Justin Bieber,17, and Jaden Smith,13, gave the world a taste of their swag yesterday at the Festival Bay Mall. The two visited the Vans Skatepark where Jaden reportedly fell several times while skateboarding in his boots. Bieber believes that he and Jaden have a swag that is unmatched with others. As the singer states on Twitter, “Uh oh new @swagboots the world doesn’t know what just hit them haha.”

Justin and Jaden  are long time friends who recently released their version of Frank Ocean’s “Thinking About You.”

What do you think of Justin and Jaden’s Louis Vuitton trucker jackets, trapper hats, and fury boots?

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  1. You have to remember that boys mature slow. He is 17, but his maturity is probably compatible with a 13 year old :-)

  2. Lol, I think they meant this as a joke. Kind of like yeah, my face says swag but my feet say abominable snowman, haha.

    Oh, and I don’t think it’s unusual for a 17 y.o. boy and 13 y.o. boy to hang out. As someone mentioned above guys generally share the same interests well into adulthood. My father is pushing 60 and still plays quite a selection of video games in his spare time. Not to mention how the spotlight gives them something in common.

  3. I think the age difference makes it highly unlikely that these two are genuine friends. I think the pairing is career based for Jaden. When did 7th graders and 12 graders, that weren’t related, ever hang tight?

  4. Some of you are reading too much into their relationship. My best friend is 5 years older than me. We’ve been best friends since I was in high school.

  5. And this is clearly a joke. Lol. And I like the earrings in Jaden’s ears!Cute!! I think it’s just the picture. Because Justin is a little bit taller than Jaden. Although Jaden is getting tall!!! There is nothing wrong with their relationship. These are famous kids. Big difference. The maturity in Jaden is probably there and to me it seems like they just goof off the whole time.

  6. You guys sound so fooolish. For one Jaden is very mature for his age and two this are NOT REGULAR CHILDREN. Jaden and Justin are famous and it is different. In fact I’m glad they are friends, they don’t have to feel like ooh I’m Bieber or Jaden Smith .Just act like kids

  7. just because Justin older doesnt’ mean anything .. i have TONS of pple who’ are olderr then me i hang out w. ? whats your point ? that’s like ; Jaden’s big brother , nothing’s wrong w. it ….. and they jackets are soo SWAGG ! , and them boots ? mhh they are okay !!!

  8. LMAO I enjoy these two. I like their friendship and the matching outfits, too cute and fun! Justin and Jaden are basically the same size. I love the Louis Vuitton jacket and belt, stylish young men. 😀

    • LOL. You seem to be the only one. Their friendship does not bother me. I don’t think Justin is a bad influence. I like the outfits on them seperately but I can’t with the matchy matchy. Those boots..I don’t know where to start. Maybe they borrowed them from Willow & then decided to have fun.

      • Evelina Rae and Sherley I cosign!
        See my comment above – it’s not like they are together 24/7 , why can’t a 17yo hang out with his little buddy? Would you not let your 13 year old son hang out with his 17 year old brother? of course!

        And the boots are fun..silly yes but they’re adorable boys and seem like great kids who are having fun with their “swag” style lol

  9. Itutu, which means “cool” in Yoruba, includes the appearance of a calm, collected face that is found in much Yoruba sculpture. It has been suggested by Robert Farris Thompson of Yale University that Itutu is the origin of the American idea of the “cool”. Whenever I see Jaden Smith the word “itutu” comes to mind, not arrogance or being “high”. I see this same look on many young African American boys’ faces… and even on faces in places like Frankfurt, Germany.

  10. Who cares in Justin wants to hang out with a 13 year old???

    Most of us on this site are women and what you have to realize is…when BOYS hang out, they play video games, skate board, chill out and eat like pigs…so a 13 and 17 year old aren’t THAT different in that aspect…it’s not like they’re together 24/7!

    Girls on the other hand a 17 and 13 yo wouldn’t have as much common ground…

    My 18yo nephew will play xbox with his 9yo neighbor from time to time.

    And the boots…only they could pull those off hahaha gonna wait and see if it becomes a trend! Gotta love em…

  11. Now a days, these kids want to grow up so fast. Just like Bow Wow said, he saw too much at a young age so when he became an adult he already knew what to expect. And another thing, I’m starting to see the celebs kids more than their parents!

  12. We aren’t suppose to talk about a child. So all I will say is…watch out for them at WeHo in the next 5yrs. Don’t know where WeHo…Professor Oglevee is a regular there.

  13. they both look handsome and i like the clothes….but not dem boots…i also think they just put em on for fun…..and what is all that fuss about those two hangin out……geeez

  14. Lmao I think they were joking. Like just reading his tweet & him putting “hahaha” at the end. I’m pretty sure they were wearing the boots to be silly. As for the hats, I have a similar one, but w/ not as much fur.

    Jaden should be a model!

      • I think we have all noticed the number of homosexuals has risen. So has the number of liars theives murderers. Gluttony has risen. Cheating, has risen. Sin has risen period. Don’t act like ur better than them. U are not. Neither am I or anybody else. Sin is sin. N if ur human u sin. So don’t judge get off ur high horses. It sad but we all sin. Get over it and leave the judging to God. That is not ur job.

        • My post wasn’t judging homosexuals just acknowledging that nowadays you have to watch your children around the same sex and opposite sex. In my day, my girlfriends could spend the night whenever but not boys. Why? Because if course my parents didn’t want to promote any hanky panky. Now you have to be careful with both sexes. So for those who think
          It’s ok for Jaden to hang with an older kid and not Willow it’s really the same in our world today.

