. so gracious with his dad’s fans.

    loves me some Beyonce, but for President? nah kid lol! just stick to what you do best, music. and soon-to-be motherhood.

    something in the water isn’t right with that Christie clan. seemed off to begin with. had no idea she even had an older daughter. can’t really say who’s to blame, but typically you would blame the parent for the lack of a relationship. either way, her daughter has some issues and resentment that she needs to work out. hope they can get it together for the sake of the innocent grandkids.

    Laila Ali looks gorgeous in her dresses, pre and post pregnancy.

  20. Please, post the REAL Michael Jackson. Do not compare this kid to the Michael who is surgically modified.

    This child looks more and more like Arnold Klein and Debbie.

    • Let me see if I understand you: Bookworm J expressing her opinion that differs from yours is going to ruin ppls weekend? Really?

      Well…see this chair—> _/? Pls have a seat in it & watch your fun weekend go by.

      • @Sherley lmao I was thinking the same thing Bookworm J is entitled to her opinion and she couldn’t ruin my weekend!!!

      • Don’t take me being misunderstood for a misunderstanding!! This is a free blog we can say what we want when we want and if u don’t like it do something about it!!!! Bookworm J can type anything she wants whether u agree with it or not take a seat in the back i been said that…… NOT!!

    • Bookworm – I HAVE to support your statement bc this child, in spite of “what looks like eczema, but is called vitiligo by the hopefuls”, this child looks SOOOOO much like Arnie Klein it’s not even funny. Consider this people:
      – Children are fathered post-vasectomy (I know someone who was checked by a doc & verified, yet fathered more kids).
      – Arnie is Jewish, so hair texture can be affected by that also (though I don’t see the “curling-up” anyway.
      – Joe Jackson got HELLA cross-generational genes (even when mixed-in), yet these kids (except Blanket) seem to be absent Joe genes.
      – Pre-surgery, Michael had a bulbous nose w/no bridge, broad-set doe eyes, defined lips (ala Joe), and a slim frame…, where is any of that in Prince??????
      – Hollywood is FAMOUS for lying about paternity (google Diana Ross’s eldest daughter, the spitting image of Berry Gordy, yet told she was NOT his daughter until she was post-30)
      *** Glad he loved them, and that they inherit, but resemblances??? Not really.

      For real – goggle the many pics of Arnie Klein, and tell me you can’t see alot of him in Prince & Paris.

  21. I knew Jackie Christie was no good and a phony! It is so wrong of her to mistreat her oldest daughter in a evil manner. Married 3x’s…I knew she was crazy but yet she wants to talk negatively abt Dreya.

  22. I don’t know if ur just suppose to post on the above picture or on all the archives.

    I’m glad MJ’s kids is keeping his legacy alive they really seem to love him!

    Laila seems like such a good mom I think she put her career n hold to raise her babies sacrifices mother’s make!

    Van Hunt don’t know to much about him but anybody that can take the time out to be a good dad to their child is alright in my book anyday!

    Jackie Christie I’m at a lost for words all I’m going to say is love ur kids equally!

    Now people Beyonce might be excited to be pregnant and I’m really happy for her as well but she’s an attention whore! Announcing it on the VMA’s really if that’s not looking for attention I don’t know what is!!!

    • I usually respond to all the postings.

      Those children love & miss their dad.

      I love me some Laila Ali & her children are the cutest.

      Soooo over Beyonce in every aspect of her life. I may like some of her outfits, but tired of seeing her, hearing about her, & discussing her pregnancy. Just show me her at 7mnths & after the baby is born already.

      • Also, Prince does look handsome in his suit.

        Believe it or not, that haircut/style is popular amongst the white children in several areas..San Francisco, Colorado, Nevada & LA were some places I saw them.

    • Just read the Jackie story & all I have to say is the daughter sounds just like the mother she is degrading on her blogs. Yes Jackie should treat her children equally, however, what if no matter what you do for one, it doesn’t seem to be right? I believe her daughter fits in that category. Also, wouldn’t it make more sense to try family therapy instead of blog blasting to iron out family issues?

      • Sherley ur absolutely right my only thing is Jackie acts so family oriented and none of us even knew she had a daughter that old, or that she was married 3 times! One more thing how can u be the best mother to ur kids if ur busy chasing behind ur husband and I’m including the ones she has with her now husband!

        • I think Jackie is an absolute phony and borderline crazy. I honestly think she has put men in her life before her children and favored the two kids that were produced by her 3rd RICH husband. I believe the older daughter bc Jackie comes off co-crazy, even on the show. Her daughter might be bitter and upset bc of how she has been treated by her mom. Its awful and sad. Jackie walks around talking all that holy Jesus Christ stuff on tv but has mistreated her own child. How could she have properly raised this girl when when she were too busy running all around the country trying to get married by multiple men??? Jackie and Imani(bc she gave her oldest child up also) rip Dreya but actually they are no better and in my book, evil women.

