It’s no secret that celebrities give their children the best things in life. From amazing clothes to awesome cars, famous children have everything that money can buy. We know that celebrity kids are spoiled, but we were not aware of the extent-until now.

After researching various baby showers and pre-pregnancy gifts, we found that the majority of presents are priced well above  average. For instance, Mariah Carey and Nick Canon hosted a baby shower in March that brought in gifts in the upward thousands. One toy giraffe was priced at $995 and a custom-made bedding set was worth $4,000; mind you that these gifts were for babies and not adults.

While occasional extravagance is acceptable, celebrities tend to go overboard when it comes to infant gifts. Beyonce and Jay-Z have not even had their baby yet, and Kelly Rowland has reportedly given the couple a bathtub worth $5,200; again, this is for a baby who will eventually migrate to a standard-sized tub.

Giving expensive presents to expectant mothers is good, but such extravagance becomes overrated when taken to the extreme. Is a toy giraffe or baby bathtub costing more than $500 excessive? Or what about the ridiculously expensive $17,000 pacifier. What are your thoughts?

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  1. alot of us wanted to get expensive stuff for our children but didn’t have it. For them it’s nothing what’s 50 grand when ur worth 2 billion. Enjoy ur bundle of joy you only get that moment with that kid once

  2. i kind of understand what disappointed is trying to say, she is now saying that they have to buy stuff for those persons in starving countries but all she is trying to say is to just think about them.because at the end of the day that kid isnt going to need the paifier as he/she gets older….BUT its their money so wateva

  3. I think people have a right to spend their money how they want. It’s nobody’s business anyway. We (my husband and I) work hard for our daughter. We buy her the things she wants and need b/c we can. I’m not trying to be rude, but I didn’t give birth to the kids in Africa. So I hate when people say that. We do donate to charity, but it’s not something we have to do; it is something we choose to do. I say that b/c some people expect rich people to donate. I think whether or not they donate, and how much they donate should not concern anyone. The fact that they are willing to give should be enough, jmo. I am by no means rich, but we aren’t hurting financially either.

  4. It’s their money let them spend it as they please. Yes there are staving kids in Africa. Umm instead of buying your kids Xboxs etc why dont you help them? Just An example. Everyone always wants to bring up Africa with celebrties. It’s their money let them do what they want. Besides that 17,000 pacifier is probably like $5 to celebrities. They aren’t regular folks do why should they buy regular things for their kids. It’s ther money not yours.

  5. I kinda sorta take offense when ppl use the line “there are starving kids in Africa” but yet u buy xyz for ur child…like seriously I did not have those starving kids **go ahead and attack me now*** I had my own and I can care for them quite adequately so why shouldn’t I? A $15000 paci is a lot for me b/c of my income bracket but for a power couple like Bey and Jay or other millionaires/billionaires that MAY be pocket change, I’m just saying.. People have a right to spend their money on whatever they deem worthy, its not for anyone to judge.

    • Celeb do shop at walmart and other discount store do not be fool
      some of their clothes do look like they came from a discount store. Bee doesn’t have a baby yet

      • U made the comment about celeb shopping @ walmart I did not say it is my businees. When they put it out there for the world to see I have the right to comment any way I choose. SERIOUSLY

    • I totally agree…I think buying those hugely expensive things is ridiculous…but it is hurting nobody either. And this starving children comment to me is stupid….because usually celebs donate quite a lot money….the problem for em often is when they do it openly, people will say “oh look at them…trying to make us believe they are good…doing it for the image”…..if they do it secretly they will say….”look at those greedy people, dont want to donate”….anyhow…let people spend the money the way they want….I dont like it…but dont blame them either…they cant take their money to their grave…so spend while you up and alive

    • Although I don’t take offense to it, I do agree with you. I didn’t have those children so how is it my responsibility to feed, clothes, etc them? We cannot expect celebrities to use their hard earned money (for the ones who do) on other people’s children. What needs to be established is a clinic that does birth control for the people in those countries popping them out as if they are bored. I know I too will get attacked, but I feel birth control is the missing link. Not saying one can’t have sex, but sex doesn’t mean you have to keep producing children you can’t feed.

      • I agree. There’s no law that says if you spend this amount of money on your kid, then you have to give this amount of money to a kid in another country. That’s unfair. They are reproducing more kids then they can handle. Even tho i believe $17,000 for a binky is crazy (pocket change or not) they shouldn’t be told to donate to someone’s other child.

  6. Now a $17,000 pacifier is way too much b/c we all know that kids lose those things all the time. The other gifts are ok I guess if you got it like that. The stroller is going to be used alot so I don’t think the price of that is bad.

