Rapper T.I. and wife Tameka “Tiny” Harris invite viewers to watch their reality television show. T.I. and Tiny: The Family Hustle shows the rapper completely operating in his fatherly role. Audiences will see T.I. disciplining his children and teaching his son how to please a crowd of fans. The rapper also spends intimate moments with his wife on the show.

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Although considered a hardcore rapper, T.I. is a family man. “I got a million and one reasons to be out doing what I do professionally, but the most important thing to me in the world is family. I got six kids and my old lady depending on my hustle. I can’t make one single mistake. Family is priority number one.”

T.I. and Tiny: The Family Hustle premieres December 5, 2011 on VH1.

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  1. any1 who have met ti an tiny know that it is real love nothing but respect they r ride or die 4 1 another.I 4 1 think that it is so sweet how he treats her i know how it feels 2 b treated like a queen get it at home all the time.they are a beautiful couple i love how they are on an off the camera it dont matter they act an talk the same way.They dont put on no front 4 any1 an they are so down 2 earth tiny is a very beautiful women inside an outside shes a great mother the same with tip great father beautiful person.I live in Atlanta an i have seen them out 2gether an as a family i love the way they are with there kids an how respectfull there kids are it good 2 see well behavied kids now of days because u dont see that as much keep doin what u are doin Tiny an Tip love yall

  2. At the end of the day most men want a woman who is loyal and will ride for them whether they are up or down, and that is what he has in Tiny. She is not a bad looking girl and they have been together for a while. TI knows what he has at home and that is why he married her. Some people who only focus on looks are the main ones complaining about how they can’t find a good man or woman!!!! Looks are not everything…

  3. Tiny isn’t the most beautiful or glamorous but it’s what’s on the inside that truly counts. Remember, everything that glitters ain’t gold.

    However, her voice annoys the heck out of me. I’m sorry Tiny. :)

  4. Tiny: “Get naked and GET IN THE BEEEEAD (bed)!” Major: ” Hey, Get NAKED!” T.I: “Hey! Watch yourself.” Major: “Get Naked.” T.I. “That’s what you teaching your kids.” Tiny: “I.. I didn’t know he was listening so hard.”

    LOL!! Major is funny! I will be watching this.

  5. Well I like Tiny & TI …They just doing and saying what most people Do & Say behind closes doors ..But they are in front of the camera’s letting you get a look in to their lives.I love people that keep it real…to many fakers out their …I will catch every episode …

  6. That’s a pretty lil girl. I can’t wait to see her on camera. I know the lil boys and Nique or something) from Tiny & Toya.

  7. Will be setting my DVR for the season.I’ve watched every docmentary he’s brought out.I love them as a family and I hope everything works out for them.Keep it together TIP 😉

  8. Tiny looks a lot like Little Kim in this pic. Little Kim is 1/10th less of a mess then what Tiny normally looks like.

  9. this seems like its gonna b a good reality show, im tired of watching the housewives , teen mom and basketball wives/ wanna b wives

  10. Agreed….I don’t see the problem everyone’s taste is different and they love each other. Nice looking family!!!!

    • TI is a good man for him to be so young because most men these days dont want an honest woman they want looks and looks will fade at any given day he needed Tiny who is a woman who is strong and humble and is gonna be with him no matter what. Heck, Look at all the millionaire men who married pretty women…. whats going on with them…. I know! divorce, a bunch of babies, and child supports…. while theyre asking themselves why did they get themselves in that predicament in the first place…. I will take a decent man with a job, humbleness and smarts before I take any man because of his looks because I am a grown well educated woman so looks to me aint nothing and never is

      • really, i don’t know why people keep talking bad about her. If a celebrity goes out with a ‘good looking’ person u say she only want money and that’s all these men do, go for the overly good looking and it doesn’t end well etc. Now here we see a different case where he is with someone for love and we all still have an issue, there is a problem with everything…this shows u can’t plz everyone and i think it’s just wrong of you all to say ” I don’t know what he see’s in her” obviously love, is it that strange? Leave the people alone…

        • Thank you!! As I said in a post they are probably the main ones screaming about how they can’t find a good man or woman.

    • You are too funny. I too love me some T.I. but I cannot do reality shows. But in Takers, he made me, *fans self*.

    • T.I is a sexy lil man wooooh lawhd! Love me some t.i

      I love his relationship w/ Tiny. Even tho i think he’s a little controlling, they are cute together.
      Major is so cute, i love his lil baby face.

      I think her friend, Shamera, is Lolo & Baja’s mom. Baja, i think her name is Beauty in the OMG girlz, looks just like her

  11. I agree with you!! She’s his wife and apparently he sees something in her. Not everyone is focused on looks all the time.

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