  15. they’re dang near the same height, i always have to read their ages twice lol! 4 years is something at their age. i’m wondering who’s the leader and who’s the follower. or is the blind leading the blind. 😛 anyways, y’all pull those pants up lol!

  16. The boots..the low skinny jeans..the stances..the blank stares..the matching jackets..the matching hats. I. Just. Can’t.

    I wonder what the outcome of Justin’s paternity test is.

    As long as Willow don’t start hanging out with Justin Beiber, it’s alright, they are both teen stars & still in the peer age range.

      • he is not the father her ex boyfriend as his people said “As we’ve said from the beginning, it’s sad that someone would fabricate such a malicious, defamatory, and demonstrably false claim. We’ll continue to consider all of our options to protect Justin.” heres what her texts said “[John], would you please stress to Robbie how important it is for him to be in his son’s life?..”Pleaseee ERASE ALL MESSAGES from my mom where she says Tristyn is Robbies son. I’ll kick u when we get paid. im trusting you pleeease.”

      • Yet they asked or care about yours?

        I see you like to comment on almost all my comments. Yay fan!

        Keep following me girlfriend, I may help you get your mind right one of these days.

    • I still think Justin is a female or something of that nature, so i’m pretty sure Maury said “your not the baby!” haha

      My sister said she believes his team is giving him hormones so he can keep that “teen look.” B/c once that baby face & voice change, his career is going down the drain

      • His voice and hair did change its very deep and he cut his hair from the way he had it 2 years ago you can go back and listen to his old music from when he first started his voice sounded like he was 5.

        • and also I dont think his face will change because his father look the same but with facial hair. just so you know Im defending this kid because when I met him a few months ago during a concert I took Serenity and my nieces he was a very sweet kid and a typical teenager he looked the same as he does in the picture. I work with people who took hormones and they have a certain look a side effect from them which he didnt have.

        • Thanks for the link Karlisa, but I knew Justin wasn’t the father. I watched two interviews of that girl & you can tell she can’t even carry a sentence much less common sense.

          Justin is ok in my book.

      • I don’t know Trisha, I think as long as he keeps his good boy image, he’ll continue to have fans. I know women in their 20s who like Justin Beiber. Now if he turns out to be the father or to have had a sexual relationship w/this loony woman, that would send his career down the drain.

        • When I see of Justin, I think of all those 90’s white boy band groups (backstreet boys, N’Sync, Hansons, etc…) They were soooooo popular, had little girls crying over them. But once they grew up & their voice changed their career ended. Justin Timberlake is the only white, male, teen singer that made it as he got older. Hopefully Justin B has someone to help him w/ his image so his career can keep going

          • My cousin who is 3/12 years older then me always hung out with my bf (best friend) when I was growing up just imagine a 9 yo playing video games with an 13 yo you would think something was going on but it wasnt we went to the same church and he hung out with me which lead up to him haning with my cousin till today their still best buds I still say that he would pick him over me any day lol. Plus to the people saying he should be hanging with his older brother. Honestly how many of yall hung out with your siblings instead of someone older. I would prefer to hangout with an older friend then sibling it seems less akward talking about things you dont want your family to know. I should know I had plenty of older friends growing up. Guys and Girls.

    • I don’t think Jaden gets high. I think that’s just his look. You know how models have a dead stare look in their eyes when they look into the camera..I think that’s the same look Jaden has.

    • OMG I thought it was just me!!! While I “pray” its not true its a reality being in that life style and the accessibility of such much is crazy even for kids. But I’m leaning to thinking its his “cool” face. I think its dumb but I’m not a teenage girl who is his target audience lol

  17. They look just like they would look if they weren’t famous. Minus the true brand named tags. Hope they turn out ok.

  18. lmao at the fruitiness of those boots. but i’m pretty sure they r the only boys who could rock them. i’m loving the hats. 2 cute.

      • oh get over urself. yes i said fruitiness ANDDDD you need to look up the meaning of fruitiness cuz in no way is it bias or whatever u think it is. before u go commenting on something educate urself. fruitiness in the way i used it means cheerful, naive, corny even dorky. now tell me them boots don’t look corny. whatever, i’m not in the mood today.

  19. Looks like they killed 4 grizzly bears and used them as clothes and boots..

    Jaden’s pants are so low he cant put his hands in his pockets..

  20. I don’t like those boots FAILED! Anywho I think both boys r cute! I’m curious as to why the hang out together Justin is 4yrs older than Jaden!


        • @Connie1 relax no one blame anything on the Smith kids! I can have older friends I’m 29 not 13 hanging with a 17yr old! I don’t care what type of environment their living in their still kids! I don’t think Justin is a bad influence but Jaden would be in the 7 or 8th grade and Justin 11 or 12th and u see nothing wrong with that!

          • Nothing wrong with being friends but this is more of a business relationship then anything. Yes the “Smiths” are into a lot including the launching and maintaining a growing career for their kids. I don’t fault them but I wouldn’t personally push my kids into the limelight as they have/are doing. But again they’re not my kids so whatever.

    • Same reason why 11 yo Wiilow hangs out with 13 1/2 yo China and her 14 and 16 sisters and thats 2 1/2 3& 5 years apart from someone who just turned 11.

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