Actress Kyla Pratt has been keeping a secret from her fans. “A lot of people don’t know but I had a daughter last year and she’s going to be 1 next week,” the actress revealed on BET’s 106 & Park on Wednesday(November 9th).

Though Kyla has yet to confirm the name of her daughter, it’s rumored to be Lyric Kai Kirkpatrick.

In related news, the former One on One actress will be starring on season 2 of BET’s romantic comedy Let’s Stay Together, premiering in January 2012.

Watch Kyla’s big reveal below:


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      • Hey Pisces, thank you, you are sweet. My son & I are doing well. We currently are on vacation on day 11 of our 14 day mediterrian cruise. It has been a lot of fun, but we are ready to come home. I can’t wait to catch up on BCK.

  1. Wondering where it was posted that the child was born out of wedlock? Yesterday we didn’t know she had a child, tomorrow we may find out that she is also married.

    • my thought exactly. she didn’t announce her pregnancy whose to say she just didn’t announce her marriage. anyways its nobody’s biz.

    • she isnt married and she never announced her pregnancy but there were old pics all over the internet from last year of her preggos. One was from when she attended a movie premere and MTO did announce her pregnancy but along time ago but no one cared bc probably bc she wasnt a huge star…only three comments were left for her post.

  2. People kill me with the having kids out of wedlock “issue”. Its not our decision to decide on if people need to be married in order to have kids. Marriage isnt everyones forte. I was born out of wedlock. Why? Because it worked for my parents.

  3. Congrats to her! She looks really good. I’ve always loved her on All of Us & Proud Family. I was just watching Love & Basketball lol. I wonder if she has playdates w/ Jennifer Freeman & her daughter. I know they were like best friends
    I bet her daughter is a cutie just like her, her boyfriend is cute too lol. *Even tho his profession is a little questionable

    I liked that she kept it a secret, its no ones business. Kim K should have done the same & saved herself the embarrassment. The young black hollywood does a good job w/ separating their private life from their work. You don’t hear much about raven symone’s private life

    **& before the bible thumbers come in her w/ “she had a child out of wedlock blah blah blah” save it! lol. If your not a virgin you have no room to talk. B/c every time you have sex you have to have the open mind that something could happen & you could get pregnant.

    • ur comment regarding “bible thumbers’ is quite IGNORANT to me! I don’t condemn ppl for things they do for the BIBLE says we ALL sin daily. No one is perfect! Just b/c ppl reference the WORD of GOD doesn’t give you the right to poke fun at their/our beliefs!

      get you some BIBLE knowlege and you to can become a BIBLE THUMBER!

      • No one is poking fun at beleivers..But EVERYTIME someone has kids out of wedlock..Folks come on here preaching, baby mama this and baby daddy that. There’s a way to preach without judgment. Most times, there’s a lot of judgment on this and other sites. Try to lead by example and mention whats worked for you. Instead of looking down on others for their circumstances and try to lift them up with WORD…not opinion and chastizing.

        • I agree with you on that!!! Everyone IS entitled to their own opinion but when it starts condemning then I have the issue. This site is ALL of that and MORE and everyone calls it FREEDOM OF SPEECH…NOT!

  4. WHAT????

    Wow! I haven’t seen her in a GOOD WHILE, obviously, but I didn’t think it was because she got pregnant. Well, here’s a late congratulations. Who’s the daddy, haha?

    • The dad is a guy name Danny “KP” Kirkpatric. He’s an exotic dancer & tattoo artist LOL. She’s gonna be in the new issue of Sister2Sister magazine, & there’s a picture of them together. He’s a good looking guy

      • Exotic dancer??? Oh WOW! LOL..are they still together? and will there be pics of the baby? I seen him before and he is cute but dang she need a man with some real “bacon” so he dont take all of hers.

