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Love & Hip Hop star Emily Bustamante and her daughter Taina attended the VH1 Divas Celebrate Soul at the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City, NY this past weekend. The mom of two  recently sat down with Creme magazine to talk about her relationship(or lack thereof) with rapper Fabolous. Check out snippets from the interview now.

On being more than a baby’s mother[Emily has a son named Johan with Fabolous]: Emily is so much more than just a baby’s mother. I’m an entrepreneur, a mom, and a friend. I do wear my heart on my sleeve but I’m real. I’m honest. I’m ambitious. I want the best for everybody, and for myself. I’m just like anybody else. I have struggles, but anybody can overcome their struggles. I just hope that people can take the journey with me and grow with me.

On moving on from the rapper: I focused on my career. When you’re in a relationship sometimes and you’re going through it, you kind of forget about everything else that needs to happen in your life. I just focused on my clothing line. And that’s my man [laughs]. You know, that’s my baby. And I put all my energy into that. And really, just having a goal, or maybe a hobby, or just focusing on something else, really helped me. My clothing line is definitely something that keeps me busy, and it keeps my thoughts on that. Because [healing] is definitely a long process, and it takes a lot of work. And if your mind ain’t right, there’s no way in the world that you can accomplish something like that. So, I had to get my mind right.

On advising her daughter: I would tell my daughter to never put a man first. You always come first. And focus on school, focus on you. You have the rest of your life to be with a man. Sometimes these girls don’t feel loved, or sometimes they don’t have anybody in their lives to tell them they’re beautiful. So the first time a boy comes around telling them all the things they want to hear, they fall for that. So I always tell my daughter that she’s beautiful and I love her. I want her to feel loved. And you don’t need to get that from a man. You can get that from your family and from your friends.”

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  1. Emily looks like she has black ancestry. She has the curves that screams it because allot of black women have those curves. Also native taino people never had curves like that trust me I live in Canada I have never seen a native women with curves period.

  2. Hispanic is not a race same goes for Latino. I am Haitian I consider myself Latino period. Also allot of you people know there is black Hispanic and Latinos all over the Americas and Africa. So just because I speak French or German and culture influences that means I am not black anymore really?

  3. @Shirley being a babymom seem to be the only qualifier in making someone a celebrity nowadays. Talent seem to be out the window as evident by this chick who clearly lack talent. I’m even finding it difficult to say shes a stylist/clothing designer as she wears nothing but rompers on the show that makes her look like shes wearing a baby diaper and I see nothing innovative about her style to make anyone take heed.

    • Isn’t that what they all say? They are either a hair stylist, clothing stylist, or makeup artist, but once they get that celebrity, they become what? Oh..’reality’ tv stars. SMH

  4. Her daughter is very pretty. I agree about the reality shows, I’m so sick of them thinking that they are celebrities.

  5. She has a very pretty daughter. I would not call her weak just b/c she loves the man. I mean like she said she wears her heart on her sleeve. You cant help who you love and I’m sure most women have been through what she has. It takes time to move on from someone and it is not something that can be forced. When she gets tired she will see, but until then you can tell she still really loves him alot.

  6. Her daughter is beautiful, but I have to kind of agree with Sherley, Emily is no celebrity. Johan is a celebrity kid, but that’s because his father is actually famous for his work, not just being on a reality TV show. It may not be fair, but that’s JMO.

    Has anyone noticed that most of the blogs now post more about various reality show characters than actual stars? I’d hate to see that happen here.

  7. I smh when I see women being so judgemental towards women and their relationship choices with men. Most of us have had our hearts broken, maybe loved someone a little more than they loved us and/or allowed ourselves to be treated in a way in which we didn’t deserve. Women need to show empathy towards other women instead of looking down (as if we haven’t been there or can’t be there).

    • @ Monique you are so right! I am a little disgusted with the comments that were written on this blog because I thought the women that post here were a lot more mature and understanding than other sites. I guess I was wrong. I often say we have to dredge through the coals to find our Diamond. We are not going to find the perfect person the first go around. Life is about trial and error. Hopefully we gain something from our mistakes so that we won’t make them again.

      • I sooo agree with the both of you, If you have had the perfect relationship from day one then please send me an email to tell me how to maintain it b/c I promise you 9 out of 10 woman on here that posted something about her being stupid has gone or is going through the same exact thing. It does not make her any less of a woman nor should her child not look up to her, It simply makes her human and a person on the outside looking in can definitely see her situation as being a bit ridiculous but you have to understand that she is in love with the man and Eve said it best “Love is Blind” point blank

  8. Although Emily is a beautiful woman, she always looks mashed up. Like when your barbie dolls head pops off and you try to mash it back onto its body. And since when is she a celebrity?? In my eyes she is just a jump off that managed to stretch her 15 minutes.

    • No you didn’t make me picture that……, & AGREE!!!! A smushed-faced Barbie doll – that is it! I’ve been trying to figure out what it was that I never liked about her face, and you NAILED IT!!!!!

  9. Beautiful ladies. I like Emily and how she shows her emotions. She is so sensitive. She really went through a “SOS” moment (stuck on stupid) like many of us have. I’m just glad that she has moved on and her daughter can see that life is okay after leaving someone that is not right for you.

  10. Taina’s beautiful. I didn’t know she had a daughter, too.

    I didn’t really get the memo that said Emily and Fabolous were ever a “couple”. Interesting!

  11. She looks just like her Mom! Too cute! I think it’s wonderful that Emily is teaching her what not to do in a relationship, by using her bad choices as an example. MUST mothers try to teach their daughters the do’s and don’ts in a relationship/life by the experience they have had in theirs. I think as Emily is growing she is also helping her daughter in the process. My opinion is that she is doing whats right teaching her daughter life lessons.

  12. Her daughter looks just like her.

    I’m sorry but not everyone is a celebrity. Having sex or a child by a celebrity does not make you one. Being on a fake reality show does not make you one. I understand she has a son by Fab, but I don’t see pics of Jonah, I just see this woman I do not know nor care about. Ugh!

  13. Her daughter is black? I thought she was full Hispanic. Anywhooo this lady is weak & not someone her daughter should look up to relationship wise. She’s just showing her daughter its ok to stay w/ a man that doesn’t acknowledge you & cheats on you, & showing her son its ok to treat women like crap.

    • Why shouldnt her daughter look up to her? she broke up with Fab to set an example for her children and to show her daughter that she shouldnt stick around if she being treated badly in a relationship

      • Uhmmm she’s back w/ Fab. They broke up for like a month (which i think was just for the show). He just did an interview saying he’s getting to know her again & she said she won’t speak on their “new relationship” & will have to wait until the next season of the show. Her daughter will have a great example of her moms business ethics b/c they lady works hard. I heard she’s about to have her own clothing line. But relationship wise…idk. Girls like her make other females look bad b/c it gives guys the impression they can cheat on their girl but the girl will always remain by their side

      • I didn’t know Hispanic or Latino had a certain look. What is looking Puero Rican as opposed to looking full Hispanic? Because of the history, a Hispanic/Latino can be of any race or “look” as you and others have said on here.

      • This is late but I had to reply…only 5% of the Africans who suffered the slave trade came to the United States…the other 95% to Latin America/Caribbean…a very significant percentage of Hispanics are “black” brown/dark brown/dark skin.

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