Singer Monica Brown stopped by the Wendy Williams show today to dish on her family life, those pesky pregnancy rumors and more!

On meeting her husband Shannon
For me, I’m very spiritual and I believe we have our own plans and God has another. So I decided it would just be me and my kids. But remember me explaining to you “I’ll just be by myself”? Sometime , I think I see a little too much because of what I do. I see what the men do when the wives are at home; the whole nine yards. So I was like “I’ll be alone; works for me! I already have kids.” I go to work one day and we we’re shooting the “Love All Over Me,” which was right after I left here. I was here promoting “Everything To Me” and “Love All Over Me” was the next single. I go into the video shoot and he walks in, of course, he’s so easy on the eye but even after that it was the way he treated other people.

On whether or not she’s pregnant:
No, I’m not. This is the thing though, I don’t even know where that came from and we would love to be and we practice regularly. So it’s not a big deal.

On raising a blended family:
My stepdad is amazing! My spirituality comes from him. He’s a minister and he was there for me when things were really rough, so I knew that a blended family would only be difficult if we made it difficult and so we didn’t. There are all mature adults involved, which is a rare situation.

On her upcoming album “New life”
For me, “New Life” the title basically says that if you allow God to bless you, he will. Sometimes we block out our own blessing holding onto things that are not just for us. I had to learn to embrace my new life and that’s what the album is about. I talk about my past, which by any means I am in no way ashamed of and do not feel convicted about. All the things that happened in my life helped me to get to the point where I’m at.

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  1. New album? ABOUT DAMN TIME! Love her! I hope these songs do justice for that amazing voice–she’s head and shoulders better than the run of the mill-pop stuff she did on her other albums.

  2. she has a lot of wisdom, something about her is very unique, shes different than all the other R&B artists, im happy for her.

  3. I think the media should really stop with the “bump watch” & putting out there that these women are pregnant. I’ve never been pregnant, but i’ve heard of people who have had difficulty getting pregnant saying it hurts when people constantly ask them if their pregnant yet. Just b/c they are celebs, doesn’t mean they are invincible to the difficulties regular women have when trying to get pregnant. & also people gain weight, imagine how embarrassing it must be to gain a little weight & people automatically assume your pregnant. A “bump watch” should not be blasted on blogs/magazine covers until they announce they are pregnant.

  4. I love Monica and husband..they look cute together. And Monica and to any other woman, have a baby when you are ready.

  5. Omg I thought she was still with Rocko.I guess I’m late.ANyway her new husband Shannon is so so fine.She is so lucky she got Shannon Brown.When she does decide to have kids with him they will have some gorgeous babies!

  6. I ABSOLUTELY love to see Monica on anything she is so mature and it show’s in everything she does. She’s not wrapped up in a bunch of controversy she is such a great role model.

  7. Go Monica love her listening to Until it’s gone right at this moment! I wish her and Shannon the absolute best!

    • A family made up of ex-husbands/wives and children from previous marriages/relationships that all get along well or at least act cordial.

  8. Love Monica… she seems to be a great person. Her and Shannon seem like they have a great union, unlike her and Rocco

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