Actress Khadijah Haqq-McCray(L) and her son Christian attended Jennifer Freeman’s birthday party for her daughter Isabella Watson at The COOP on October 22, 2011 in Studio City, California.

Khadijah is best known for playing alongside her twin sister Malika Haqq in movie ATL. She is also a recurring cast member on reality show Khloe and Lamar.

One more picture below!

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  1. dang, when did she find time to get married and have a kid sitting up under the Kardashians. i don’t watch the show, and i don’t know who she married, but i think baby boy looks just like her. how old is she anyways, she still looks pretty young.

    • LOL your thinking of her twin Malika. She’s the one thats always w/ Khloe. Khadijah is married to some NFL player, i forgot his name but they’ve been married for awhile. She’s probably around Lauren London age so about 24-25

  2. I had to google Jennifer Freeman b/c she looked so familiar but I couldn’t put my finger on from where! Didn’t realize Claire from My Wife & Kids had gotten married AND had a baby! She’s very pretty!!

  3. According to imdb, Jennifer and Earl are going through a divorce. Not sure how true it is…

    Beautiful women with beautiful children!

    • After she beat on him he said he wanted a divorce. But then said he wanted to work it out. Maybe she didn’t get her act together & was still being abusive towards him

      • she beat up on him after she found out about his extramarital affairs . . so it’s not her who needs to get their act together i believe it is him.

        • No she attacked him after she found him going thru her phone. He went thru her phone b/c she was getting late night texts.

          & regardless the situation, no grown person should put hands on another grown person. You wouldn’t say he beat on her b/c of her affairs so she needs to get her act together. smh

          • Trisha is right! I read the police report. This is the Rihanna/Chris Brown situation in reverse.

    • She’s married to either a football or basketball player, cant remember which. I saw the wedding photos on another site, very beautiful wedding..

    • No this is her twin sister that is married and had a baby.

      Kadigjah is probalbt still chasing after Robb who is not serious about her. Khohe did not like the idea of them being together either. Hmm I wonder why

  4. He got a forehead like his mom & aunt. But he’s cute. I remember him being so tiny on the show & Khloe was babysitting him. I love his shoes!

  5. Cute kids.

    Christian has grown. I remember seeing him on Khloe and Lamar’s show.

    I am not sure if Jennifer and her husband are still together. Either way I hope they can come together and co-parent their child.

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