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American Horror Story actress Connie Britton took a stroll in Beverly Hills on Saturday, November 26, 2011. Britton was accompanied by her nine-month-old son Yoby, whom she recently adopted from Ethiopia after a three-year process.

In addition to her role on American Horror Story, Britton also stars on the television series, Friday Night Lights on NBC. Connie recently revealed to media that the show will head to the big screen for a second movie production.


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  1. Isn´t it racism from your side? People adopt children from all over the world. But when it comes to african children, they shouldn´t? Must I understand that? Only because you wouldn´t adopt, doesnt mean that other people shouldnt do that.

  2. I do wonder what the real reason is behind these stars going to Africa to adopt. They honestly dont even want to deal with us African Americans daily. There is a reason for everything. Believe it or not!

  3. I give her props opening your home to any child of any race is not a decision to be made lightly. I remember when there were large numbers of people adopting from Eastern Europe countries, but with the prevalence of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome being so high I believe that number has decreased over the past few years. The reason many people chose to adopt internationally is that most countries will take single mothers, gay couples, and their isn’t the fear of the biological family trying to reclaim the child. My family was built through domestic adoption, but these were real fears that my family faced often times adoptions weren’t finalized until we were three or four. Can you imagine living with the notion that the child you had for three or four years might not be yours forever if their biological parent comes back?

    This was my situation and after being with my parents for four years who happened to be white CPS wanted to turn me over to my biological father who had just gotten released from jail, but who I had never met or spent time with. Thankfully my parents and biological father were able to work it out for my sake so I could be adopted. If they want more adoptions in the US they need to have more clear cut policies regarding how long biological family members have to claim their child.

  4. Another reason for adopting internationally instead of here is the amount of problems you encounter with babies and kids in “the system”. Unfortunately, mamny or most of the kids here have been subjected to abuse or drugs and have a myriad of problems. Even the very young. You just never really know what you are getting into. The babies and kids from Africa in particular, are usually malnutrishioned but not abused and neglected, so lower risk factors. My good friend did foster care for 15 years and It got to be too much-the stories the kids told and the pain they went through. It takes a special person to deal with those issues. I think this is a big reason why people adopt internationally.

  5. That word “trend” is tripping me up!

    How can it be a trend when you are committing yourself to 18 years of taking care of this child.

    Aren’t trends a “short” term thing!

    African babies are probably the easiest to adopt.

  6. Look unless one of u are willing to go the extra mile and go thru a 3 year process to adopt shut it up and keep it moving. Kids need stability, support and love and anyone of any color willing to give it to any child of any color I say MORE POWER TO YOU!

    P.S. Loved her in Friday Night Lights!

    • Best comment I’ve seen so far, the rest whatever.
      He is gorgeous! His skin is just beautiful, smooth, idk.
      I would adopt from anywhere. One less kid out of the system is wonderful.

  7. What is it with Caucasians going after African/Haitian babies? I am extremely CURIOUS!? I mean why not Ireland, Germany, Japan, Australia, Spain, Russia, China or any other country?? There is a “TREND” going on. I’m not blind nor am I oblivious to it. You all can have those shades if you want to. Mines are OFF! Very questionable and I want to know WHY they choose AFRICA? Yes, there is one less child in the system. GREAT! I’m all for that, but WHY AFRICA?? You all can attack me if you want to. I am ENTITLED TO MY OPINION and this is how I feel about this “TREND” that’s going on.

      • Probably because Africa is by far the poorest continent in the world & easily has the most orphans. All of those other countries you named are either very wealthy or developing very quickly at this point in time. Russia & China have been very popular places to adopt from in the last two decades, the former because of the poverty in Russia after the fall of the Soviet Union & the latter because of the high rates of female infanticide/abandonment in China. The others though (Ireland, Germany, Spain, etc) are all very wealthy & actually have a trend of depopulation going on, so foreign adoption is going to be extremely restricted since they want to keep what children they have to combat depopulation.

        International adoption generally involves adopting from the poorest countries with the most orphans, and most of those countries just so happen to be located in Africa, Southeast Asia, and Central America. So, aside from adopting domestically, those places are going to be the countries potential adoptees will look to since they have the most orphans.

