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by Kesha C. of We Got Kidz

Truth be told, there is scientific evidence that says parents tend to favor one child over another. Last months cover of TIME magazine said it all: “Why Mom Likes You Best“. Inside, TIMES writer Jeffery Kluger explored the primary factors that contribute to the selection of a favorite child.

I’m sure all of us who have siblings have felt the burn of being “picked second” at some point or another. Growing up in my household, I think that the “favored child” title changed from year to year. [I’ll admit that I lost the title a majority of my teenage years… but that’s an entirely different post – better yet, an entirely different blog.]

Understandably, favoritism from a parent is pretty straight forward: Every parent is different and every kid is different; and they will relate to each other uniquely. This distinctive relationship leads to preferences – Plain and simple.
Those of you with children who are gifted athletically or academically have, I’m sure, felt the guilt of feeling favoritism for that child. Although natural, what matters most isn’t IF your child is your favorite, but whether or not he or she plays that sport or aces that test FOR your favor. Don’t let that happen. Kids need the opportunity to develop their own ego and personality – Not inherit yours.

So between my twins Ari and Jaxon, who’s my favorite?… I don’t have one… yet. [Even though last night, Jaxon was definitely not my favorite. His hand in his soiled diaper and a smack to my arm lost him that coveted spot for the moment.] I, of course don’t have plans to pick a favorite, but I’m sure there will come times where one of my children may do something more favorable than the other. According to Psychology Today, it’s only natural. Ellen Weber Libby, Ph.D., says that wanting to look good in the world and to feel special drives your child’s behaviors; although how far you as the parent goes to achieve this end in your relationship with your child influences whether the experience of being the favorite child is psychologically healthy or potentially destructive. I myself am already striving to maintain some sort of balance. I make sure to always have an equal amount of Ari photos to Jaxon photos displayed throughout the house, and I try to give them each an equal amount of “cuddle time”… But I do praise one over the other if they display exceptional behavior and I believe that that’s okay.

So if you ever catch yourself reciting the refrain, “I love all of my kids equally”, that sounds great and all but I’m pretty sure your children know the truth, and you know what?… It’s okay ;)

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Actress Kyla Pratt has come under intense scrutiny after introducing her daughter, Lyric, to the world. Although most fans embrace new mothers, Kyla was criticized for waiting a year to tell the public about her bundle of joy. Frustrated with the negativity, Pratt decided to set the record straight about her child and baby’s father.


Millions of TLC viewers watched Niecy Nash tie the knot with Jay Tucker this past June. The couple has returned to TLC in a docu-series that will showcase their blended family and personal relationships. Produced by Shed Media US, the new series will show the Tuckers adjusting to marriage and life with Niecy’s mother. Also featured on the show will be Nash’s three teenage children, and Jay’s son.

When asked about the show and what viewers can expect to see, Niecy commented: “TLC is a new member of our big family, and we couldn’t be happier. There’s a lot of love in our house, but also a lot of mayhem and foolishness – all the kids are acting crazy, I’m busier than ever, and Jay’s never raised girls before. We hope our fans welcome us into their homes… we need the room!”

The Tuckers will welcome TLC fans into their home during the early part of next year.

Niecy is the mother of daughters Dia,10, and Donielle,15, and son Dominic,18.

Get the details here.

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Jhene Aiko is not new to the music industry, but her style is a breath of fresh air that listeners can appreciate. Her recent mixtape, Sailing Soul(s) was a big success and the songstress doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. In a recent interview with Singersroom, Aiko talked about her comeback and life as a mother to three-year-old Namiko Browner(dad is singer O’Ryan).

China Anne Mcclain is a teen sensation with previous starring roles on House of Payne and Daddy’s Little Girls. Daughter of a music producer and songwriter, Mcclain has managed to lead a successful acting career while remaining true to her musical inclination. The 13-year-old recently sat down with Tonight to discuss her newest role in A.N.T. Farm, and acting in general.


Kimora Lee-Simmons and husband Dijimon Housnou hosted a blended Thanksgiving this past Thursday. Kimora’s ex-husband, Russell Simmons, traveled to Los Angeles to be with his daughters Ming and Aoki Simmons. The girls were also joined by their grandmother, their brother Kenzo, and their cousin Angela Simmons.


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