        • Yea they are still together. There are rumors that they are engaged but idk if there true. There was a pic of them together at her 25th birthday in Vegas. & Idk if there’s pic of the baby, it was only a small excerpt that i saw online

  5. Okay – While I still don’t agree with the decision to parent a child outside of wedlock by choice, I do understand where the “she’s an adult” comes from. It is sad however, when I see my own children’s friends packed on Friday to spend it with the “other” side. Even in HS, their friends still talk about how they dislike that their parents aren’t together. It hurts them sometimes more than they will EVER tell. If we can stop any of that potential hurt by giving them what many of us had — Why not?

    • I would have to disagree with your comment LaLa. Whose to say that your childrens friends parents were not married? Their marriage probably didnt work out. You cant always assume that they are born out of wedlock. And marriage isnt for everyone

    • My sisters, brother and I had and have our parents together, so did the majority of our friends. Those who didn’t have their biological parents together didn’t all want that life style ’cause their parents were much happier apart and got alone well with the two families and extra siblings and half siblings. My friend’s parents seperated in Grade 9 and were Divorced by Grade 12 and she was beyond upset… she felt just like a few of our friends, who’s parents were apart more of their lives…dreaming they’d get back together, so I’d have to disagree that marriage will assist in reducing the pain of having to visit the other parent ’cause it can happen to a couple that were married before the kids, after the kids or not at all.

      Maybe Kyla’s been with her child’s father a few years and get on real well.

      Marriage is important and I think it should come first before the children, but marriage doesn’t change the fact that people grow apart and break up and have to watch how much it hurts their children and families. Marriage can’t and doesn’t prevent potential heartache…we have to work hard and want the relationship to succeed for ourselves and then for the children you can’t have one without the other. A piece of paper doesn’t bind you to someone else your love, respect and loyality will and we all don’t have that for our partners/parent of our kids or keep that our entire lives, which is sad.

      I teach my kids marriage should come first and that their father and I should have gotten married before we had them. My daughter understands this ’cause she sees it… I’m the only one in my family that didn’t marry before the kids. She wants more siblings, but she says “when you get married…I’ll get my sister”. She talks about marrying boys in her class then one day becoming a mommy. I’m proud she knows this, but my mom explained to her that she’s still proud of me even if I’m a mommy and I’m not married. 😀

    • Oh please! There are many children who go between two homes and they aren’t distraught, depressed, or being hurt. Just like there are children in homes with two unhappily married parents. What’s most important is that children are raised in healthy and loving environments, and that’s still possible if your parents aren’t together!

      • I’m a child and adolescent clinical psychiatry specialist. 85% of my clients disorders including psychosis stem from unstable families, poor parental choices, parental bereavement, and especially divorce. It’s an epidemic and revolving door. Don’t have kids just because you can. It’s obvious and extremely crucial that children need both parents where possible.

        • You missed the point! Obviously, the best case scenario is for a child to be born to a happy two-parent home. HOWEVER, let’s not act as though every child with both parents in the home grow up to be healthy, happy, and successful adults. Marriage does not always last forever and it doesn’t guarantee a happy home. There are husbands and wives who constantly fight, battle addiction, infidelity, etc, and their kids grow up to have issues. There are also people who are raised by single moms or shared between two homes who grow up to be healthy adults. Two people can be seperated, and still be great parents.

          • Wonderful point PlainMean. I grew up with my mom & step-father (the only father I knew) & although I loved them both, I prayed they would have gotten a divorce. My 3 older brothers are also in marriages that are very unstable & unhappy..many of my nieces & nephews are having issues in their adult lives. Myself & younger brothers have decided to avoid marriage completely.

            My brother is in a very long term relationship w/the mother of his 3 children, who are very happy & doing very well. My other brothers are single & childless.

            I am a single mother of a son & truly believe his life is better this way. His father has remarried & has another son & the family is miserable.

    • So what is the difference if you are married when your child is born and then you get divorced?? The child still goes between two homes either way. That does not make it any better b/c you were married when you had the child. As long as the child is being raised properly, cared for, and loved then who cares!!