        • There are still children within the US that need homes and no one can change what I am saying. There are other kids outside of AFRICA that need homes! LOOK AT THE US ADOPTION KIDS WEBSITE! #THATISALL

          • I wasn’t talking about domestic adoption, just international adoption since that’s the topic you addressed. Yes, I know that there are a lot of children here in the U.S. that need to be adopted, but many of those children are not technically orphans. Many, many children in the foster care system have biological parents who still have many or most of their parental rights. This often makes them difficult to adopt or makes prospective adoptive parents wary because they fear that the biological parent could come back & take the child. One of my professors experienced that very problem with his adoptive daughter when her biological father got out of prison. He & his wife were still able to keep their daughter, but they ended up going to court for a long while.

            The majority of U.S. adoptions are still domestic, but some couples have their reasons for going international, often because they’ve been trying to adopt domestically for years with no results or have had one too many domestic adoptions fall through. I’m planning to adopt, but I’m still not positive which route I’ll go, it’ll all depend on what works out for my husband & I along with the child.

  8. Okay, I wasn’t going to comment, but what the hell.. Bless her heart for wanting to adopt, but there are SOOOOOOOOOOO many children within this country that need homes of all races. Caucasian, Asian, African American, Hispanic, Etc… What’s wrong with adopting a child within the United States? Take a look at the adoption websites. All those faces that need homes. There are kids that have been in the system for most of if not all of there adolescent years. 17yr olds waiting for a forever families. It’s sad. That’s what’s wrong with this country. GET IT TOGETHER! START AT HOME!

  9. Yeah leave all the African kids in African orphanages.BTW Zahara Jolie Pitt was suffering from malnutrition and dehydration when she came home. Brad just said in Parade magazine in all likelihood she would not be alive if she hadn’t being adopted. Several babies at her orphanage died within weeks of her being adopted according to People magazine.Less than 10 celebrities have adopted African babies that I’m aware of in the last 6 years.How is that a trend?

  10. So many African-American entertainers are creating mixed babies. Both black men and black women. It seems like young, beautiful and talented black people don’t want anything to do with each other. It is sad because the only way a race can become strong and stay that way is when its most talented, educated and progressive mate with EACH OTHER. It seems that we are the only race that considers this fact controversial or racist.

  11. I know adopting children is always a good thing. But I’m honestly starting to think these white actors/ actresses are doing it as a trend. Just like they went threw the doggy trend etc. Lol

  12. I don’t get what’s wrong with people adopting African babies. It said that she waited three years to get a child, so I’m pretty sure she didn’t wait three years to be apart of some “trend.” Many celebrities adopt African babies because in certain countries the waiting period is a lot shorter than it would be in other countries or even domestically. Plus they’re giving kids who may have had to grow up malnourished in their homeland a chance at a good life here in the US.

  13. Instead of calling it a trend or worrying about black American or African babies being adopted do one of two things. One: Stop criticizing and adopt a child yourself, maybe even an African American child here from the states. Two: Learn to speak positive of people who have done what many won’t do and that is give their life to a child.

  14. for some reason I feel that it’s becoming a trend to adopt black babies. don’t get me wrong all children need homes I’m just trying to understand what it’s all about. really life “websters” and “arnolds”

    • Agree! I’m all for kids being adopted and having great homes but it really has become a trend! No offense to anyone that will get offended!

  15. Cute little doll is adorable now he will have nutritious food and a good education I am happy for both of them.

  16. Are folks really serious when they question these babies being adopted by someone that can love, nourish and give them a stable home? Where have we went wrong?? Congrats to Connie and her beautiful addition. And check out little man’s hair and eyes… Heis definitely going to be handsome one!!

  17. I totally agree with Meela. Most successful black are making mix kids so African kids don’t have a chance. African orphan should be adopted by anyone who will love, nurture,and raise them.

  18. I tried to resist making a comment but as you can see I’m failing.

    Look at his “FACE”, he deserves a chance at a good life if not good at least a “decent” life. One that provides simple things like FOOD and CLOTHING!!!

    Would he be better off in the baby factory? Infants piled on top of each other?

    I say WHOEVER is willing to LOVE,feed,cloth and nurture him should!!

    Not trying to start a fight but I am curious why you think they should not adopt these homeless children?

    • I think you are living in your own world. Maybe you are sitting home all day n nite long imagine your own dreamworld together in your brain. But GO OUT, see life and if you would see a family with mixed colours and feel the real love, you would not think like this. This is the worst racism.

  19. OMG!

    He is stunningly beautiful, look at those eyes!

    My daughter wants me to adopt so badly but the thought of starting over, no thank you!

  20. He is tiny for his age because he is most likely under nourished, in a year’s time he will be a plump healthy butterball. Congratulations to the new mother and baby.

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