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Ja Rule may be incarcerated but he is certainly thinking of his daughter’s welfare. In a recent letter from prison, the rapper commented on his daughter brittany’s dating activity. Ja Rule writes, “…when Ish[my wife] told me that Britt’s acting partner was 17, I almost had a fit, even tho she’ll be 16 soon. I’m sure he’ll be 18 soon and BAM there it is crossroad LOL.” While the rapper does not object to his daughter dating, he’d prefer someone who is not on the brink of adulthood. As Ja Rule states, “I trust Britt I know me & Ish raised her well, besides she hates Kids LOL. But I also know the intentions of a young man. I got my eyes on you lil homie.”

According to the letter, Ja Rule has more reasons than one to monitor the relationship. Aside from fatherly instinct, the rapper is currently incarcerated with an 18-year-old man who was arrested and convicted of sexual assault. While assault is common, the circumstances surrounding the conviction were abnormal. As Ja Rule states, “…he just turned 18 and got a girlfriend, who is only 16. Her parents pressed charges and now he’s locked up on sex offender charges. He was in school for graphic arts to learn how to make video games. It’s sad cause he’s still a kid himself, a good kid at that and now he’ll be forever labeled rapist or sex offender, when really he’s probably just a kid in love.”

In all, the rapper and his wife Aisha have three kids: Brittany, Jeffrey Junior, and Jordan(pictured above).

Read the letter here.



Soon-to-be-aunt, Solange Knowles is preparing for the arrival of her niece in February. While waiting for the new family addition, Solange decided to capture a few pictures of her son Daniel Julez Smith.


Model Heidi Klum and her two oldest children Leni, 7, and Henry,6, were spotted heading to the Katy Perry “California Dreams” concert in Los Angeles yesterday(November 22nd).  Wearing some colorful, funky glasses, the trio looked like they were ready to have some fun!


Willow Smith took to YouTube this week with a cover of “Thinking Of You,” following in the footsteps of her brother Jaden Smith and their friend Justin Bieber. Originally performed by Frank Ocean, Willow puts an A Capella twist to the selection. Whereas Jaden and Bieber’s version have vocals and instrumentals, Willow’s cover only features her voice. Although not perfected like her brother, Willow’s rendition  is a good freestyle attempt.


Solange Knowles is a singer, mother, and sister of Beyonce Knowles. In a recent interview with Us Weekly, Solange discussed her sister’s pregnancy and personal ambitions of being a great aunt.


DeAngelo Hall is a superb football star who currently plays for the Washington Redskins. Although he has switched teams on several occasions, DeAngelo has managed to build a family with his wife Jada.


Criminal Minds actress Salli Richardson Whitfield and husband Dondre attended the P.S. Arts Amazing “Express Yourself” Event with their kids Parker, 6, and Dre, 2 on Sunday, November 20, 2011. The event was held at Barker Hangar at the Santa Monica Airport  in Santa Monica, California. Other notables such as Wolfgang Puck and Laura Dern joined the Whitfields in charitable efforts.

P.S. Arts has encouraged innovation among youth for twenty years. The foundation hosts its “Express Yourself” benefit annually to raise funds for school supplies that compliment the arts. All proceeds will benefit local public schools in dire need of assistance in the creative arts department.

Photos:Wireimage/Getty Images


Diggy Simmons is gaining immense popularity in the music industry. The rapper was recently hosted by Power 105.1 at the P.C. Richard & Son theater in New York City. Among selections rendered were “Copy, Paste” and “Do it Like You.”

When interviewed by the station, Diggy explained that “Do it Like You” was written to empower girls to be confident in their abilities. As Diggy states, “It’s just a song to make girls feel special; to let them know just to be an individual…It’s about being an individual as a female.”

While not a female, Simmons knows a lot about self-esteem. The son of a famous rap star, Diggy must constantly establish his personality and creativity to bring a new sound to the industry. He certainly brought his originality to the stage this weekend with roses for the ladies and fresh lyrics for the crowd. Simmons’ album is set to debut next year.

Get the details here.


Naijiel Hale is a sophomore and corner-back at Lakewood High School. Hale is also the son of late rapper and singer Nathaniel Hale, a.k.a Nate Dogg.

In a recent interview with Fox Sports, Naijiel told the press of the pain he endured after his father passed away. “When it first happened, I actually wanted to quit and just stop bit I had people talk to me, telling me it makes me stronger. I felt like something was missing.” Since Hale’s father was his biggest supporter during games, not having him present was devastating. Although he initially wanted to quit, Naijiel received a lot of support from his coach who lost his father the previous summer.

Hale now leads his team to victory and is determined to endure life’s struggles. As his coach notes, “He’s [Naijiel] one of those super sophomores that I have and he’s unbelievable outside on the corner. He really is one of the best corners I’ve seen play [and] just naturally be able to do his job.”

Read the full interview here.