Tween star Willow Smith has teamed up with rapper Nicki Minaj to bring you her next single called “Fireball”. Listen to the song now!

The pint-size star  is in the process of finishing up her debut album, reveals producer Ronald “Jukebox” Jackson.

“I did like eight, nine songs [with] Willow, so right now, we’re in the process of just trying to close out the album,” he says. “It’s just the whole process. You got to think about it: She’s a 10-year old girl. She’s gotta have a life, she’s gotta be a kid.”

He adds, “Willow is kind of a combination of what ‘Whip My Hair’ was. Willow just isn’t a pop star, she isn’t just an urban artist; she’s very international,” he explained. “A lot of her music has a very big influence of everything from rock to pop to hip-hop.”

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  1. I quite liked it… I wouldn’t download it on my ipod but I wouldn’t turn the radio if it came on either. Nicki is an adult performer but I think her fun bubbly personality adds to the child like essence of the song.

  2. I like Willow and I liked Whip Your Hair and 21st Century Girl from day one, but Fireball will take a while to really enjoy.

  3. There is nothing wrong with her using her advantages to do something she wants to do.Is it her fault she was born to very famous parents?She’s cant help that.Let the little girl LIVE.I don’t see all this bs on Cori’s wack song or Cymphonique.Neither of those girls would be nothing. And there songs are worse.PLEASE SHE IS only 11.What the heck do you want her to sing!!Do you rather her sing about aboy she is in love with?She must be doing something right if she has these many grown people talking. Let’s not forget that “Trash” song Whip My Hair is plantium in many countries. Where is Keke or China? Really they are all children. Umm I haven’t seen Cori or Cymphonique or Keke even hit the Billboard Top 20 like Willow did? She made it to 11 I believe.Sooooo………………….She’s doing it for fun let her have fun. No one said you had to support this. She’ll be fine without your support. Lol do you Willow!

    • You are no better than the others bc you just trashed talked; Cymphonique, China and KeKe in the same negative way you claim they did. FYI, Cori isnt trying to to get a major record deal, China and KeKe may not have hit songs yet but they each have or had hit tv shows which they got on their own through auditions and practicing their craft. I can respect that alot more. And if Willow was doing this just for fun then she would have just posted videos on youtube like other kids do. This business is abt 5% fun and 95% hard work. Her parents clearly wanted her to be a big star, earn even more money, they want fame for this child like a female Michael Jackson. Greediness always is a bad thing and huge child stars never make it into adulthood.

  4. I enjoyed it! It had me bobbing my head at work. I do agree it is more for the tween/teenagers. Like Niki’s flo….kinda diff tho bc it was clean lol.

  5. Well she cant sing to me, I dont like the song, it sounds a bit childish or something. I agree with those about the hater thing…in the music industry you not gon have ppl love everything you do. Its called your opinion and your own taste. I still say Willow got this record deal cuz of her Dad “Will” Keke Palmer has a bigger and better voice and she not even getting recognize for it & so does China Mccain for “House of Payne”. I dont know why you Willow fans think…we suppose to worship the ground she walks on when she only had “1 HIT SONG” & 21st Century Girl FLOPPED! &Whip my Hair she didnt even write that..Soulja Boy did.

    • Good example, KeKe Palmer and China Anne voices are AMAZING but ppl are sleeping on them. I would need Willow to sing acappella style, you know just her and the mic. No back-up music (like on Ellen or her performances) and no auto-tune music bc the vid she posted a few days ago, she didnt sound good singing without any help.


    • “…. I dont like the song, it sounds a bit childish or something..”

      Uhmmm A 10 yr old is singing the song, its meant to be childish :/

      If you guys don’t like the song, her singing voice, or just don’t like the kid, just don’t comment. Your feelings towards her & the song will be obvious when there’s only 4 comments on a Willow post. Maybe China isn’t getting the shine you think she deserve b/c she doesn’t have that “it” factor. A lot of people don’t think Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez, & a lot of other artist can’t sing, but b/c they have that “it” factor that attracts your attention. Thats just how the industry works, no need to tear down a 10 yr olds dream lol. No one is saying worship the ground she walks on, but the negativity every time Willow’s name is mentioned is not needed. Its getting ridiculous now. & so what she didn’t write Whip My Hair. Who in the industry writes their own music now a days? Does China write her own songs? Smh idk whats going on w/ this blog lately but its becoming cyber bully central!

      • China and KeKe write their own songs too. And I didnt say I didnt like her..I just cant tell if she can sing. How could you with all of the auto-tuning going on in all 3 songs? I wanted to hear this song so that I could see if it was any different from her others but it isnt. It sounds just like the other two songs, same remedy. Finally, I can comment on any post I chose to, if BCK has an issue with it then they would stop me for sure.

      • Also, the “it” factor that Willow has, that China and KeKe dont have is named Will Smith. Willow would be nowhere without him. Will can pay top dollar for most expensive tracks, top artists for collabos and top song writers.

