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L to R: Deyjah Harris, Domani Harris, rapper young Jeezy, Ryan Cameron, rapper T.I. , Tameka “Tiny” Harris, King Harris, and Messiah Harris pose at radio host Ryan Cameron’s annual Celebrity Bowling Challenge held in Atlanta on November 24th, 2011.

The event raised funds for the Ryan Cameron Foundation Leadership Academy, which “was established to provide Atlanta‚Äôs youth with the tools needed to empower them for their future leadership roles. The Foundation strives to provide young people with a forum, which includes: mentoring, tutoring, volunteering, celebrity appearances, life experiences, self-reflection, leadership instruction and personal coaching.”

Website:Ryan Cameron Foundation

More pictures below!

Photos: ExclusiveAccess.net

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  1. Nice picture of family. Messiah is taller than everybody. He lost the baby fat and is so handsome. Tiny please stop injecting your face. Looking like miss piggy. Lol!!

      • 6…He has 2 boys and 1 girl she has 1 girl and they have 2 boys together! The 2 that are missing is Tiny’s daughter (I think she’s on tour) and their youngest son that they have together.

  2. Well …I’m Dark skin & So is my Hubby some of my kids are the same color as Tip’s Kids My youngest King complexion ..Dark Skin can make lighter skin..It’s called #Genetics.

  3. I’m not being mean or trying to be, but why does Tiny’s face look sooo different lately?! Especially in the promo shots for their new show…just looks super weird.

    Anyways, his kids are cute & I prefer his daughters hair as well over Zonnique’s mess.

  4. Its good to see them do more as a family, which is great..this make me want to see the show sooo bad lol…they are starting to become one of my fav celeb fams! I thought I would never say this, but Jeezy is looking alright there!

  5. Listen I’m late on this but I’m a dark skinned woman and I love me some dark skin men so I’m not offended at all! Messiah is handsome ooh he’s cute! King looks just like his mom wow! Deyjah and Domani r cuties also!

  6. King is so cute in these pictures. He’s tired lol. Deyjah is pretty. I love how Tiny is always around the older kids.

    • *Sigh* So what if T.I. only dates light skin women? As long as he’s not putting down dark skin women, let him have his preference.

      Why is it I NEVER hear a person get chastize for dating only dark skin women?

      Anywho, the Harris family were all about the good cause this weekend. Love it!

      • Thank you! As a dark skinned girl I’m soooooooooo tired of hearing people complaining about rappers not dating dark skinned women or having them in their videos. Everybody has a preference. I had this guy tell me I was wrong b/c i said i only like dark skinned men LOL. I was like oh well, I love me some chocolate, but if a light skinned man comes along who’s cute & treats me right, I’ll take him lmao. There is no law that says dark skinned women should be the 1st choice for every men.

        • I’m light-skinned but I only LOVE and date dark-skinned men (sexy)…that has my preference since I was a kid in kindergarten. I had a guy tell me I was too skinny (he liked thick chicks), oh well..we all have our preferences. It dosent mean anyone is less attractive, just not that person’s cup a tea.

        • I disagree Celeste. In my experience, dark complex humans tend to migrate towards light complex humans & vice versa. I think people are quicker to point out a dark skin/light skin couple, that they bypass the 5 dark skin/dark skin couples to do so.

          I’m very light skin & my mother beat it into my head that I should avoid dark skin men. I have dated dark, brown & light & let me tell you, all men are dogs regardless of their complexion.

          • @Seriously and Sherley I would have never guess either of u too be light skinned! My mother and brother r light skin I use to be jealous but I learned to love me my beautiful self :)

      • Well idk if he dates them but he certainly doesnt over look them, Im dark and I met him while interning for a TV station and he didnt hesitate to say how beautiful I was lol

    • just because his kids are all light doesn’t necessarily mean he doesn’t date dark women…..because for one t.i. is light so the kids may have taken there dads complexion..and also my mom is dark skin and my dad is light skin and im light. I know many dark skinned women who perfer light skin men.

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