Katt Williams was recently awarded custody of his 8-year-old adopted daughter Leanne after losing her to a former nanny. Williams lost custody of his child last month after Crystal McGhee claimed to be the biological mother. Leanne was initially given custody to McGhee after Williams failed to appear in court. Katt, however, filed legal documents proving Crystal to have no biological relations or parental rights to Leanne. The judge subsequently returned custody rights to Williams.

VIDEO: Katt Williams at home with his children

Williams has eight children, including one biological son, Micah, and seven adopted kids. He views his ability to provide stability as his greatest accomplishment. As Katt states, “Every week when I’m able to clothe and feed my family, pay my staff and travel around the world solely on the strength of comedy, that is my greatest accomplishment.”

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  1. There’s a lot of information missing here because any woman suddenly saying shes my eight year old’s mother would be dead and buried before she even got to court and theres no way Id miss that court date, was he in jail during the court date? If she said she was the biological mother on the stand she should be in jail for custodial interference, purgatory and possibly kidnapping if she then took the kid across state lines away from her adoptive parent. What a psycho.

  2. Katt…speak the truth…stay awake…and do not take this principality for granted..their tentacles are long and encomposing. Be strong…and Gods speed…

  3. Katt always speak about adopting his kids I didnt know he had an actually birth son…. I have to go everyone else on this story and say somethingg in the milk aint clean meaning how the heck can a nanny who not related to a kid say Im related without any evidence and grab a kid from the real parent I bet you if this was sandra bullock, madonna or Marshka (actress from Law and Order) who have these african babies they would have look through this nannies information with a fine tooth comb heck madonna african son father wanted him back years ago and they denied him but in US you give people kids to anyone? what going on judicial system?.. but on the down side of that… Katt gotta get right too he has been doing alot of off the wall ish lately…. so much so that they have been given Kevin Hart all of Katts movie roles… Katt, some of your friends you gotta let go of because they are bringing you down… you better be lucky that nanny was no crazy mofo… and sort of knew the child because its so many crazy people who will take your kid you will never know what happened all because a person knew your child so much so that they can say they are the parents of the child and the judge believes them

  4. The system is terrible! I love Katt as a comedian he’s the funniest! I hope this ordeal hasn’t scared this baby for life some people do the silliest ish! Glad she’s home now

  5. From what I gathered, the nanny hasn’t workerd for them in a while but filed custody papers claiming to be the girl’s mother. Because Kat failed to show up, she was awarded custody & immediately filed for government benefits. It took Kat this long to get a court date & regain custody.

    I know anyone can file for custody but how can someone be awarded custody w/o providing proof they are that child’s parent? What kind of system is that?

    • The system is messed up indeed and that nanny should be charged with perjury. She straight up lied. She knows she did not biologically birth that baby girl. It’s not like a dude who needs to be tested. She either did or didn’t.

  6. I don’t think his previous arrests on drug possession and burglary make him a candidate for Father of the Year or decade. Who took care of the eight year old whenever he was in jail or court?

    Probably the nanny.

  7. This story sounds weird…like a lifetime movie or even like the movie ANNIE lol. Katt is like Daddy Warbucks & the little girl is Annie & someone comes along claiming to be the mother. smh. I didn’t even know he had that many kids, i’ve only heard about his son

    But is Katt a better candidate for a parent? He’s been in the media lately acting a little off

  8. I commend Kat for being an adoptive parent! A blood test and more should be done before even giving an adoptive child back to someone and his nanny? This story is strange. The court gave a child to someone that was not their parent and took them from their adoptive parent? Lawsuit maybe?

  9. I didnt even know he had kids, and why would a judge award custody without knowing for sure if thats the parent? Smh! Crazy

    • You took the thought right out of my head…Ummmm where do they do that at? The story sounds so skeptical and missing so many key points. So your telling me some random chick can just out the blue be like oh that’s my kid and you as a judge be like ok here take her. Uh No!

      • Tell me what type of judge that is. Why they didnt take a blood test of the lady and the girl. First of all cant no nanny nor anyone else can walk up to me or go to no police nor court room and say u da mother out of 8 years, we fighting.

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