Corinne Foxx(Bishop) is the daughter of singer, actor, and producer Jamie Foxx. With a father famous like Jamie, it’s no surprise that Corinne has access to every material possession that a 17-year-old teen would want. Although she comes from a wealthy home, Corinne lives an average life as a cheerleader and singer.

As a cheerleader, Foxx is the best in her field. Corinne’s coach states, “I was extremely impressed with Corinne. She’s a leader and commands the attention and respect of her teammates. Foxx also comments, “Being able to work with girls on this team and creating friendships is the best part of being a cheerleader. I love being a source of spirit for my school.”

In addition to a jubilant personality, Foxx has a passion for music. As Corinne explains,”Music is at the center of my universe. I wake up to music, I go to bed listening to music, and if I’m not listening to it, I’m singing it.”

So, will she be the next great thing in the industry? Maybe not. Corinne states,”My dad’s kind of explained to me what the bad side of the industry is like, so I’m not really sure if that’s the path I’d like to go down; working behind the scenes would definitely be interesting to me.” While destined to follow in her father’s path, Corinne Foxx may not be the next Beyonce Knowles or Monica to hit the stage; if she takes the stage at all.

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Check out lots more pictures from Corinne’s American Cheerleader shoot below!

Photos: AmericanCheerleader.com

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  1. corrine is simply out of her element in hollywood, she should move to london or france to stay stable as a hunman being and the daughter of a celebrity, to many strange things happening in THE INDUSTRY

  2. I wondering why her never show his other daughter, I dont thibnk that he loves Corinne more, but just wondering??

    • maybe he wants to wait until she’s older. Because I don’t remember ever seeing pictures of Corinne until she started showing up at awards shows with him. Maybe she was six or seven.

  3. She makes me love Jamie more he’s such a good dad! I don’t see much of Corrine up here keep doing what u do sweetheart.

  4. I think she goes to the same school as Kendall and Kylie Jenner because I saw one of them sporting the same cheerleading uniform

  5. She is very pretty and I love the pics of the 2 of them together. Good thing Jamie explained the bad side to her, so she can make a better choice about her future. I have always loved Jamie’s voice, he is very talented!!

  6. She is gorgeous. I wonder how Jamies other pretty little girl is doing. I bet he wants a boy one day :) I really like Jamie because of the way he takes care of his sister with developmental disabilities.

    Off topic: Stella Luna (Ellen Pompeos daughter who is pictured in the photo gallery) is cute but I thought just by looking at that first picture

      • Stella does look like a cute little boy in that close up photo, but she was dressed like a girl in her fabulous Hunter boots. I think it’s because her hair is short and she’s wearing a blue jacket.

        • I love how Stella looks, but I’m biased because Stella looks like me when I was a baby. I was also frequently mistaken for a boy, I was three before my hair could be put into “one”.

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