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Cassie Jackson is following in her mother’s footsteps in becoming an actress. Luckily for her, Shar Jackson is available for guidance.

When asked what it’s like having her mom as an acting coach, Cassie says, “It’s actually not fair to anyone else I audition against because I get to read with her every night. I get corrected by a professional. I feel bad for everyone else.” Shar comments, “It’s definitely the best way to break the ice and get used to the industry, having someone who’s so experienced.”

The pair are actually working on a show together in which Cassie can implement¬† lessons that a seasoned Shar has taught her. When asked about collaborating with her daughter Shar states, “Working together is crazy. Living with this kid is one thing and working with her is a whole another thing.”

In addition to acting, Cassie is building a music career with teen pop group MP2. Shar is manager of the group. Cassie may be the next greatest thing to hit Hollywood.

Below are more pictures of Cassie at Summit Entertainment’s “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1″ premiere on November 14, 2011 in Los Angeles, California.

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  1. ok shar does not wear contact lenses look her up she is mixed ….let me get something straight just because someone is black donot i repeat donot mean they cant have different color eyes

  2. She’s gonna be famous just like her mommie.
    And then there are three more children in the Jackson-Federline household. Doesn’t she have an adult brother too, whatever became of him?

      • it doesn’t necessarily have to be contacts. there is such a thing as eye’s changing color. my little brother normally has hazel eye’s but sometimes they change color, i’ve seen them turn green, grey, blue, purple and dark brown its really weird. especially when they turn grey he just looks plain creepy. he has this theory that they change because of his emotions but its weird because he’s like a chameleon, to me they change to match whatever he’s wearing at the time. but i doubt thats possible. idk its a mystery but his eye’s do change color. when my daughter was born she had deep blue eye’s, they’ve recently changed to a light hazel with flecks of green.

  3. More kids trying to entertain. I swear our future will have millions of singers and actors but no lawyers to represent them, no docs to nurse them to health, and no teachers to teach. I’m sorry but I’m tired of these kids not actually wanting to learn anything just be seen and praised on tv…

    • Ditto on everything you said!

      Now that’s a trend, why go to college when you skip all that and make millions. That’s the thinking!

      They should look at Terrell Owens as an example, an education would help him out right about NOW.

      They only live for today and don’t plan for tomorrow!!!

      An education gives you “options”!

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