        • Only want to say, IF Will is buying Willow’s tracks or anything that she is doing, he’s not doing anything a lovingparent wouldn’t do. Look at Paris Hilton, she has absolutely NO talent what so ever, but her father’s money brought her so many avenues she didn’t deserve. Will & Jada are simply paving the way for their children. As long as their children aren’t being pressured, there really isn’t anything wrong with it.

          • @Sherley, you are right most of these celeb kids dont deserve it…Im done with this topic.

      • Trisha, with all due respect, people can make comments one way or the other (positive or negative). I didn’t realize that comment sections were only for those who like something. No one is tearing down Willow’s dreams. She’s still going strong and people love her. I’m sure she’s not here visiting BCK or any other blogs on a regular basis. The only ones that seem to be put off by the so-called negative comments are other readers. No shade, just saying.

        Why do people take other people’s comments so personally.

        • I get what your saying Teri. People are gonna have different views, some positive, some negative. But this is a 10 yr old kid people are tearing down. It doesn’t matter if she’s going to read it or not, its still wrong IMO. How would you feel if you found out people were talking about your kid, celebrity or not? Idk. I’m not taking it personal at all, I just don’t like negative talk.

          • Negative talk?? People on here talk badly about Mindless Behavior ALL the time. Calling them every name in the book! Are they not kids too? or Because they are boys it is considered ok? Both Willow and MB dress differently and auto tune their songs so what is the diference? Why is it ok for yall to say negative things about MB but not Willow. It seems like when it comes to Willow or Beyonce there is a double standard and people cant say how they feel without being called a hater or gettin backlashed. I just don get it. I also heard bad things said about Cori, Nahla and Cymphonique,amongst other kids in the past. They are kids too, but oh yeah I forget, Willow and Beyonce are GOD so lets not speak.

          • @Paisley I stay out of Mindless Behavior post 95% of the time they are featured on this blog b/c i’m not a big fan of them so I don’t know what comments your talking about lol.
            But i do get your point about Beyonce, you can’t say anything negative about that girl. But Willow is a child, like all kids on this blog. Don’t have nothing nice to say hold your tongue. I wouldn’t want someone speaking ill of my kid

          • Trisha, I don’t see people stating that they don’t like her voice/music as tearing her down. I seem them as saying simply that they don’t like her music. So just because she’s 10, everything has to be sugar and spice.

            I would feel horrible if someone was talking about my child, but guess what? It happens and there is nothing you can do about it. Trisha, sadly, the world is a cold, cruel place, and we have to prepare children to live in it. We protect them as much as we can, but you can’t be with them 24/7 so you teach them coping skills.

            Being that Willow is in a business that is cut-throat, I’m sure her parents have schooled her on how the public is. They choose to allow her into this business, but unfortunately, they cannot control what people think or say.

  6. So, according to some people’s opinions, if you don’t like a particular song or artist you are a hater? Really? So because Willow’s a child, everyone’s supposed to worship at her feet. That’s not going to happen Willow fans, so deal with it.

    I will not buy into something because it’s the latest and supposed greatest. I can appreciate true talent, and if Willow Smith is that for you, great. I’m not saying she’s not talented, but she’s not my flavor. If that makes me a hater, than that’s what I am. I will not be bamboozled into liking someone just because.

  7. How are people hating just because they do not like something or someone?! I do not like the song..period! No where did anyone on here say did not like Willow.

    I do not like Hitler..does that make me a hater? I do not like the color green..does that make me a hater? I do not like my neighbor because he is ignorant..does that make me a hater? I do not like black using the word n**ga when referring to one another..does that make me a hater?

    Every last one of you using the word hater like you’re getting paid for it..sit your limited vocabulary behind down somewhere & do not get up!!!

  8. Tween & teen girls will like it… Willow it’s like spokesgirl for tween/teen gal empowerment without it being blatantly sexualized.

    As for the Willow and Nicki hating… blah. They have not yet done anything that would make me wash my hands of their music. I like whatever gets my jumping while loading up the dishwasher, lol.

  9. I like the song, go head Willow! Nicki Minaj was perfect for the song in my opinion! Her bubbly, colorful persona fits the song well. She kept it clean, cute, & fun. Plus Nicki is always talking about the Smith kids & when Whip My Hair came out, someone remixed it w/ an old Nicki song. So I guess Jada & Will liked it enough to let Nicki do a real song w/ Willow lol.
    There are plenty of older artist that sing/rap about not so PG things, but still do music w/ the younger artist. No big deal. As long as they weren’t convicted of some crazy, horrible crime, & they keep it clean & child friendly for the song, i don’t see a problem w/ the collaboration

    • & If Nicki is age appropriate to do a voice over for a big time cartoon movie, I think she’s fine for this song. Kids around Willow’s age shouldn’t know who Nicki is anyways, so they aren’t gonna think anything of it

  10. I just don’t know what to say right now. I listen to the song Im sure the little ones will love it. the lryics r not bad or degrading and I guess kid friendly. Do ur thing Willow.

  11. Just like Justin Bieber featured Chris Brown, nobody said nothing about Bieber being associated to a “woman beater.”

    In the industry you take who’s on top RIGHT now and relevant..Nicki is the only female besides(Beyonce) who is..

