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Beyonce Knowles talked about her hesitancy in revealing her pregnancy during her ‘Roseland’ concert DVD screening in New York this past Sunday. Unaware of fans’ reactions, Knowles initially decided to disguise her bump.

Such camouflage was not easy for Beyonce. As the singer states, “The whole time I definitely was thinking, ‘everybody knows, everyone can see.’ When you’re pregnant, it’s a little bit harder to breathe, so it was hard doing all the choreography and singing at the same time.” Despite intense difficulty, the singer was able to keep the secret until she was ready to reveal it to the world.

Check out more pictures of Beyonce at the DVD screening and a video of her speaking about how hard it was keeping her early weeks of pregnancy under wraps.

VIDEO: Watch Beyonce Live At Roseland Now!

Photos: Fame Pictures

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  1. I’m sorry I’ve stayed out of the debate “is she” or “isn’t she”. But I have to say I think this is all fake. that belly looks plastic.

  2. I am just confused about why her bump was bigger, then small, then now bigger but not as big as when she was pictured BEFORE pictures where she looked small again…dang, I’m confusing myself now. This is the weirdest pregnancy ever!! I have had 4 babies and seen many pregnant women. I never experienced or witnessed the bump shrink then expand then shrink…nor fold on itself when wearing a form-fitting dress that didn’t really have room to come loose in the front…

    • Anyone with eyes can see that her dress was never form fitting. The only thing her dress fit perfectly was her bust area. The dress was loose and when she sat down it wrinkled. I mean seriously you people can’t possibly believe a stomach foleded or that this woman would fake a pregnancy. What would she gain? If anyone watches the video they see her dress loosely moving around before she even sits. And as far as size of her belly goes, most people (especially women) -pregnant or not- look different sizes depending on the fit of their clothes. Her belly has been consistant. Sometime she wear fitting dresses that shows it off and other times she doesn’t. Not to mention the angles of which the pictures are taken. But I guess conspiracies are far much interesting than the truth. Smh…

  3. They made Thandie Newton’s pregnancy in “Beloved” look real & believable, too; butt naked and all…

    lol jk
    That was a joke (for those of you who take life (& Beyonce’s life) way too seriously).
    Point is, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Whether you believe she’s pregnant or not, arguing w/ strangers on a forum (pic comments) won’t change anyone’s opinion! View the pic, comment on it, and move on.

    Good Day.

    • Yes thats all before it was paining me all these rumors but now…
      When people around you attack you for no reason! God will solve the problems…

  4. I could tell. When I watched the videos on youtube on the actual nights she performed, she kept holding her stomach and when she sat down you could definately tell her belly rounder

  5. I am also suspect about the amountof info Bey wants to divulge all of a sudden. She NEVER wanted to talk about her personal in the past. She wouldn’t discuss or confirm her relationship or marriage to J. Then, she announces her pregnancy on an awards show, shows her wedding dress in her upcoming video, etc. It seems like it’s profitable for her to reveal things about herself now and continues to make relevant (particularly after some of the negative comments about her latest album). I’m happy for her and J but if you’re a private person, nothing should change it all of a sudden.

    • What is she exactly showing/ telling you all of a sudden? She is still a private person, she can show or reveal small portions of her life all she wants.

      It’s weird how non-fans are so upset about her deciding to show her fans small intimate parts of her life.

    • I believe that she excited to be a mother she is happy in love with her husband and she is in a good space when you are in that feeling and mind state you want to tell the world I know because that is how i felt with my pregnancy and that is how i feel shout out to wonderful hubby and kids! LOL

  6. I HOPE & PRAY That Beyonce will keep having a very healthy pregnancy and a healthy beautiful baby :) may God bless them :)

  7. i love the part where bey gives a shout out to the fans who are protective of her. im one of those fans and if i read somethin negative about her i’d be the first one to cuss somebody out! im glad she reads those because she knows that there are people out there that love her and know that she is a real, genuine, and honest person!

    • So you are one of the ones she told to “Tone it down”.
      What actually goes through your mind during those moments you are typing a profanity filled comment on a blog to a stranger b/c they dont praise someone you dont even know?

    • “I feel like I grew up with her.”

      So do I! She’s one of the few music icons to come out of my age group and I’ve been a fan since she was 15!

  8. I think that as Jay-Z matures into his manhood, he is becoming more and more handsome. And that bank account makes him even more gorgeous as it grows! Their baby will be cute, I think and very special.

      • Awwww, such a nice comment and I agree with all of your points! Lol thank you for helping to bring positivity to the Beyonce posts! :)

        • Same to you, PlainMean. I love Beyonce, too and you know you my girl, PlainMean. Along with Sherley and Misunderstood. We may not agree all of the time but we support each other always!
          Have a great Thanksgiving and holiday season, sweetie pie, aka “PlainMean”.

  9. I think she always wears some kind of “protection” on her belly…i think shes afraid, that someone could attack her unborn child. This is why it looks fake so many times. But in her face is 100% shown that she is typical real pregnant. Greetings from Germany

  10. SMH..I tell you what some of you women must have had horrible pregnancies and swole up like beach whales.becuase everyone expects her to blow up.I only gained 20lbs when I was pregnant and never wore maternity clothes.And I didnt retain water and my feet didnt swell.Everybody is different.We even have people saying if the baby doesnt look exactly like Jay-z then its not his baby because he has strong features.I guess everyone has a degree in genetics now.* rolls eyes*

  11. she is doing so many interviews nowadays..I was glad her crew werent at the AMA to take attention off my boy CB! He was fantastic and cute last night.

    • What other interviews has she done? One or two maybe, but a lot … no.

      Bey looks great, she wears pregnancy very well.

      • I said nothing abt how she looked..but YES she has been out doing alot more interviews than she has ever done before. She is alot more public now for some reason.

        • I see what you mean Seriously..she is out in the public a lot to be an extremely private person..I swear some people act like they actually know her like they were related or something..

        • The comment about her looking great had nothing to do with my reply to your comments.

          Anyways Bey hasn’t been doing a lot of interviews. They are far and between. Plus her doing interviews have nothing to do with her being private, she is a celeb for God’s sake.

  12. yeah no one would have even suspected. she’s never been a stick thin woman. she’s got curves and isn’t a “model’s size”. save for the loose fabric flap in the front, it wasn’t obvious to anyone what her situation was.

    • My comment is going to await moderation but I don’t care! Once someone says anything about Beyonce people want to jump down their throats! How is it hating if ur speaking how u feel! People on her dog Fantasia, Alicia, Monica, Nia and whomever else but Beyonce is untouchable yeah right give me a break!

  13. LOVE IT!! for all you doubters she is sooo preggers for someone who has had two children I know, and why do people have doubts she looks just like any other pregnant women. No one doubted any other female celeb but her and its sickning that some people are such Beyonce haters and she hasnt done anything personally to any of them! smh #teambey

  14. Honestly, I wasn’t checking for a bump when she came out on stage..meaning no one else was either until she pointed to it..When I saw pics of Nia, or Fantasia, or even Monica..Im like I see a little bump poppin off..Beyonce uhm no..

    S/N: I will be a believer when I see it..#saywhatchawant

    • and when you see the baby you are still going to say its not their biological child and if the baby takes after mama tina and has green eyes you will just say that some white woman is the real mother

      • And this is why reading is fundamental..


        s/n: i could care less about youre stupid statement, not everybody thinks like a dumba**

    • People prayed for the same with JLo’s babies.

      That said, it’d be sad if the kids ended up like Bruce Willis’ daughters (looking like him and not Demi Moore).

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