  23. I was one who never doubted Michaels paternity to his kids and after seeing this picture of these two I still stick to my first thought. I never realise how much they look alike until this picture I always thought that he looked like one of his uncles but just lighter now I see what people meant about Prince looking like Michael.

    • I agree.Only dimwits want to argue that he is not a jackson.Imagine him having an afro and he looks just like Mj in the 70′s.People simply refuse to accept that biracial kids come in different looks and colour.Ok forget about the face,come on just look at the body frame.That is identical.I’ve seen so many pictures of Michael jr in this event where his body is just like his dad’s.The broad shoulder,huge hand etc.

    • yeap he seriously needs a hair cut.I wish someone would tell him nicely in twitter.It is not helping much to make his head look small.He got applehead after all.LOL..Long hair suits him.


    • The comments in dailymail is so offensive about Prince.People are so adamant to refuse to see the similarities between MJ and Prince.It doesnt matter coz the kids know they are their dad’s children.They know for a fact they are biracial.End of

      • Who cares what ppl on DM say. He is Michael’s bio son. Nothing will change that. This boy is growing up handsome but THE HAIR!!!!! Please, do something about it! Michael was always able to keep it nice and now it’s not so cool…

        • @connie please stop! These are Micheal kids because he cared for them and rasied them until he took his last breath. These kids dont deserve this..they have been through enough already. What difference does it matter what race they are? Why does it concern so many people? Just let it go people and lets just pray that they dont lose another person who is caring for them currently. It doesn’t matter how yall feel or think because MJ was their dad! Leave these kids alone people.

      • Seriously, not trying to be funny but can you point the features out to me pls? I see a resemblance in the mouth, nose & chin but those are the places MJ had several surgeries on.

        • I see the resemblence in this pic between them both AND I know he has surgery to his face/body but in the above pic, I they favor alot. Regardless if ppl dont think they look him or not, they are his kids.


    • I’m sorry but all I see is a young man who resemblems a man who had several surgeries to look more european. I tried but I cannot see it.

      Now before everyone gets all up in a tizzy..I believe those children are MJ’s children because he raised & love them. I have never & will never say those are not his children.

      However, I still cannot see Prince resembleming the MJ from the 50s, 60s or 70s. *shrug*.

      • I have to agree with you Sherley. I actually looked up old photos back from the days when M.J. was younger up until he had surgeries and I have yet to see these features in this child. I even looked at others and compared them with M.J.’s brothers. But in the process of looking, I did come across some other photos of this other person and this child looks like this other persons mini me. His features are point on with that person. It is what it is. Everyone sees things in their own way and we can’t fault each other for that. In the end, M.J. loved these kids and that’s all that matters.

        • I actually was looking at pictures of M.J.,his brothers and Mr. Klein and that child looks alot like Mr. Klein with those squinty eyes. I mean that’s M.J.’s son because he raised and loved him but that child has alot of Mr. Klein’s features. I put of the pictures side by side and the resemblance was astonishing. But I’m not the DNA committee, so I’m only going by what I’ve seen.

      • @Sherley..I cant say if he and his siblings are or are not his bio children because I have friend who is Black-like Kobe complexion and his wife who is a Becky has 2 kids and both of the kids dont look anything like a Black person..no A.A features what so ever and he is pure Black and she is a Becky to the 10th power. If you were to see them you would automatically assume they are Caucasian kids. It is weird. Personally, I cant see MJ even have sex but I wasnt there and I dont know what happened but its not my business. He raised these kids as his so their his children,in my book.

    • because u were there when michael was doing the do right? honestly nobody knows if these r his kids or not. but michael said they where his biological kids now why would a man need to lie about that. don’t u think he knew if he adopted white kids that people would speculate. thats like me adopting a child of clearly one race n saying oh yeah he’s mixed. come on give the man some credit. if he wanted to trick us, he would’ve done a way better job. those r his kids, like it or not and yes that boy looks just like his father. and those spots on his neck are not helping either. hope he doesn’t have his fathers disease but it sure looks like he does.

        • exactly i wasn’t there. hence why i take his word for it because he was there. just like every other celebrity who says thats my kid, i don’t doubt it or listen to stupid tabloids that say otherwise, because i wouldn’t appreciate it if some random person came up to me and said my baby wasn’t mine just cause she doesn’t have my skin colour. (which she doesn’t btw) and she came out of me. i heard it out of michael’s mouth that those were biologically his children and i don’t doubt it. i’m not gullible i just know that it is very possible for a interracial couple to have a child or children for that matter who look 100 percent one race. it happens more than we know. just cause he’s michael jackson doesn’t exclude him from it happening. wish we could just see past skin colour but thats not happening anytime soon.

      • I’m with you Doting…was she there during the love making session??????? Jeeze! That is Michael Jackson’s son…end of the story!!

    • @Connie,Perhaps to Lola3, MJ had good looks. Dont try to tell other ppl who is good looking and who isnt. People have their own views on beauty.

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