Justin Combs,17, the son of music mogul Sean “Diddy” Combs, will be attending UCLA in the fall, according to a statement released by his family.

Justin, who is a defensive back at New Rochelle Iona Prep, was awarded full scholarship to attend the university. He says: “Today I am truly blessed and thankful to accept my scholarship and give my full commitment to UCLA. Playing division I football was a life long dream of mine, and through hard work I was able to achieve it. I am a living testament that with a strong relationship with God, family, and hard work dreams do come true.”

He was also offered scholarships by Illinois, Virginia and Wyoming.

“As a parent, this is one of the proudest moments of my life,” proud papa Sean Combs adds in the statement. “This is everything a father could want in his son, for him to excel at what he loves to do.”

Combs, who carries a 3.75 GPA at his high school, will major in Business Finance.

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  1. Justin is going to go far in life with all his dedication and hard-work… him dating Evelyn’s (Basketball Wives) daughter Shaniece who lives in LA also influenced his decision to attend UCLA.

  2. Congratulations on the hard work Justin. Hard work and use of your Brain will get you far.

    Do something positive with the scholarship. Donate it back to the school Your dad can afford to pay, after all he has paid all the prep schooling so far. There are other kids who can’t pay for school who could use that money.

  3. Ok I had strong feeling about the whole SCHOLARSHIP thing..But then I thought about it ..Maybe Justin wants to make a name for him-self without his Dad’s Fame & Fortune..I can fully understand that..And then also to get a scholarship ..You have to be a person with talent..Which he is,So I say ..he really didnt take it away from the next person..Because if they had talent they would be standing beside him….To sum it up…Justin does not want to be a Trust Fund Baby…Go Head Justin Do Your Thing….Gratz

  4. Can we give this young man some credit? It takes good academic grades & skills on the field to be awarded the scholarship. It’s not just based on financial need. Yes Diddy should pay for his son’s college but even if he doesn’t Justin DID work for it. Please do not take that from him.

    • First…Congratulations Justin :) :) !
      He truly deserves this you can totally tell that he has a strong work ethic and is 110% committed. I hope he enjoys every moment of his time there at UCLA.

      Secondly….for those saying he shouldn’t have been awarded a full scholarship, he should donate it etc. Like people have previously mentioned not all scholarships are financially based so obviously it was because of his talent.

      Lastly….Justin nor his parents are obligated to do ANYTHING. UCLA offered him the scholarship so he accepted it Point. Blank. Period.

    • Who is NOT giving him credit?

      EVERY Post on here is commending him on his achievement.

      What’s the problem with people having an O-P-I-N-I-O-N?

      He has his whole life to step out of his father’s shadow and make a name for himself.

      I’m sure people are simply saying that his family has the means to pay for his education.

      There’s some amazing children out there like Justin who will not have the opportunity to attend because they cannot afford it.

      I realize that’s not Justin’s or Piddy problem but it’s just nice to give back whenever the opportunity presents itself.

  5. Kudos to Justin on his exceptional achievement!

    However shame on esepecially his father who loves to flaunt his wealth if he accepts this “free ride”.

    Scholarships are intended for those who cannot afford to attend school besides at the most UCLA is about $30,00 per year so for Piddy $120,000 is a drop in the bucket. A man listed on Forbes list of top 5 wealthiest rappers!

  6. I love this kid and regardless to what his dad makes his earned that (I guess work ethic runs in the family). He received this based on his ability plus he has great grades. I have no problem with him accepting the scholarship, because my son will be accepting one based on academics we can afford to pay, but he worked hard for that.

    • Congrats to you and your son :)

      It is commendable that Justin was awarded the scholarhship however I still think Diddy should foot the bill. After all Diddy paying for his sons education would not negate the fact that Justin worked hard. If you are anywhere on the Forbes list (which I am almost certain Diddy is) then you should readily pay for your kids education.

  7. Congreats Justin and I’m proud to see a young man doing what he loves with so much passion. I do believe the money should be donated to someone less forunate, Diddy should pay to put someone else through school that is less fortunate.

  8. First & foremost.. Justin, congrats on your accomplishments!! I love to see our young men doing great things instead of hanging on the streets getting into nonsense. :)

    Second, how are the children of these big colleges being awarded full scholarships when their parents are perfectly capable of paying college tuition? Seems like it would be better if that money were going to someone who actually cannot afford to go to college.. just a thought.

    But again, congrats and we all wish you much success!

  9. Let me tell it like it is……this kid is the son of a multi-millionaire, the last I heard Diddy was worth about 500 mil. Diddy should pay for his kid’s education, this is just sad.

    • Yeah he worked hard so I congratulate him, the word “Full Scholarship” looks great it means that they really wanted you, but when the season starts I think he shouldn’t accept the money. Denzel’s son was offered a free ride but he didn’t want his son to take it b/c he can afford school he wanted it to be given to kids that cant, he still plays for the school but Denzel is just paying. I think Diddy should do the same or even Justin should say something he seems a little bit more sensible the Diggy. (Just sayin)

    • You said what i wanted to say..

      I knew it was going to happen. He’s lucky to have successful parents, lucky to be awarded a full scholarship, but at the same time he is truly blessed. Its awesome he did it on his own, but Diddy should feel privileged to pay because his son did accomplish it on his own. It should be a gift, more useful than that royce with a driver he gave him.

  10. really,good 4 him. another rapper son got a scholarship from these college 4 basketball must be a great school.great to see a young black man who believes in higher education instead of wanting to be a rapper, go justin

  11. Congrats on going to college!!! Always good to see a child seeking higher education.

    NOT SO GOOD ON ACCEPTING A SCHOLARSHIP!…. This child’s parents can afford to pay for college. This child is taking away an opportunity for a less fortunate child with the same credentials as him ( w/o his father being P.Diddy and less cash ) from receiving the same opportunity!

    • His scholarship was based on his performance on the field, not about his financial need. So if there was a less fortunate child that needed a scholarship, he better had put in as much or more work on the field than Justin & his GPA should be as good or better than Justin. Yes Diddy can afford school, But justin worked just as hard as any other kid. He should not have to turn down this scholarship. Maybe Diddy would donate to the school. But i think its selfish to say he can’t accept the scholarship. Maybe accepting the scholarship is a way of saying I don’t need to depend on my dad for everything. But he worked hard & deserves every penny of that scholarship money. What you said was discrimination.
      Congrats Justin!

  12. Well go head on..Justin! Higher education has opened so many doors for me, not just financially but also socially and allowed me to meet people from all walks of life. College will be such a great experience for him and I love that he has a good major as well. I wish Justin the best with his football and college career.

  13. CONGRATULATIONS TO JUSTIN! HardWord, Determination and the love of what you do PAYS OFF!
    Happy that he was able to get in where he wanted to go.

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