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Like father, like son? Not at all, says Curtis Jackson aka 50 Cent. The rapper/actor/author  talks about how very different he and his son are in the latest issue of Jet magazine

The following is an excerpt from 50’s interview with JET:

50 Cent on being a bully and his new book, 50 Cent: Playground, The Mostly True Story of a Reformed Bully:
“I was [a bully] at different points during my childhood,” the 36-year-old shares. “I was dealing with my emotions the wrong way. From a child’s perspective, you don’t understand. As an adult, you get that’s not the way to deal with things.”

The story follows Butterball, a youngster who hits a kid on the playground… with a sock full of batteries. Butterball comes from a broken household and is dealing with relocating and feelings of powerlessness. “It’s for everyone,” he adds.

On his son Marquise:
Though father and son grew up in the dichotomous worlds of poverty and privilege, there is one commonality: the focus on intelligence. Jackson assigns his son books to read during the summer and sends him excerpts of material to read during the school year, then calls him to discuss it. Moreover, Marquise, his son, is afforded the opportunity to be taught by the best because Jackson lives what others teach.

“My son is 15, and I have conversations with him about things like this. He isn’t being bullied, but he meets people who have expectations of him because of the aggressive energy that I have and the content of the material I create. They look at him like he’s supposed to be like that,” he shares. “But he’s not. He doesn’t even know what it feels like to need for something. When we didn’t have any money, he was too young to notice.”

50 Cent on the cover Jet magazine

Read more in the latest issue of Jet magazine, on newsstands on October 24th.


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    • Dont judge ppl u don’t know how he had to struggle and protect himself and he made a better life for his son so that right there shows you 50 is a MAN and a responsible parent and person so don’t judge……..know this real world and its still going on you make a difference gor males


  1. I don’t really think 50 is a bully. I think it’s just the nature of his profession. He potrays an image to keep him ahead of the rap game. The very same people you hear him rap about in song, they probably pat each other on the back behind the scenes. It’s only right for him to encourage his son to be better than he is and I think that’s what he is doing!

    Before my head gets bitten off: These are my thoughts, as emphasized by each sentence starting with “I think”. LOL

    • I think what @AskDon’tAssume said could not have been said better. Put aside the personal dislike and focus on the positive. This man “assigns his son books to read during the summer and sends him excerpts of material to read during the school year, then calls him to discuss it.” He should be commended for that.

    • I agree with you Celeste. How can you judge someone you don’t know? At least he’s trying. I pray for them both.

  2. I concur with everyone maybe this apple didn’t want to fall off the tree it’s still hanging on thank goodness! 50 works my last d… nerves!

  3. @ Seriously – ur being too serious lol. She did not mention you in her comment at all. 50 is still a bully..can’t stand him

  4. Lol @ ^^^^

    They may not act alike, but gee wiz they look EXACTLY alike. “Bully” or not, 50 appears to be a great dad to his son and his ex’s daughter.

  5. I appreciate the desire to want your kids to read, but this tactic is not effective. It seems like he’s trying to fill the gap while he’s gone. Which I also appreciate, but again this is just not gonna work well for his son. A father-son relationship shouldn’t be around homework assignments and book reports.

    • Sometimes worthless people have amazing children. For all I know even Kanye West could have a very nice kid on day! 😛

      • What are you talking abt??? I never said anything abt his kid nor did I call anyone worhtless…stop putting words in my mouth. Yall are acting just like Jackie. I said he is a bully and I dont like him.

        • Seriously, I think she was saying even though 50 is an unnice person (BCK won’t let me post what I really want to call him), his son could still be an amazing person.

    • I’m with you I can’t stand the man…and I refuse to support anything with his name on it. So I guess I will not be buying this issue of the Jet.

  6. I cannot stand 50. He is still a bully in his adult years.

    Thank goodness his son isn’t like him, in the bully sense anyway. Hopefully his son has more common sense & tact than 50 does.

    • Well you don’t know what is like to live in the hood with death of friend on day and the selling of drugs in your family soi before you say stuff like that get the biography and learn what their child hood was like.

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