Actress Sandra Bullock and her 23-month-old son Louis were spotted at a park in Manhattan earlier today.  The little tot gave a good fight when it came time to leave the playground.

Bullock recently discussed Christmas and motherhood with Extra and People Magazine. Although she has celebrated Christmas many times, Sandra is excited to enjoy the holiday with her son. Bullock told Extra, “He’s [Louis] met Santa. He’s already in with Santa… because Santa is very real. If you let a child into your life, you get a second chance at a childhood and you do things you thought were long past. I’m seeing things we have to do and have to see, so we can remember and take a picture and say, ‘Oh my gosh! Look at this!’ — when normally I’d just blow past it. It’s a whole different time when you do it for the kids.”

The actress recently told People Magazine that she considers her son before accepting new roles. When discussing her newest gig Sandra explains, “It was no longer selfish actress in the moment. I was just so happy being a mom. I’m still very happy being a mom. That just shifted and became my whole priority.”

Bullock is currently working on the set of Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, a movie in which the actress plays the part of a wife whose husband was killed in the attacks on 9/11. The film is set to debut on December 25,2011 to a limited audience. The motion picture will be available to the general public in January 2012.

More photos below!

Photos: Flynet/Infpaparazzi

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  1. She’s not completly into motherhood someone says. You can’t tell anyting by pictures. Looks can be deceiving. The one day I should’ve stayed on the feeds.
    Anyway cute baby.

    • i agree, especially seeing that she is surrounded by paparazzi every time she goes out. That seems to be extremely annoying. Whats there to smile about when creeps r lurking around corners taking ur picture 24/7. omg don’t they realize they are just certified perverts. should be some kind of law against this. on another note, Louis is so cute, even when crying lol. my baby girl throws a fit every time we have to leave the park also lol, but i still take her lol.

    • You say you can’t tell anything by pictures but you can believe what other people say? *roll eyes*. Well I am finding it hard to believe someone would waste all that time, energy, money & emotional turmoil adoption brings just to turn around & fake it.

      But if someone said it……

  2. Hopefully, she will place Louie in pre-school soon so that he can have other little ones to play with. Children get tired of being around adults all the time.

  3. @ JUICE – why the strong response calling that poster “insane/stupid” for stating the obvious? Isn’t it OBVIOUS that he’s unhappy considering it’s very unlikely a toddler would cry tears of joy when leaving a playground? I don’t see where the poster implied anything “insane” or “stupid”. #uptightmuch

    Anyway, lil Louie is a beautiful child and like most I guess he doesn’t like to have his play time ended.

    • Universitychick, I think I know where you’re coming from. I like her as an actress, but there’s this side a side of me that doesn’t believe she’s completely “into” motherhood or is completely available for the whole experience. Honestly, I wish she appeared (operative word) happier when she’s with him; there’s no warmth about her like you see with most of the parents on BCK.

  4. aaw Louis….he’s so cute, whether he is frowning, smiling or crying and yes indeed, he has gotten taller!
    The person who said that the child is unhappy is insane or just plain stupid- so i take it that he cant cry like normal children just because he is a celeb kid?

    • It would seem like you, too and NOT HAPPY!

      Relax. I was just stating the obvious, clearly. Celebrity children are still human, so I DEFINITELY am aware they laugh, cry ect. just like us regular people.

      Please get a life! You actually seem “insane” and “stupid” based on your post…’cause I don’t know you as a person.

      Take Care 😀

  5. Even when he’s crying he’s a cutie. My fav BCK boy; in serious competition with Kenzo.

    I love Sandra as a mother & actress.

  6. Awwww he didn’t want to leave…..been there before with my two boys both of them screaming and holding onto the swings! lol

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