Monroe and Moroccan Cannon are as cute as can be, but according to a poll, Moroccan’s name tops the list for worst celebrity baby name. Find out why and more on today’s edition of “A Celebrity baby Blog Party”.

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  1. sigh… Ryan seacrest DID NOT say that Beyonce was at the hospital having her baby .He said that she couldnt perform because she was pregnant.I was actually watching it the exact moment he said it.When Beyonce or Jay-z come out and say that she had the baby that is when I will believe it until then its just rumors people.Some of you need to know the difference between rumors and facts.

    • Yes I saw that too and he definitely did not say that. The performance was and always was supposed to be pre-recorded. Its sad they’re going as far as making up lies to contribute to the crazy made up drama surrounding this woman and her pregnancy.

  2. Love Nick and Mariah! I personally love their children’s name, they have special meanings to them and that is all that counts. Roe has such beautiful dark eyes and hair! Beautiful babies.

  3. I love the picture of Mariah and her babies. I love what she represents and her endurance and longevity in the tough business of entertainment.

      • Happy New Year Sherley! Yes I love the pictures above. Roc looks so happy. I love smiling babies. But who doesn’t. Take care.

  4. LOL @ the usual suspects in here mad as hell over Beyonce’ baby, performance, and etc. And smh are people twisting Ryan Seacrest words. He never said anything about her being at the hospital giving birth. I swear some of you see and hear what you want. Many if you are “lame”.

  5. LMAO people just need to stop w/ the guessing name & just wait until Beyonce release’s a statement. I wouldn’t be surprised if Beyonce wants until the 1st to be induced so she could have the 1st baby in the new year. You know she loves the shock & attention LOL

      • Happy New Year to all and it was a pre recorded performance. She did not have the baby last nite, she was at a new years eve gathering in Brooklyn. I believe it was at Solange house because Solange was talking about her having a gathering at her house on twitter

    • Oh that song, okay that I remember but it was not private, it was a rap he wrote and dedicated to his kids and put out there. Plenty of people have wrote songs for their kids, I know Billy Joel (yes he’s white) wrote a lullaby for his daughter and recorded it.

  6. I disagree I’m not even talking about the 20 20 thing becasue i get that they wanted to Control the how the first images of there kids were seen but everything else is over kill. How many covers was Mariah and Nick on or in before the twins were even born, we seen both nursery’s,a privet letter Nick wrote to the kids, there baby shower and Nick is always selling some story about the twins to a magazine you don’t call that pimping? It not like they where just out and about and the pops happen to get a photo of their kids; no Mariah and Nick are able to live a privet life meaning they can go out with the twins and not be seen and i say that because i don’t believe they never let the kids out of the house but no they willingly give out theses photos or sell them.

    As for Will and Jada I agree…

    • Nick doesn’t sell stories to mags, IV’s with mags are free and when celebrities are out & about paps ask them questions and it winds up in the mags, or they are on the red carpets and journalists ask them questions and they answer. You’re going to have to link the private letter thing because I don’t remember seeing it. Nick and Mariah are big celebrites, it has become a thing for celebs to put out pics of the kids, and when they don’t paps will jock them hard and the value of the pics go up. This way, people get to see the kids without the paps stalking them so hard. Mariah also shares parts of her life with her fans, so I’m sure she wants to show the pics to them. Last, Mariah did put her pregnancy portraits out there, but hey it was her body and the nursery but everything else was just reprints and we only saw 1 picture of the baby shower anyway.

    • They’re not pimping out their kids anything. They haven’t even released that many pictures of the kids in the first place, and the few pictures posted on their site and bought through wireimage, go to their charity The Fresh Air Fund. Goodness me, it’s only one picture anyway.

      • Who says I have a problem with it? Personally I love it. But do you deny that some celebrities use their kids to stay relevant?

      • Yes I do agree that some people use their children to stay relevant. On the other hand, society feeds into celebrity culture which has now expanded to include children of celebrities, so that does need to be acknowledged. When you go on places like x17 or whatever, and you watch videos of celebrities, you see high profile celebs surrounded by a million paps even when they’re just shopping, and in the vids you can also hear the paps on walkie talkies to keep in contact with one another, so they can tell where the celebs are going. So yes I think for higher profile celebs like Nick and Mariah or Jay and Beyonce, who are already worth millions and don’t have to use their kids or money or publicity, to put out pictures on their own so that the price won’t go up on their kids getting their pictures taken therefore eliminating the increase of paps stalking them. The prices for babies of high profile celebrities can be crazy. I remember it being said that when David and Victoria Beckham their second son but were keeping him hidden, that the prices for a picture of him soared to a million pounds. It works the same way in America. IDK if the prices are as absorbent (the UK still doesn’t have a high number of big celebrity profiles as America) but the prices of pictures can go very high, and the paps want that money, so they hide in bushes, follow in cars, etc. Also, some celebs do put out pictures for their fans to see, which is what I mostly think Mariah put out the picture of the kids on Christmas, because as strange as it seems, they seem to have a close relationship, lol. I do mean close seeing as alot of her fans have her whole body, face, lyrics, tatted on their bodies. Kind of unsettling but whatever.