  7. thats y its so many kids so hungry peeps like these would rather spend shit on bull shit for what give that money to the homeless kids in africa its no need for that even if rich dum shit God didnt put us down to be greedy he put us down here to help one another yes u have money but that dont need to spend it on some dum crap babies grow they dont even know what millions is so dum

  8. Although these items are nice….what do they do different than the same items at Target? I don’t get it..

  9. there are kids in africa who dont even have a bed to sleep in or food to eat yet celebrities are spoiling their kids rotten with 17,000 pacifiers, thats ridiculous. those kids dont even care if they got beds that cost $50 or pacifiers that cost $2. as long as they are well fed and clothed. smh

  10. as long as they can afford it…they should do it……
    I for myself find it absolutely stupid….lol…especially that pacifier….17000….friggin ridiculous…….the stroller looks nice tho….and the giraffe is pretty…but please…..I just think most of these celebrities start to transform their children into the next paris hilton by spoiling them to that extrem…..just look at Tomkat´s daughter Suri…..I already see her in rehab at the age of 13

    • Your thinking of a child being in rehab is ridiculous. If Suri’s life goes down a bad road, when she’s older, than so be it, but don’t try to project onto her life at this young age. No one knows what types of morals and values she’s being instilled with. I’m sure that Conner and Isabella want for nothing and have never wanted for anything that they’ve desired, yet no one calls them brats.

      Also, for the record, I believe Paris Hilton does the things she does/did, not because her parents spoiled her, but because in today’s society it’s cute to do the things she does/did. Look at Kim Kardashian, her sex tape has catapulted her into international fame, with several reality tv shows, and millions of dollars. Men worship the ground she walks on, women want to be like her, look like her. Same for Paris Hilton.

    • Do you know that there are a lot of “NOlebrities” that are worth as much or more than the Cruises? Who “spoil” their kids even worse than the Cruises (well at least according to nosey relatives). And they actually pay for the goods. You don’t know who they are because they are blesses with ANONYMITY, the Cruises are not.

      Your comment about the rehab really bothered me because I’m 13 and I remembered at my tenth birthday party someone passing a stupid comment along those lines. It was one of the few times I have seen my dad get mad. To be honest I’ve rarely heard “no” from my parents. My mum buys me things that if it weren’t for my agemates at school I would have no idea what they are worth.

      But I do know what hard work is worth and that the life style that my siblings and I enjoy is made possible by the efforts of two very enterprising parents, three grandparents, and three great-grandparents.

      I am not spoiled, not in rehab and U of Oxford has already accepted me for 2013. I’ll be 15 and NOT in rehab.

      • if i offended someone…then sorry…yes it is true, there are plenty of people that got incredibly much money and spoil their kids and they are perfectly fine….and yes…maybe the anonymous life plays a part in it.

        My best friend is the daughter of a quite wealthy family…never heard a no from her parents either….so i know what I am talking about, too. I might have used the wrong words.

        I surely dont wish anything bad on Suri or any of these children…I am the least person who does…that is just what I can imagine already…sorry if it offends anyone

        and about the Kardashian comment….sorry…but I wouldnt want my daughter or son come to fame like this in at all…..and no…I aint prude…but still…I prefer them…if they go into the business…to do it with a talent…and not a sextape

        • I don’t know about Oxford’13, but you didn’t offend me, so no hard feelings. It’s just that I don’t think children should be projected on.

          I think that people should realize that it’s not really the material possessions that spoil children. It’s not the rich parents that spoil the children. It’s the attitudes, morals, and values instilled by the parents that spoil children. My mom has pretty much bought me everything I’ve desired, we’re not rich, and I’m not saying I’ve always acted appreciative or never had my bratty moments, but overall I’m grateful for everything. My mother let me know that she worked hard to get me what I need and what I want, she taught me to be grateful, respectful, kind, etc. I’m pretty sure there are other people on here whose parent(s) did that for them too, and some of them are now doing that for their children. Now how many of us know kids whose parents were the same as what I just mentioned but the kids were spoiled brats, acted out all the time, and were never grateful or appreciative. It’s because they were instilled with a sense of entitlment.

        • @tanja I guess we were both speaking from personal experiences, which as you know tends to color your view depending on which side you are on. Your best friend was never told “no” but was also never taught the value of hard work or was never taken to her parents work and “shown” exactly how they afforded her the lifestyle they did.

