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Are the Raymonds having difficulty? Apparently so. TMZ reports that Tameka Raymond recently filed a motion to have Usher’s parental rights removed. According to the singer’s ex-wife, Usher has repeatedly failed to fulfill his legal obligations as a father by neglecting to give her the opportunity to spend time with the kids when he is away. The singer also refused to give his ex-wife custody of the children during summer and winter breaks.

PHOTOS: See more pictures of Usher spending time with the boys

In addition to ostracizing her as a parent during school vacations, Tameka claims that Usher has failed to obtain her approval before taking the kids outside of the state. Usher has closed Tameka’s Saks Fifth Avenue charge account, and does not pay her $5,000 per month to hire a nanny as promised. Although he faithfully pays child support, Tameka feels that Usher should give her more money for the kids because his income has substantially increased since the divorce and initial court order.

Tameka and Usher will battle out their differences in court next month. The divorcees have two children, Usher V and Naviyd, together.

Read the full story here.

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  1. Why is he paying this woman child support when the children are with him most of the time? Usher has custody of his children. She is just being plain greedy. Get a life Tamieka

  2. She just better watch what she does and says b4 she ends up like Dwyane wades ex wife.And Omg she has 5 kids now! Where are all the other fathers of these kids and how is she going 2 take care of 5 by herself.

  3. What people forget is that he agreed to pay her $5000 for the nanny and to pay the credit card bill when he divorced her a part of the divorce agreement. That’s not mentioned, but other places where I have read about this story mentions that. If he didn’t want to pay that $5000 for the nanny or handle the credit card bill, he should have never agreed upon it when he divorced her.

    I don’t blame her for saying no to him taking them on tour…there’s no place for a 2 yr old and 4 yr old overseas on tour period.

    As for her asking for more money…I mean he should have seen this coming…SMH

  4. Petty. Girl(Tameka), this man pays child support and on top of that enjoys being with his kids. Just come out and be a woman and say you were in it for the money “obviously” and hurried up and popped two kids out so you could have a steady spending habit. That extra child support is not for the kids, its for you. Get a grip and get a life, ugh.

  5. $5,000 per month, Usher needs to lend his lawyer to Terrell Owens who is reportedly paying a whopping $20,000 per month, per child..SMH in disgust.

    • You read it wrong. The $5,000 is for a Nanny, thats not child support. The amount he pays in child support was not reported

  6. Good for him closing the Sak’s account. He should’ve never been paying for it since they weren’t together anymore. And if she wants to have a nanny to take of the kids while they are in her custody she needs to pay for it herself.

  7. I bet you Usher’s mother is sitting back shaking her head giving him the side eye like “I told you so”! Either way I hope it all works out and a judge realize that the boys need both parents.


  9. Wow!! It sounds sounds like Tameka is bitter and wants more money. Why should he pay for GD charge card??? She needs to stop her mess and worry about the kids!!

  10. This is why Usher should have listened to his mother in the first place and not married this woman. Mama always knows best!

    • ITA doubt means don’t. You remember he cancelled that first wedding because he knew it was a mistake.Don’t she have custody of her other boys.

  11. Wait…does Usher have custody of the kids? Or is it joint custody? B/c she’s asking for time to see the kids which means the kids are w/ him the majority of the time. So maybe there’s a reason why she don’t have the kids as much (in place by a judge maybe?) Idk. The things money would do to people

  12. Money… So sad.

    Anyway, I wonder… I have a relative, who after a messy break up, popped off at the mouth and said something along the lines of “taking the kids” as a means to make the other one upset. Petty, and though he really didn’t mean it, it took a while before she trusted him with the kids. Maybe something similar happened. Who knows?

    I just pray the kids don’t get hurt in all of this “custody” stuff.

  13. i dont have anything to say. SHERLEY took the words right out of my mouth. i agree with her 100%. the only party i feel sorry for are those kids. adults dont see how much they’re hurting when they do things like that… shame!!!!!

  14. I’d cut her off too if she doesn’t have them, why would he support the kids that aren’t his. Call him selfish but at the same time they’re are not his responsibility, he’s looking out for his kids first and foremost. At least he’s smart, who needs a 5 grand nanny??

    She got 5 in total, he is taking some serious weight off, so she needs to care about the other 3.

  15. I knew Usher had custody of his children. You rarely see Tameka with them. But she wants $5k for a nanny for the little time she does have them? SMH.

    Ok maybe he should allow them to spend time with her on summer vacations & while he’s on tour. He should notify her he’s taking them out of the country but he owes her ntohing else.

