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Bill Cosby Teaches Us A Little Something About Parenting


Bill Cosby, recently discussed parenthood in an interview with NBC.  Aside from speaking of his family, Cosby commented on the importance of children being strong and understanding the bigger scheme of community. Although every parent aspires to raise a child who becomes a millionaire, Bill advised parents to rear children in a manner that allows them to be comfortable in their own skin. While some children are destined to be wealthy, others are called to be average citizens. Regardless of one’s standing in society, everyone is important and has a special duty to fulfill in life. Cosby encouraged parents to be strong and press through positive and negative aspects of parenting.

“It comes down to love,” he says. “They’re going to stomp off, they’re going to yell… you should be able to not give up. You should try and raise your child strong.”

Cosby is currently promoting his new book I Didn’t Ask to Be Born: (But I’m Glad I Was).

Do you agree with what Bill has to say?

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