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Singer O’Ryan, real name O’Ryan Omir Browner, recently shared this picture of his daughter Namiko(Nami) with the caption: “tsuNAMI”. Check out more adorable pictures of Nami now!

Nami will celebrate her third birthday this month on November 24th. How fast they grow!

Below are even more pictures of Nami and her parents O’Ryan and Jhene Aiko(singer).

Photos: Sonnie O’Ryan/Jhene

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  1. She has some of dad’s features, poor baby fix them brows when she is older. But she looks lot like her beautiful mommy. =) I want to see Jarell’s three kids now…

  2. Nami is such a cutie!

    Initially I thought she looked so much like Jhene… now all I see is O’Ryan through that baby! lol

    Nami is so beautiful… LOVE Jhene!

  3. Some one was just talking about Jhene’s little girl a couple weeks ago. Nice to see her again. She’s a cute one.

    Is Jhene still a singer? I know BCK wrote that, but does she still sing?

    • Jhene does still sing, she released a mixtape in March called Sailing soul(s) and is working on another called Soul(d) out. You can get sailing souls on her website jheneaiko.com for free

      I sound like a complete groupie right now but her mixtape is really good lol

      • I love her mixtape too, still remember Jhene from back in the B2K days lol
        Her and O’ Ryan’s daughter is so cute, but I thought she was born the 19th

        • she is cute..I didnt know Jhene had a mixtape or was still singing. I remember when I saw her in concert w/B2K back in the day..I thought she would blow up but it didn happen. I found her on Youtube awhile back and added her as a friend.

  4. Nami is too adorable she is a beautiful mix of her mom and dad but I believe her birthday is the 19th or 20th but I’m pretty sure its not the 24th.

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