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Holiday Shopping: The Blacklisted Gifts


Monster Fearleading Dolls(Photo courtesy of Toys R Us)

The holidays are an exciting time for parents and children. While children are exuberant about receiving gifts, parents wait in anticipation to see the look of glee on their child’s face on Christmas morning. Although parents want to give their children everything, there are some toys that should be marked off the present list. The following gifts should not be given to children this Christmas.

Exclusive Monster High Ghoul Spirit Fearleading Doll
Aside from portraying an innocent sport in a negative manner, the monster dolls are described by Toys R’ Us as “wild , fierce, and totally trendy.” While a fashionable daughter is desirable, most mothers do not want their daughters to be wild. Parents should not buy toys that promote negative characteristics.

Nerf Vortex Vigilon Disc Blaster
Primarily designed for the 8 to 10-year-old range, the Nerf Vortex Vigilon Disc Blaster is a toy gun that teaches children how to shoot and load weapons. This gift essentially promotes violence by portraying gun use as a fun activity.

Nerf Dart Tag Swarmfire

Another gun by Nerf that encourages violence. Let the madness stop.

Vtech Kidizoom Camera
Although not violent or superficial, the Vtech Kidizoom Camera is too extravagant for its projected age group. Designed for toddlers, the Kidizoom Camera has 1.3 mega pixels, and 4x digital zoom. Children can easily store photos on a PC or Macintosh operating system. This sounds great for a teenager or adult, but what does a 3-year-old know about digital zoom and saving pictures on an operating system? At best, this toy will end up at the bottom of a child’s chest.

Nintendo 3DS Flaming Red Console
Plain and simple, the Nintendo 3DS is too expensive for a 6-year-old. Although the Flaming Red Console is priced at $100 less than the standard game, $249 is still too much money for a portable game that will be outdated next year.

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  1. My daughter loves Monster High. She has read the books and has the dolls. The even have a video game that I am getting her for Christmas.

  2. The monster dolls are harmless. In my opinion they creative and a very neat idea. What if the monster under your bed was a friendly cheerleader??? The guns. Did you not have toy guns when you were young? Are you running around killing people? No. You teach your children better and don’t blame the toys they played with on your lack of parenting, or their lack sense. Camera- how is that fun? Agreed. Nintendos are not meant for 6 year olds. Refuse to buy it until they’re older and have actually lost interest in little plastic toys that entertain younger children.

  3. I bought the kidizoom twist for my 5 year old daughter after getting fed up with her and her 2 year old sister playing with my 14 meg camera! She loves it as does her younger sister, so i would def recommend it. It’s a fact this generation are ALOT more tech savvy than we were at their age due to the not only the advances in technology, but also the availability of technology in the home(and schools etc). Having said that, if a child is not particularly interested in taking photo’s, or can become frustrated and doesn’t enjoy working things out, maybe think twice. I really like it though, really good features, fun games i cannot see why such a positive toy would be blacklisted

  4. This should be a discussion or forum topic, not a treatise on what one person thinks we shouldn’t give to our children. It is subjective.

    Some children make guns out if anything, even without toy guns in the household. Not everyone has the same moral ideas.
    I would err on the side of caution with determining the Monster dolls leading to “wild” girls. They don’t represent societal ideals of real girls and women. They’re monsters and a part of imaginative play. If it were Barbies and the like plainly, perhaps the writer’s concerns would be applicable.

    These aren’t my personal views, I am asking the other side type of questions. Can BCK label these opinion pieces as such or open up a forum like on other topics? Thanks.

    • I agree as well. I kept my son away from guns for about 3 years but then he fell in love with soldiers. All he wants is military this and military that. I’d rather have him using a nerf blaster than some military replica. He walks around the house protecting us from imaginary enemy soldiers. Guns are something parents need to teach about. There are so many uses for them other than being a thug. The kidizoom cam is a good buy to go with innotab to load pics. I bought 1 for my 2 1/2 year old and he loves it. He has been surrounded by technology all of his little life. These kids now adays are definitely different.

  5. Actuall I scene the monster high show with my girls and we love it its different so I dont see anything wrong with it Its not like the dolls are going to be acring fierce and wild the doll will be whatever the girl makes it just like a barbie if your worryingabout the doll that advertised that for some children that cant even read yet or know the definition of wild then its crazy becausethey can used the ones that they already have. Then the nerfs situation well let me just say its nothing like an actuall.gun and I hav 2 nephews and a god son and that nerf is actully fun so but I dont have a.older son yet so I dont care about them yet. Even though O know my husband has a couple and plays with them with my older daughter.

  6. Seriously, a toy gun that shows children how to load weapons? How did this even make it on the shelf?

    I’m buying my son the 3DS but he isn’t 6.

  7. My sister bought the Vtech Kidizoom Camera for my niece and she DIDN’T LIKE IT! Even my daughter, who’s older, didn’t really know how to use it. She kept saying “Mama can you show me, again”.

    The Monster High Ghoul Spirit Fearleading Doll is ridiculous and creepy.

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