    I never liked Tameka, I always said she hooked Usher & popped out those babies to get his money.

    For Tameka, it’s not about the children, it’s about the amount of money she can get to live & run her business out of Usher. But Usher isn’t innocent, he should have listened to his mother instead of his small head.

  16. Ok… speaking as a mother going through a custody issue and child support woes –

    Child Support is determined by the court and is usually 20% of the non-custodial parent’s income. If the non-custodial parent makes 1 million dollars a year or more, why shouldn’t the non-custodial parent pay the custodial parent the 20%, no matter the amount?

    What one needs to realize is that as a parent who makes more than your average Joe, children and other parents alike become accustomed to a certain lifestyle. As Usher’s children, I am certain that Tameka can not take her children to just any daycare and not have papparazzi interfere in their education and their safety: SO in this case, I would say that a nanny is necessary. For those of you who do not know, nannies do not come cheap. Being a nanny is just like a regular job. It is salaried position and those making at least 30,000 per year are making at least 2,500 per month. And most who make this amount only work 8 hours a day and not 24 hours a day. Most nannies are live in and do not leave the residence. Come on now people. THINK ABOUT IT!

    Now that Usher is not married to Tameka does not mean that his children’s lifestyles should change.

    • You make a lot of sense BUT if the kids are spending most of their time w/ Usher, the parent w/ the money, why should he have to pay her more child support? She wants Usher to give her the kids when he’s working (understandable, they should be w/ mom instead of a friend or in the background playing) but why does she need a nanny? Those few hours she has the kids, why can’t she take care of them on her own? You want your kids w/ you just to get help from someone else? It doesn’t make sense

    • I’ve been through the child support issues as well. They have SHARED custody & Usher has residential custody. Therefore the children are with Usher the majority of the time hence why she’s complaining she doesn’t get enough parenting time.

      Now her child support amount has already been settled. Asking for an increase in child support because his income went up is not reason enough to get a modification for an increase.

      Tameka is being the greedy gold digger I thought she was. She couldn’t care less about those boys. If she did, she wouldn’t have went to Brazil to get plastic surgery immediately after the last baby was born. She needs to use her ‘stylist’ career & hook another sucker.

      • Sherley,

        I am not sure what you mean about it not being fair for Tameka to ask for more money if the father of her children is making more money?

        It is her right as a parent and guardian.

        In my state you are allowed to seek an increase every 3 years or before, should the non-custodial parent have some significant change to his/her income before.

        Believe you me, I am not a gold-digger and make pretty good money on my own. (more than my child’s non-custodial parent, infact!) But, it is my child’s non-custodial parent’s responsibility to ensure that their child is cared for properly.

        If you have not checked into daycares recently ( reputable ones ) the cost is extremely high. ( most in the amount upwards of 600 bucks ) Now, I do not know about you, but incorporting that solely into your bring home pay can certainly put a hurting on one who is already paying a mortgage, car note, bills for a residence and supplying costly formula and diapers to both the households of the sitter and the custodial parent.

        My child was on special formula because of her prematurity that cost 7.50 a bottle and this bottle didn’t even supply enough milk for all day. Milk was running me 100$ per month x 2. And this did not even include sending milk with the non-custodial parent when they had her.

        IJS. Everyone’s situation is different.

        I was not aware that Tameka did not have custody of her children, but should she get custody, she is entitled to all that she asks and then some.

        Like I tell my child’s non-custodial parent. You live a “A life of Leisure.” You can come and go when you want, you can watch a 30 minute show uninterrupted, you can go to the bathroom alone, you can eat a piece of food w/o someone asking for some and you can hold a 30 min. converstation on the phone w/o being interrupted. As the custodial parent — you have none these leisures!

        • I hear you clearly. My son was a premiee & on special formula & breast milk for 6mnths. The price of day care is less than the price of special needs private schools which I am currently paying. My son is 15 now. I do get an increase in child support every 2yrs, but it’s done automatically by the courts.

          Now if my income changes negatively, (I also make more money than my son’s father), I will ask for an increase for him to supplement the difference. Other than that, I do not see a reason to waste my time in court demanding more money.

          Tameka does not deserve anything more than she’s already receiving. She willingly signed to give Usher residential custody & shared custody. She also doesn’t have custody of her older two boys. I’ve worked 2 jobs to make sure my son gets the best. She needs to get another job to provide for HER business expenses. They are not Usher’s responsibility. Since Usher has the children most of the time, Usher has more of the expenses of child rearing than she does. She’s an unattractive, greedy, superficial, gold digger who already gets what she deserves.

