Actress Jennifer Freeman threw a tutu cute birthday party for her daughter Isabella Watson(dad is NBA player Earl Watson) at The COOP on October 22, 2011 in Studio City, California.

Isabella is now two years old! What a yummy-looking birthday cake!

Jennifer’s sisters were in attendance…

Isabella had loads of fun!

More pictures of the princess are below!

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  1. I mean the fact that Princess Tiana is on the top of the cake 😉 … it’s so cute how much she’s adoring her daughter!

  2. Can I just say that I love the fact that Princess Tiana is on the cake?! Major points there.

    And OMG they are ALL ridiculously pretty in their own ways.

  3. Just saw photos of Earl Watson and I think the little girl looks a lot like him: head shape, ears, smile… and it’s not a bad thing.

  4. I love that Jennifer, Meagan and Melissa match the party colours. I do that with my sisters, too. Whatever the party colours are I try and make them wear one of the colours, haha, it’s fun for us.

  5. Here sisters meagan nd melissa are twins and they were on a few episodes of my wife and kids to, i think they were about 9/10 the, they have gotton so big and have changed a lot they look less identicle now. time flies, i cant believe the baby is two already.

    • I remember seeing them on the show back in the day but never knew they were her sisters nor that they were twins either. She also has a brother right? I think he was on the show also.

      • as an avid watcher of My Wife and Kids rerun, i was like hold up, when were they on there? lol! but ok, i think i know what episode they were on. was it the one where Kady started a lemonade stand and turned to selling stuff in the house cuz that made more money, and the Freeman twins were her accomplices? i dunno, that’s the only instance i cant think of. now who is her brother and what episode would he have been on?

  6. never knew she had a kid. her daughter and sisters are gorgeous. it’s so weird cause i see her as claire from my wife and kids and now that she has a kids it’s like WOAH lol

  7. I was looking at the pics thinking that she looked alot like Claire from “My Wife and Kids” then it hit me that OH MY GOSH IT IS CLAIRE!! She looks so mature and her sister remind mind me of her at that age. Isabella is so precious

    • I JUST realized too after searching her name on google! Wow has she grown up. I’ve always thought she was absolutely stunning. And I see it runs in the family! :)

      gorgeous little girl, what a doll baby. Going to have momma’s good looks!

  8. i was just wondering when we were gonna see more recent pics of Jennifer’s daughter, sitting here watching her on My Wife and Kids lol! her party looks like it was so girly and fun. and wow, those Freeman sisters are all gorgeous. and where was dad for Bella’s big 2 yr old party?

  9. What a cute lil girl, and adorable too….good looking family also. But a face full if make-up at a 2 yr olds party?…she is such a naturally beautiful girl…she dosent need it.

  10. I can’t even believe parents let their kids play in those things.
    A kid can suffocate under the balls. Kids pee in there and those balls are not disinfected. I’ve heard of kids getting snake bits and cuts from class in those ball pits. Nasty and dangerous!

    Yes, I believe she is divorced. After that nasty dv incident she committed, I would be surprised they were still together.

    • Jennifer has very pretty sisters, especially the on eon the left…I love her hair!

      What a FABULOUS looking cake. I Love that Tiana’s on the top :)

  11. anyone noice how similar jen’s sis on the left looks to parker posey-lil kady from wife and kids. google current pics of parker and you’ll see . cool..glad the cast is doing well

  12. Isabella is adorable, a mixture of mom & dad. Her party looks like so much fun. She seems to have enjoyed herself. The cake & goodies, give the sugar, let them run it all off & pass out later! :)

    But where is dad? I don’t think I spotted him in the group picture.

    Jennifer’s sisters both need a trim, haircut, style..something.

  13. I’ve been seeing her a lot lately lol. Maybe she’s gonna come out w/ a movie soon lol. I just saw pics from her birthday party last week.

    Her sisters are really pretty. The one on the left looks like Lionel Richie’s younger daughter just w/ darker hair

    Her daughter is cute, but tall. She looks 4 lol. I love the cakes in the cones.

    I wonder if her & her husband are still married. I don’t see the ring anymore

  14. That cake and those cupcakes look very yummy!! Jennifer and her sisters are very pretty. Her daughter is a cutie as well!!

    • I thought the same thing. I would have placed a linen tablecloth over it! Nevertheless, beautiful family and looks like good times!

    • They’re all beautiful. Jennifer and her baby reminds me of Jhene Aiko and her baby (who I wish BCK would post)

      WOW! One of jennifer’s sisters looked like model Chrishell Stubbs!

      • Dang, you took it way back to my high school days by bringing up Jhene..I remember seeing her in concert with B2K and Bow WOW in the early 2000s.LOL!!! Yes, her baby is cute too. She has a Youtube page and you can see her baby there. What ever happened to her and Omarion little brother? He was in a group also.

  15. Her, her daughter, and her sisters are gorgeous! Such a fabulous family celebration, looks like they had a wonderful time.

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