    • It drives me crazy how folks jump on people who have kids out of wedlock like its the worst thing to happen to humanity. I know plenty of married people who are not stable whatsoever. Versus someone like my mother and father who were together for 10 years. She ended up marrying later and had a son (doing it the right way I suppose) and her husband cheated and they got divorced after about 3 years. His father left town and has been married twice since. My Dad married as well and had 2 kids. My brother is 15 years old and MY father has been a better father to him than his own father. My parents still co-parent and I’m 29 and my brother is 22. They get along great, My Dad, Mom and Stepmother go out together and babysit each others kids. So what EXACTLY is the RIGHT WAY? Everybody does not have the same ideals and beliefs. If that’s how she wants to live her life so be it. I’m all for marriage but that IS NOT a guarantee that you’ll have a partner who will always be there or a stable home.

      • The majority of Black women on here say they dont believe in healthy marriages and that “it” isnt for everyone..now I see why they are leading in the A.I.D.S/HIV epidemic and most have multiple baby daddies and in poverty. Stop choosing the wrong men, be patient and let God do his work. Contrary to what many of yall believe, their are many healthy and strong Black marriages out here and good men and women. Expand your horizons and chose wisely. You are sending the wrong message to these young teen girls out here, which I believe is why so many of them are being knocked up and ending up uneducated and on welfare only to coninue to repeat the cycle all over again. Oh forget it, I am starting to think many of you enjoy being only the “Baby Mama”..*shrugs*

        • Oh please…I’ve never heard someone say they don’t believe in healthy marriages. Life doesn’t always go as planned PERIOD. I have no kids and I’m 29 so I’m not saying go ahead and be a baby mama. However, if God doesn’t “do his work” and if I want to have a kid outside of wedlock. So be it, it’s not your job to judge people. Despite them never marrying my parents did an EXCELLENT job keeping their family together. Baby Mama/Daddy or not. Stop labeling people. Its Gods’ job to judge right?

          • It is too funny that everybody just went on thsi whole tirade about children out of wedlock. If she just hid from basically everybody in the world that she was pregnant for 9 months and gave birth to a child that is now 1 years old… I think she could easily hide a marriage. Nobody knows what goes on behind her four walls, but her, her family and God.

            Who are we to judge?!

            BTW – I am a 25 year old, college graduate with a great job in corporate America and I plan on beginning to try and have a baby with my BOYFRIEND of 4 years within the next year and NO we do NOT have any intentions on marrying anytime soon. Marriage is not what makes my wheels spin. I am happy with my peace I have already found and very confident that we can raise a healthy child together without being married.
            AND… I was raised by a single father along with my four brothers :)

    • She hasn’t been doing much in the acting department lately so they probably won’t make as much money of having pictures of her.
      Anyways congrats to Kyla

      • Exactly! She didn’t “keep her pregnancy hidden”, it’s just that no one cares! Not trying to be mean, but my point is she’s not a big name soooo no one’s checking for her.

  6. Congrats…..I’m glad she was able to keep her business to herself and is able to announce it when she wanted to!

  7. Well its really none of our business.
    On another note.
    Its nice to know but I’m not mad at her for keeping it private. Some fans like to act like they r entitled to a celebrity’s personal life. Well no we r not. Fans or non fans she really doesn’t owe us anything. Nice to know tho. And if that is the name. Love it.

  8. WTH???? WOW..I still have her pictured in my mind as the little girl bossing Tajh Mowry around on Smart Guy..lol! Oh right Congrats, Kyla..I love her daughter name and would love to see a pic..thanks for the update BCK and Kyla. :)

  9. What the what?! Wow that is a surprise. Congrats to her. Sure she is darling. Kyla’s all grown up. She looks older than 25.

    • You sound like me..lol! Oh how I miss “Penny Proud” and The Proud Family..one of the funniest cartoons on Disney. Kyla was a great child actress.

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