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For four seasons, Baby Phat founder and current JustFab.com executive Kimora Lee Simmons has shared the limelight with her three children, Ming, Aoki, and Kenzo on television series Life in the Fab Lane. The reality show has been a hit with television viewers, but will all the success soon come to a halt?

When asked about the show in a press session, Lee commented: “I’m not currently shooting but I think there may be a season five and maybe six. I lost count and the network counts differently. I shoot all my life and they lump it together.” Could it be that all of her life stories have been lumped together, and there is no more footage for a season five or six? Maybe so, maybe no.

Regardless of the fate of her show, Kimora was sure to tell the press and reality television stars what she thought of the genre. As Lee comments, “I think the state of reality TV is going down the tubes. I’m not proud of it and I’m not proud of how women are depicted. I’m not proud of how when you turn on the TV, you are fighting and scratching and cursing at your mum and you are naked. My show has none of that and we are No.1. That shows that you can be No.1 with a little dignity and respect and you don’t have to be naked.”

Kimora Lee will be an opinionated celebrity with or without a grand platform.

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  1. I love Kimora’s show. The only drama is fashion/business related! LOL No hair pulling or other nonsense! Shes fabulous & doesnt meed all the extra scripted mess like oter shows to be popular. Her show & Tia/Tamera’s show proves that classy women can pull ratings too!

  2. I agree with her as well! As a once faithful reality show watcher I’m disgusted by it as well! I have stop watching many reality shows cause their becoming disgraceful

  3. I do agree with her on the current reality shows that are out now. The only other one I have seen that was classy was La La’s show. All of the other shows use fighting to get ratings. I love KImora’s show.

  4. I love Kimora & her family but I do not watch her show. I do not watch any reality tv..have better things to do; like be on BCK blog all day. As long as BCK keeps showing her & her adorable children, it doesn’t matter if her show comes on or not.

  5. I loved her comments about the bad behavior on reality TV. For example I have watched an episode of the Kardashians (dont judge me lol) and I hate the way that Khloe talks to her mom. I find it funny when people say they like her because she is most down to earth sister. SHe may keep it real but she is also really disrespectful.

    • Girl that’s ALL of the kardashian kids not just Khloe. Kim has said some horrible things to her mom on the show too (Kourtney seems to be the most well behaved lol) even the little ones are disrespectful. Smh…

      they seem to treat and talk to their mother like their FRIEND and not like their mother.

  6. I agree with her on the reality tv comment. I had to stop watching basketball wives when the two ladies started fighting at lunch. It’s lunch time, what are we fighting about? it was ridiculous. The way women are shown (and are willing to behave), black and white, is sad. I don’t know adult women with children and families that find themselves throwing drinks and punches at the lunch table, in the middle of the day… in a resturant. That’s why I liked Kimora’s show, even though some of the “dilemmas” she and her staff “found” themselves in were a bit of a stretch, she was taking care of her business, her kids and her family and I like that. Her kids will have nothing to be ashamed of when they watch the show years from now. You can’t say the same for these other shows.

  7. i love that pics…. so fairly tale like…. everyone looks so cute. i havent seen the house in quite awhile. i thought it went of the air but i do hope it comes back for the other seasons i like watchn the kids interact..

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