    I don’t care too much for Willow’s songs because “whip my hair” was traumatizing in the rewind department..

  12. I love it !! #teamWillow . & its a shame that this little girl has so many haters & the majority of them are adults smh . but if you don’t have haters you ain’t doing nothing . love willow & the smiths !

    • Every celebrity has “haters” – comes with the territory. Plus, from the comments here so far, people like Willow, but not the song. You can be critical of something someone does without being a hater. Willow’s family members who post here need to understand that.

      • @sillyme : this little girl can’t make a move without being criticized. it’s really sad actually! i just don’t understand why you feel as though you have to be a critic ? do they pay you ? do you get something out of it ?? i really want to know because at the end of the day, while you’re at home huffing and puffing behind your screen willow is making money! whether you like or not. so if you can’t beat em’ , join em ! lol . i mean , or just keep scrolling down the post. why even stop here? you’re grown right ? so act like it. let the girl live , & if this is how she wants to live , she can ! you aren’t God , you not her parents .. so why waste your time .you call it criticism , i call it hating ! & hating hurts the hater more than hated . Keep singing Willow !! #teamWillow

        • How come people can’t give their opinions of people, regardless of age? It’s funny how people come to Willow’s defense when people don’t like what she puts out because of her age, but those same people criticize others who put out work.

          Just because she’s a kid, doesn’t exempt her from criticism. She’s not above anyone else in the industry. #teamcommensense!

  13. Good job Willow! There are a lot of grown folks on this blog who are going to hate on her and the Smith family but it’s ok because Willow is doing her thing. Catchy toon, I need to get ready for my niece to go from whippin her hair to being a fireball.

  14. I had to listen to it 2x to feel it and like the last comment it will be a hit because the beat is crazy & it’s catchy… It will be playing on every station and a couple of remixes will follow with big name artist on it.

  15. This will be even bigger than Whip My Hair because of Nicki. It’s a good comeback for Willow. I’m sure this will be played in the clubs like her other sog was. LOL. good job willow love that it’s still appropriate lyrics and nice beat. So much accomplished for just turning 11 soon. Wow

  16. Honestly, I didnt like the song. And I just realized something abt Willow & that is, she never really sings. Im not even sure if she can sing,alot of auto tuning. Why they chose Nicki Minaj for this song, I will never know bc she is more of an adult performer. Idk, it just seems like they are really trying too hard to make Willow a huge star or something. I like willow but not this song.

    • I’m pretty sure because Willow needed her buzz back . It kinda died down by 21st Century Girl. Probably why she went back to her urban roots with this song. She will be a big star no matter what. Lol I guess we will just see how this all turns out but she’s on track to female Bieber. I think she can sing, I’ve seen some performances she can and sounds better than most “singers” cough Aka Rihanna. Lol. But I wish they would give better songs to show off her voice!! I wanna hear that Epiphany song. My only thing is what is her target group? Does she have one? Cause this is gonna get played in the clubs. Lol

      • Yes, I agree with you! I think you are right, they need to give her better songs to showcase her vocal abilities. I agree that she will be a huge star for a number a reasons..And Rhianna cant sing to me either, she just has a body that men like.

        • I can definitely understand the Rihanna cant sing comment, i may have been at that same opinion my self had i not heard her for myself. We visited Barbados a few years ago and she had an iPod or mp3 or something in her ear and she was singing unawares of anyone else in the change room with her. It attracted me because i said to myself wow this person is singing Rihanna song better than her. How ironic it turned out to be her.

          Sinvce then i often wonder what is Jay Z game cuz she has a really great voice that they seem to be going out of their way to mess up or hide. The same with Willow, smally can sing, but they pick songs that requier non singing.


      • i co-sign everything u said except *cough Rihanna* i love Rihanna in my opinion, she’s super talented and awesome. woooooooo-hoo. lol

      • If Rihanna can’t sing why is everyone always comparing this 10 year old CHILD to her? Seems like her people WANT her to be the next Rihanna, or at least it seems that way. Otherwise, why isn’t she being compared to, say, Beyonce, or someone closer to her age like Miley Cyrus.

        Willow’s voice will change, though. It still has that little girl quality to it. I wonder how it will sound when she gets to 13/14 or 16. Look at how Raven’s voice changed from when she was Willow’s age.

        • I have heard younger girls sing better with stronger vocals,such as Jamia Nash AND Tiffany Evans. Both of those girls could really sing and they came out at an even younger than Willow. I just dont think she can sing well or at all. Too much auto-tune which has become common amongst ppl in the industry. This is not singing its just a bunch of random words;”Ima fireball, Ima fireball”..etc. She will be a star bc of her unique image and who her dad is, he has all the money in the world to ensure that she becomes a star as well as Jaden. Jaden has real talent on the screen, that is undeniable. I dont blame Will and Jada for helping their kids w/their dreams though.


  17. I’m sorry but I couldn’t get passed the first minute, but I’m sure the young kids will like it. Her singing style reminds me of Rhianna’s.

    Although I think Nicki Minaj behaved herself, I still don’t think a young child should have any collaboration with her.

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