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Kimora Lee-Simmons and husband Dijimon Housnou hosted a blended Thanksgiving this past Thursday. Kimora’s ex-husband, Russell Simmons, traveled to Los Angeles to be with his daughters Ming and Aoki Simmons. The girls were also joined by their grandmother, their brother Kenzo, and their cousin Angela Simmons.

PHOTOS:Check out lots more pictures of the Simmons-Hounsou family on Thanksgiving day

Although both Angela and Russell enjoy the vegetarian life, chef Kimora made provision for them and other guests attending the reunion. As Kimora comments, “I hope your Thanksgiving was enjoyable and delicious. Our house was filled with family, food and lots of love. @UncleRush joined us this year and we were also joined by @AngelaSimmons. Both Ming and Aoki love spending time with their cousins so this was a special treat. I made sure we had something to meet everyone’s dietary requirements including one of the most delicious tofurkeys I have EVER had! By the end of the day I was ready for a little beauty pampering and r&r.”

Kimora manages to maintain a harmonious balance despite her unique family tree.

More candids of the family are below!

Photo above(courtesy of @AngelaSimmons) features her and young Kenzo Hounsou.

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  1. I have a coworker who’s ex husband is close to her and her husband like this, they have dinner together, travel, go on trips together, etc…I find it weird because I feel the ex can spend his own time with the child/children but hey……whatever floats ya boat *shrugs* :)

    • Now that’s weird, just a little bit. It’s their choice of course. Ming and Aoki spend time with Russell just them, because Russell’s tweets pics of them hanging together. If the ex spends no time with their kids alone… I just find that eyebrow raising, lol.

  2. My bad @ and her name…lol its not that deep, we all make lil or shall o say little mistakes…thanx for pointing that out

    • Girl please stop apoligizing or making corrections. It really wasn’t that deep as you said. It was a mistake. They’ll get over it.

  3. This a perfect example on how adults are supposed to act. They all came togather as a family. And I know the kids were so happy that they could enjoy the holiday with all parents. The kids are so beautiful, and Ming, is soooo age appropriate. Cuz nowadays, kids her age don’t dress like her…keep up the good guys ;)

    • TOGETHER not TOGATHER!! T O G E T H E R!! PEOPLE PLEASE!! I know you see the red line when spelling words incorrectly!

      • Just saying. There are no red lines on the nook color neither is there spell check so you really don’t noticed until you go back and read it cause thats what I have and you dont know whos using one.

      • Actually And Her Name Is, if you read what Angel Eyes wrote again you will see that her spelling is correct. The only problem is a missing space. I read it to mean “to gather” and not “together”.

  4. How wonderful that Kenzo is involved with the Simmons family. Kimora and Dijmon are amazing people…it takes a big man and a big woman to do this. Russell is a big man, too. Bless this fabulous blended family.

    • So true. Everyone looks like they’re having a great time, I can’t believe people were criticizing her over this.

  5. Beautiful blended family! I love the photo of Russell feeding Kenzo To-Furkey on Thanksgiving! I also love the photo of Angela and Kenzo! He seems like such a loving little boy!

    • The photo of Russell feeding Kenzo isn’t posted here, of course. LOL! Ming’s hair is so doggone long! My goodness! Aoki looks like Russell, but she also looks like Kimora in her teenage years. Both girls are gorgeous and Kenzo is too handsome for words! I love his hair also!

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