Child star China Anne McClain of  “A.N.T. Farm” and her sisters Lauryn and Sierra perform song “Jingle Bell Rock” during the taping of the 2011 Disney Parks Christmas day Parade at Disneyland on November 05, 2011 in Anaheim, California.

You may remember The McClain Sisters from Tyler Perry’s film Daddy’s Little Girls. Sierra and Lauryn, who are also actresses, played China’s older sisters in the film.

The Parade show is scheduled to air on Christmas Day on ABC-TV.

Photo:Disney Parks

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  1. ilove them! the are acting and dressing age appropriate! i am totally a fan!! i’m buying my niece the A.N.T FARM soundtrack for christmas! anything to support the MCCLAIN SISTERS! HOPING FOR A CLOTHING LINE FROM CHINA!!

  2. The McClain sisters are gorgeous but China stands out! China got that “it” factor and I see why she was chosen to have her own show on Disney. China really dont need her sisters so she is doing them a favor. Go China!

    • I agree with Seriously..these girls are beyond cute and talented. They are the next Destiny’s child, for sure.com! :)

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  4. The McClain sisters are beautiful and talented girls and I love China’s voice. Looking forward to hearing them sing together.

  5. BET plays Daddy’s little girls so much, i’m starting to not like the movie anymore lol. The girls look pretty tho!

    **I wonder if China is up on all her school work. & focuses on her school work as much as she focus on her Disney work. 😉

    • I’m sorry Trish but mind your own business your not there parents so even if she or they didn’t focus as much on school then acting that is own there parents so really who cares talk to there parents.

      • RELAX! lol I was being sarcastic b/c whenever there is a post about celebrity kids doing music or acting, the 1st comment is always “they need to focus on schools” or “i hope they can add as good as they act/sing…” So i just put that comment to see the difference in the comments on a China post & other child singers/actors post. & I think its funny actually lol

        China is well spoken so i know she’s most likely smart when it comes to school. But like i said i was being sarcastic, no need to get upset lol

        • Yes, Trisha on Disney all Disney teen stars are required to be in school Mon-Fri for 4 hours on the set. The cast each have their own tutor for Reading/Math/Eng/Hist. After high school, they get a diploma. I read that on Disney Boot Camp, its a boot camp that all disney stars go through before joining a show.

    • you need to min d your buisness leave them alone i mean cerously you are nosey foe shoe n haha for shore your lame haha im not im great dont hate appreciate and watch me shake haha burn trisha uugghh

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