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(L-R) Singer Ray Ray, singer Prodigy, actress Madison Pettis, singer Princeton and singer Roc Royal pose for pictures at the celebration for Mindless Behavior’s #1 Girl album release with an in-store signing and performance at Universal CityWalk on September 22, 2011 in Universal City, California.

Mimi On’eal, the daughter of Shaquille and Shaunie On’eal, was also in attendance.  Below are more photos of other fans ‘going mindless’.

Want to hear Mindless Behavior’s new album? Then head to Itunes.


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  1. @writer, Yes it is just you because that is how TROLLs like you think! They all can sing and sing really good. I bet you never heard them all sing live, well I have heard all of them sing b4 and they sounded and looked great.

    • First @Shay and @girlgetalife,which is what you need. I do not cyber argue. For two, do not come at me ignorant. This is my opinion and that’s that. and if you choose to comment on what i say and you disagree, that’s all well and good. Just do it in a way that sounds like you at least have a little bit of sense and finished at least high school.

      You see how nice I did that, with no name calling. Try it. And to comment on what I said in my previous post. It is what I meant. i am not a child, so I do not tailgate mindless behavior, nor do i show up at signings, which mean I know absolutely nothing about who does what. Finished!

  2. @writer I agree as well where entitled to our opinion I usually don’t agree with Karlisa but she’s entitled to say what she want and calling her names is uncaused for!!

    • Ikr, I usually dont agree with anyone, but like you said, its her opinion and mine also. I am just laughing at them though because they sound ignorant, but hey it’s their opinion.

  3. “He thinks he is cute and has good hair and he don’t.” That sounds like what “You” think. You don’t like him because he is different then the others, because he’s not a pretty boy like the others. That exactly why you brought up the hair comment. It’s a shame that you are an adult talking like this. You don’t think he can sing as well as the others? The others don’t sing because they can’t. That’s why you don’t hear them. I’ve meet MB and that young man was the nicest out of all of them. He was very quiet, and had the most manners. It’s apparent that you don’t like this kid because of his appearance, and that’s a shame. It’s adults like you that make us all look bad. You should be ashamed of yourself.

    • @Richard I dont care how you or anybody else on this website take my comments because they are my opinions I never said that I dont like him because hes not a pretty boy Roc royal is a pretty boy too but I dont really like him either their all talented boys and when you hear prodigy voice on the radio its not his its auto tuned, nobody I mean Nobody voice sounds like that and I know they are nice boys including him because I met him at an Atlanta concert . Anyway it dont matter because in two years maybe even a year from now we probably wont be hearing from them again just like all the r&b and hip-hop boy groups. Its like once they hit 16-18 they want to go their own way and go solo. Oh just to let you know its always the shy ones who sneaky I should know I grew up with alot of brothers and the shy quiet ones are the sneaky bad ones I dont know wethernyour aguy or a female but if your a male you should know what I mean about that.

      • @karlisa-Why does this little boy bother you and others so much? You may have met him but you dont know him. He is living out his dream and enjoying himself while earning more money than you would ever have in your own pathetic life! He is a CHILD and you should keep your negative thoughts about him to yourself. It is pretty sad when a grown person has to talk about a child to make him/her self feel better about their drepressing and poor life. He and his bandmates are GOOD teenage boys which is more than what I can say about any of these teens that I see everyday. I can understand yall talkin about a adult but a child, that’s low. And all quiet boys and girls aren’t sneaky. you sound a lil off in the head.

      • Also Willow and these other so-called singers and rappers ALL you auto-tune nowdays. so its not just MB. These boys are KIDS and are doing what their management is advising them to do. And just bc they use auto-tune doesnt mean they cant sing. They have sung live via radio interviews, tv shows, in concert and internet videos,if your narrow-minded behind ever seen them,which apparently you haven’t. Basically,if you dont really know them, their families, or have thoroughly followed their career moves, its best that you keep your simple-minded mouth closed and stay away from any post that is about them. Its obvious how you feel about them.

  4. this groups is no different from B2K in the early 2000s and Immature in the 90s…they only had one lead singer and those were Omarion for B2K and Marques Houston for Immature. They all dressed similar too..no one ripped those groups but MB gets so much slack for no reason. Prodigy isnt stuck up, he more reserved and the quietiest kid in the group. I for one think he is the most talented. The other boys can sing as well…just long on to youtube and check out their vids where they are all singing in an acapella style (no music).

  5. Aww man, I feel upset that you said that. Prodigy is probably the most humble, reserved, and sweet out of all the boys (and that is saying a lot, cause they ALL are very grounded). He actually cried at one of the signings because he was so appreciative of all the fans.

    • I don’t think Prod says “I’m singing! no one else is allowed” I think it’s a joint decision by their team. Maybe the other boys can’t sing as well or aren’t as confident! They all have a special job in the group; Ray Ray is the dancer, Roc is the Rapper, Prince is the spokesperson and Prod is the singer. And the other boys have singing lessons so Maybe when they get better/confident enough you’ll hear more of their voices. And yes, Prodigy is the most sweet and shy one out of them all! And he works his lil butt off! He does most of the dancing AND sings when they peform live on stage! People sleep on Prod alot and it’s sad! :(

  6. How old is Madison now? I remember her from Cory In The House and that movie with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

    • She is 13 y/o and now she does the voice for “Izzy” on Jake and the NeverLand Pirates, a cartoon on the Playhouse Disney. I honestly thought that she would have blown up by now or has gotten her own show but that never happened. The entertainment business is so fickle…thats why I recommend these kids to stay in school. One day you are hot and the next day, your not.

      • Wow, 13?

        I wondered what she was up to know ’cause I haven’t seen her in a good while. I ‘ve heard of that show, but my kids don’t watch it; it is new, so maybe they will.

        My daughter wants to be on TV like Emily Yeung O_o I’m not sure if I want to even start going to auditions it’s such a hard business to settle into. People have told me my child has such a great personality and a a lot of positive energy, but that doesn’t mean anything ’cause there’s thousands of kids out there that are bubbly and easy going just like my little girl :(

        • @Evelina..if your daughter has it..go for it. If you think she is mature enough to handle what comes along with being a celebrity & you are open to it..then go for it.

          Good luck!

      • Madison is always working, and im sure she does have a show coming out, I think its called ‘life with boys’.

  7. Enjoy the success guys..Justin Beiber is..why not you?

    Love Princeton’s hair..it looks like a neater, tamer version of mine.

    Mimi O’neal looks so cute in the pic.

  8. These little boys r talented I’ll never deny that but they work my last nerves!!! They r so annoying but these little girls go crazy over them!!

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