          @Victoria makes the point that it’s not the material positions, it’s the attitudes, morals, and values instilled by the parents, (or lack of) that decides the futures of the children of wealth. My mum has a meeting with her board once a month and it was my job since I was six or seven to set out the water glasses, pens, writing pads or whatever the meetings needed. When the meetings ran late I can remember sleeping under the table. It’s my little brother’s job now.

          • that is true and I forgot to write that…..as long as the parents instill the right morals and give their children love….and dont compensate these important things by buying them all this fancy stuff…all will probably be fine.

            I just wanted to show an example of what I meant with Suri…and since I saw a small picture of her yesterday morning…that is who popped to my mind first…

            happy new year

          • @tanja, I was up early this morning to wish HNY 12 to my mates in Sydney. I was bored and looked around the site and found your old post @PPD. I showed it to my mum, she asked to ask you how you were doing now.

            She went through PPD when she had me in ’98. She said that if it was not for her best friend and medication (my dad was overseas)she or I might not be here. My mum is the strongest woman I know to hear her say that, well that was scary.

            Hope you are doing well now.

  11. As a kid, I wanted some diamond shoe strings. I didn’t think that people would make such items, and BOOM…some Iverson sneakers with diamond shoe strings. Never got them though. :(

  12. All I can do is SMH. A diamond $17k pacifier that a child will throw on the floor & even lose? SMH. The bathtub, ok as they can use it til adulthood or they get bored, whichever sooner.

    As someone said, that is why celebreties go broke & claim bankruptcy more than normal broke folks. Whatever!

    • Sherley that bathtub will only last a baby until it is like 2. Its really small LOL. I thought it would last until adult hood too until i went on the website & i see the pic of the baby in the tub & he takes up the whole thing hahah. The website had the nerve to say to fill it w/ ice & put your beverages in there for a party -_____-

      • LMAO @ using it at a party. Hey, if you have it, may as well use it. My girlfriend would use it that way just to show it off.

  13. Some celebrities and alot of “regular” people are broke simply because they spend money that they don’t have. Not all celebrities are making millions of dollars everytime a second passes. It’s also not because they’ve splurged on their children. It’s more likely that they’re buying half a million dollar cars and possibly two million dollar cars, or something that is in that area of expensive-ness but don’t have the same level of celebrity that Mariah, Nick, Jay-Z, Beyonce, etc. have, so that that money will be replaced rather quickly.

    Yes alot of celebrities get things for free, I know that pacifier was gifted to Brad and Angelina, but really it was more like a keepsake, and that bathtub was only “reportedly” gifted. Truthfully, I don’t care how much money an item cost (when it’s not my money that bought it), What I care about is it getting alot of use. Buy those sheets, buy that carrier, but if you’re not going to use it when the baby is older, or have more kids, then give it away to someone who will use it.

  14. That pacifier just better be made out of some kind of magic or goodluck thingies lol 15000 for a binky try 5$ for a pack.

  15. That’s right, that’s why most of these clebrities are broke or owning so much in taxes and have to sell some of their property. I bet they get half of that stuff for free, I don’t think that’s right. I know it’s their money and they can do what ever they want with it. The best thing to do with that money is to save and put into stock; that way when they retire they’ll have plenty of money to live off. Also, put away some money for their kids; that way when they get older they can go to college or just do what ever they want to do with the money. (I hope they save some of that money before they go wild with it).

    If I was rich I would save and put into stock. I would treat my self with something expensive like a house and car; maybe a pair of shoes and some clothes. After I’ve treated my self, I will start shopping at a cheap store and maybe take vacation(s) here and there. It doesn’t hurt to treat your self once in awhile also the kids too. (Not all the time).

  16. that’s alot of money for the things for them babies. its not that serious, my goodness. what happend to going to wal-mart, k-mart, target etc.

  17. It’s their money they worked for so I don’t care how much they chose to spend on their child or someone else…At lease they keep their kid looking nice & with nice things unlike some mothers & fathers I know

  18. i dont give a damn how much money I have aint no way in hell im paying that much money for a tub a pacifier and some damn t-shirts Im sorry Money comes money goes its better things i could be doing with that money. A tub Seh better taking a bath until shes about 15 in that top AND the Pacifier if that was my child him and bugs bunny would be best friends I could the shirts cuz its Gucci SHEESHHHHH

  19. I call all of this “keeping up w/ the Jones” These celebs feel like they have to go over & beyond to prove their status & get what other celebs get. A $17,000 binky is crazy. I love that stroller tho, i would push my kids around in it. & that bathtub is waste. Wash that baby in the sink!

  20. You and I think that it’s outrageous and crazy, but these are people that are worth millions. So I think if u can afford it then buy it, but don’t cry when you’re filing bankruptcy.

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