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Quincy Brown,20, also known as International Q, has released a new music video for a song that he calls “Christmas Time”. The video features a cameo by his sisters D’Lila and Jessie Combs.

Proud papa Sean “DIddy” Combs tweets, “Check out my son @quincy new video “CHRISTMAS TIME” also starring my twin girls Jessie and D’lila….”

The twins will celebrate their fifth birthday on December 21st. Check out the video below!

Download “Christmas Time” at http://www.internationalquincy.com

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  1. The Song is Wack, he’s on a lil to much autotune and yes that Model Jasmine Sanders Chris Brown Ex Girlfriend, I like The video I can watch over he tried to do the summer time hook it didn’t work so great nice try Quincy maybe next time but nice video though

  2. I don´t like the song and I don´t like the video lol….but the twins are sooo cute! Lovely! I love their hairstyle also.

  3. Quincy is beautiful :D

    I love Jessie and D’Lila’s dress.

    During the skating part it looks like the “leading lady” is mouthing stop it, lol.

  4. that song is boring but Quincy is such a cutie I could watch that video on mute lol…if I was a teen I would definitely be in love with him. Isnt the girl in the video one of Chris Brown’s girlfriends? lol

  5. This is a wonderful song and a great Christmas video!
    Quincy definitely brings something different to the game. I like his positivity and his creativity! AND His TWIN SISTERS are adorable! They’ve really grown up. Everyone in the video is beautiful!

    • Oh come on…RIDICULOUS. Chance isn’t even related to Quincy. This is NOT JUSTIN it’s KIM’S SON. I hope this was a joke!

    • Yes why christian, kim , kim’s mother ,diddy, quincy’ dad justin ,their neigbours aren’t in the video too?
      It ‘s Quincy video he chooses who he wants . STUPID QUESTION

  6. I like the song and video Ugh I hate to say it but he reminds me sooooo much of his father “Al B Sure”….also just worried that he doesn’t fall into that Drake field we have enough Drake right now, but I like his flow he’s cute…

  7. “Nice song and video, he has a future in the business!”… It was nice seeing my favorite BCK kids, I’ve missed them.

  8. I’m glad they have their brother Quincy to look up too since Diddy has thrown them away for chance and his relationship with cassie.Kim is doing an excellent job as a single parent to her children.

    • They have a better chance of looking up to their brother Justin. Someone stepping out of dad’s shadow & paving his own way by going to college. & You see Diddy more with the Twins than you see him w/ Chance. Diddy is raising ALL of his kids

    • why would you say Diddy has thrown them away. You can say a lot about Diddy but I’ve never seen him neglect his kid! He even adopts kids that aren’t his. Diddy seems to be a pretty decent father so I cant ride with you on that one.

    • you can say a lot of things about Diddy but i cant ride with you on this one! He hasnt “thrown away” ANY of his kids! He even adopts kids that arent his and takes care of them! Diddy seems to be a decent father and I commend him on that!

  9. Those girls are just too cute for words. They seem like such sweethearts. I bet all 3 of their big brothers spoil them. especially the older 2. Love their hair and outfits.

  10. Two of my fav BCKids. They are beautiful and their parents are blessed to have them. I cant believe they are almost five!

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