          Now, I do understand about raising children, I have been a single mother for 13yrs. The things you described comes from making the choice to have children. Even if your child’s father was in the home, mothers are the main ones children run to first, so you’ll still have those issues. I chose to have one child because it was hard enough on my own. My son did not ask to be here. Now if his father doesn’t see the glory of being in my son’s life..doesn’t see the joy of sharing food..don’t know the rush of having 3 minute showers..or the frustations of having to schedule my fun days around my son..that’s ok..I’ll gladly take all the blessings my son is bringing just by being alive.

          • I think you misunderstand – I am not saying that I do not enjoy being a mother, because I do. I am surprised daily by my child and all the comedy she brings, however, explaining that to her father in terms he could understand was a little more difficult.

            I do not know anything but what I read here and in magazines about who has custody, who spends more time…etc. But, did you just once stop and consider if Usher has custody of the children, WHY is he paying her any money at all? I know that if my child’s father had custody of her, I would be paying him child support and as the custodial parent, I am not paying him a dime.

            Did you ever stop and think that we see all of these pictures of Usher with his kids because he wants us to? Possibly a publicity stunt? IJS. It would not be the first time the media has been used to distort the public’s view of something or someone.

            Now, as far as her beauty is concerned, all I can say about that is that USHER surely liked it. IJS.

          • I understand you clearly. I believe you are misunderstanding me. Shared custody does not mean Full custody, it is still based on income for child support & divided equally. Since Usher makes more, he pays more. However, the children are with Usher & his mother the majority of the time. Both Tameka & Usher have stated that. Therefore Tameka going back for more money is being plain greedy.

            I didn’t insinuate you didn’t enjoy being a mother, I do not know you to make that statement. I stated if my son’s father (nor your daughter’s father) does not see the joy of being a parent, then I will glad take it all for him.

            As for Tameka’s looks, I truly doubt that was what Usher liked about her. He was thinking with his small head instead of the one on his shoulders. Usher isn’t the most attractive (nor intelligent) man either. But Tameka is just uggghhhh. 5 kids, 3 different men & you only have permanent custody of 1 child? Shoot her looks are the best part of her right now & you already know what I think about that.

  17. All this chick does is has babies and collect child support. Secure her meal ticket. But you know I can’t say that because I’m hating on her. Whatever…

    • Actually, she worked and does work a full time job.

      She is a stylist. Remember, that is how she and Usher met.

      And also, her meal ticket is not necessarily secured as we see here. The father can always refuse to pay or sue for sole custody as Steve Harvey did and never pay a dime.

      • Why did Steve get full custody and not the mom?I hope it wasn’t just bcuz he is rich because in that case I’m glad my baby’s father is not rich.lol!

  18. Its sad when kids go through their parents messiness behavior…but if your dad had that kind of money, your mother would be eligible for the same as tameka…its the law

  19. Why is it that 5,000 he pays her in child support not enough.. My mother raised my brother and I barely getting 500 for the both of us a month and that got us by.. Women these days need to get there priorities in order.. All that money isn’t necessary..

    • I would love to get 5k a month!!! She just wants more money and it is sad. Women like her make it bad for other women.

    • I would take 5k and would be able to survive off of it just fine. She is so full of you know what! My mom was a single parent and raised all five of her kids off of next to nothing and these women cant seem to do the same..she just want the money for selfish self. UGH! Usher, pls dont have anymore kids w/crazy women.

  20. “Usher has closed Tameka‚Äôs Saks Fifth Avenue charge account…” ARE YOU SERIOUS??! Why should usher have to pay for her shopping habits?

    “and does not pay her $5,000 per month to hire a nanny as promised.” Why does she need a Nanny? Especially one that cost $5,000? Usher is always seen w/ those kids by himself & maybe a body guard. (unless he has one that walks behind him.

    It sounds like its just about money. She wants more child support money. Probably to support herself & her other kids rather than it be about the kids they share together smh

    But if Usher is not allowing to get the kids while he’s on tour, its wrong & he should let her know when he’s taking them out of state

    • LOL, I agree. I always said that I wish he never married her and woul d have stuck with Chilli. Oh well, the drama continues…

    • @Trisha and Seriously I agree she seems like a gold digger! Who has custody of the boys cause I always see him with them!

  21. This is extremely petty and a true sign of adults only thinking of themselves. The sole custody is extreme and so is her complaint about a SAKs card lieu of child support.

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