Coby Bell plays starring roles in two television hits. Although he wears many hats, Coby does not neglect to spend quality time with his wife and two sets of twins. Bell recently interviewed with Blackenterprise.com to discuss family life along with acting roles on USA Network’s Burn Notice and BET’s The Game.

On juggling two shows on separate networks.

Coby and his wife Aviss are parents to 7-year-old twin girls, Jaena and Serrae, and a second set of twins named Eli and Quinn, born on Dec. 2 of 2008.

“Luckily it hasn’t been exactly at the same time. Last season Burn Notice ended, and then a week later The Game started. This season, The Game started about two or three weeks before Burn Notice. I was juggling [both] for two or three weeks, and that was kind of crazy flying from Miami to Atlanta and then back to Miami. And I go to L.A. every weekend to see my wife and kids. The only part that weirds me out about it is being away from my family, so I do a lot of flying.”

Family life in conjunction with job commitments.

“It’s challenging, but it’s the best thing in the world. The traveling, the long hours; everything I do is for my kids. But when I got these jobs out of town, I said the only way I can do this is if I go home every weekend. There’s no way I can go more than five days without seeing them or being with them. [And] once The Game is done, I’m going to have two or three months just being home and just being dad before I have to go back to Burn Notice. I’m not saying that it’s easy but being a father is just the best thing in the world.”

Favorite activities with children.

“I guess just being with them. Whatever it is that they’re doing or whatever it is that they want to do—you know, taking them to volleyball, piano or dance or picking them up from pre-school… just all that day-to-day stuff. What’s really cool is we just have fun as a family. We really enjoy just hanging out together and every Sunday before I have to go back to the airport, my wife gets to sleep in and I take the kids to Long Beach to this restaurant we’ve been going to for the past two years. And every time they have our table ready for us, it’s like this nice little tradition we got going.”

Life after The Game and other future ambitions.

“I’m actually really excited about hooking up with a couple of writers from The Game and one of the writers from Burn Notice. We’re trying to turn this idea into a movie. The character’s name is Milky Jr. and the name of [his] band is Milky Jr. & The Milky Way. I want to finish that one, and what’s really cool is Brandy and I have been talking about life after The Game, trying to get something together TV wise. So I’m really excited about that, too.”

Read the full interview here.

Photo: Miki Turner

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  1. My husband and I watches the game all the time, and we love that show it’s so funny but at the same time has a lots of meanings. Keep up the good work you all

  2. I love Coby, always have since he was Ty on Third Watch. He’s a beautiful family and it’s so nice to see a real family man even though he’s so so often away, he doesn’t let that get in the way.

  3. The girls have such unique names, but all four of them are cute.

    I’ve always loved how the twin girls have different textures of hair. Genes are great!

    Is The Game not doing well?

  4. OMG!!! I never seen his kids before..I am glad he married a Black women..their kids are so grogeous. I cant wait to have what Coby and Holly Robinson have..a family.

  5. wow two sets of twins. they’re pretty lucky. it has to be hard to be away from this family all the time and i know it has to be hard for his wife too. im glad he makes an effort to come home every weekend. i wish them all the best. beautiful family.

  6. Aww what a handsome family. I watched The Game and I’ve seen Burn Notice a few times (still can’t figure what it’s about but I like the characters).

    • Cute family. So Good to see a man taking care of his kids along side of his wife! There’s too many single moms and dads out there. People need to make better choices in who they sleep with unprotected, especially if you are not married and not in a relationship with the person. There are just way too many booty-call babies being born.

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