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  1. Karisa, never allow the mentally ill to babysit your beautiful children. Are the children in the smaller photos yours as well?

  2. That tigger is not a girl that is my son on his first Halloween last year….are people seriously jacking peoples pictures an stating its their kids? smh….

  3. Yes I’m definitely a proud Momma …. LOL … Chace is 1/2 blk & 1/2 white … As far as ethnic background …. I’m have Irish/ & Creole in my family (my grandparents are originally from NOLA) … My husband is Irish/Polish/Italian 

    When he was younger everyone thought he was a girl … LOL … His features were very dainty ….now that he’s a little older he’s grown more into his features & he’s 100% boy (rough & tough) …. LOL 

  4. Just waking up this AM & what a surprise to see my Chace on BCK …. Thanks for all the kind comments & his costume was perfect for the snow storm we had this past weekend

    • @Candy your Chace is absolutely stunning. Just beautiful! I’m sure he is mistaken for a girl all the time with that gorgeous face!
      May I ask what is his ethnicity? He is just stunning! You should be very proud!

    • Yes I sent bck two halloween picts the first is when she was 2 she had very tan skin and light blue eyes she looked more biracial when she was younger as she got older people would be like is she your little girl I saw a few years ago lol. I guess Bck decided to show this one instead in the other picture she was Pebbles from the flitstones.

  5. Chace eyes are beautiful! His costume is very fitting for the snow we had on the east cost on saturday lol

    I love the name Everleigh!

  6. Karlisa..is that your baby girl in the Little Red Riding Hood? All the children are cuties. Im loving the Halloween pics.

    • It sure looks like Ms Everleigh:) I wonder what the other babies were. Anyway all the BCKS readers kids are too cute.

      I only hope that my future children could at least be just half as cute as any one of these children LOL :)

          • Awe…thanks for showing your babies Halloween pics! All are cute. You sure have your hands full. So you have five kids?

          • Oh 3 of those beauties are yours? I didn’t know. I was pretty sure about Everleigh because I remember that unique pretty name. And I knew you had more children but I couldn’t recall their names (Not that their names aren’t equally as beautiful Lol It is just that I am pretty forgetful.) Thats why I said I wonder what your other kids were dressed as because I didn’t realize that that was them right here.

            BTW Sage.. too precious! IF she was mine I’d never get any work done because I would be too busy kissing her cheeks all day long. LOL

          • LOL as you can see Sage was not happy about th costume and the little make up on her face she ended up with it halfway off her face withen 3 hours.

          • I was hoping to see Halloween pics of your children Karlisa! They are all so cute & love the costumes. Thx for sharing.

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