      • I do agree with you, there are some celebs who use their children for publicity. I also just think it should be acknowledged that the price of pictures of more high profile celebrities and their children are higher. When these celebs have children, a price for a picture is automatically put on the kids head, and the more the celebrities hold out on showing the kid(s), the higher the price climbs. By putting out pictures of the kids themselves, they bring down the value of the pictures, which also helps to eliminate as much paparrazzi stalking. And why shouldn’t those celebs and their children be the ones to profit off the pictures of their kids instead of the paps. Also, lots of celebrities do want to share pictures of their life and their kids with their fans, especially singers who seem to have dare-I-say closer relationships with their fans, because their careers most definitely depend on having a connection with people.

      • I agree with you about the celebs sharing with the fans. But the paparazzi stuff I don’t buy. The price of celeb kids pictures have significantly lowered over the years. Remember when Brad and Angelina got like 14 mill for the twin pictures? Those days are long gone. Add in the fact that black kids rarely get that attention anyways and….

      • I’m not saying every celerity or black celebrities, but high profile celebrities, are another thing. Brad and Angelina can be as white as they wanna be, but if it wasn’t for the fact that they are internationally known, and have a following, they would have never gotten as much money as they did. People may have paid them 14 million dollars, but that’s most likely nothing compared to how much they made back after selling those mags. First pictures of kids are always these most expensive, but of course it goes down. It really depends on how large a profile the star has, because then more people will buy more pictures, so the more pictures the paps want to get. Especially when you think about how many fan sites some of the high profile celebs have, where the owner has bought almost 100 or more pictures of the celebrity for each outing they take. It all chalks down to supply and demand, and there is more of a demand on high profile celebrities, so the paps go where the demand is. Now if you’re not high profile, then that’s another story lol.

        Like Will & Jada, on one other hand, they’re A list, but no one truly seems to be obsessed with their personal lives, their kids, or anything about them, at least from my POV. So whenever they do something involving media attention or putting themselves out there or their kis, it seems very calculating or pimp-ish, if you will.

      • That’s the thing, it’s black stars PERIOD. Name one high profile black star who would get top dollar for their kid pics? Like you said Will Smith is as A-list as you can get, yet nobody stalked their kids like that. Halle didn’t even do any spreads with Nahla did she? (Correct me if i’m wrong). Watch when Bey has her baby, I doubt her child gets the big People spread. Of course this is all my opinion 😀

    • Your on a baby celeb blog, what do you expect to see? :/ Your gonna see pics of of the kids on this site. If you don’t like seeing kids getting “pimped” then don’t come to the site lol

  7. I dont think that it was true or that shes even preg cause she is suppose to be performing tonigh at time square. So how she going to perfom and she just had her baby. Btw she did confirm that she still is coming out last night I saw that they said she confirmed on the 11 oclock news

    • Um the performance is a performance from her show in France.
      Why are people on urban blogs so ignorant nowadays?

      • No its going live from New York counting down for the New Year how is it Pre recorded and she CONFIRMED that she will be attending get your facts straight. I dont no where you live at but the news HERE confirms when stars are in the city and Why and it just so happens that its also going live from there and like I said if she shows up without a bump and a baby then she is Liar no way in he** that any doctor is going to let anybody who just gave birth a day ago out in the cold to perform dont care who it is. I agree with seriously Because thats what I heard too.

        • No Jenny, she is scheduled to join Ryan Seacrest to perform live. Check out her web site & many other web sites who says she will be there live. It wouldn’t surprise me if her performance is a pre-recorded one. I never know what to make of the going ons of Mrs. Carter.

        • I just went to her site, and it said nothing about it being live. It just states what she will be performing. Nowhere does it say Live.

        • If you click on the link that says beyonces baby on that website it tells that bey is going to be with ryan seacrest on new years eve

        • So what happened? Did was she there live? Did she perform? Was it a pre-recorded song or live one? I was doing more important stuff so I missed it..darn (snaps fingers).

        • They claimed that she was at the hospital in labor and she couldnt make it thats some bs though I believe that once bey started hearig about the people saying that she wasnt really pregnant because she supposedly had the baby 2 days ago and now shes out performing andgot scared and cancelld. Right now shes probably sitting home wth her baby girl now that was delivered to her 2-3 days ago.

        • LOL you were wrong, per usual. It was a performance from her show in France earlier this year. Solange tweeted that Bey was at her NYE party still pregnant.

          Since you follow Bey every move you would think that you would have facts, and not made-up BS.

        • Jenny, you MUST be talking to Karlisa as if you even follow this thread, you would know I am not even close to being a person who likes Beyonce, much less follow her. I didn’t even watch the event much less follow twitter & I happen to like Solange.

          I follow two people, God & myself. FYI, it’s as usual, not per usual.

  8. To me Deiondra is just getting back at Pilar because Deion left her mama for Pilar. She needs to stay out of it and if she has anything to say then say it to Pilar and stop putting her family’s buisness out there. Did she even think about her little brothers and sister when she was calling their mother names!

    Roc and Roe are too cute!

    Happy New Years Everyone….stay safe and be blessed!

  9. LMAO..why did you even post that..you are asking for trouble. My comment hasn’t posted yet. I think Beyonce is due any day now & will deliver her own baby. If I’m wrong, I wouldn’t be suprised though.

    • LMAO..i said the same thing..this baby will be on the 4th of January and held inside whomever’s womb until the 4th of some month..

  10. Yup Roc is like a light skinned Nick. The only thing he got from Mariah was the size of his forehead, because even the shape is square like Nick’s. I see some Mariah in him, but when you really look at the features, most of them are from Nick. Monroe, on the other hand, looks just like Nick’s mother Beth.

  11. I’m sorry but I for one don’t see how people can’t see alot of Nick in Roc. Roc looks like a light skinned version of Nick to me. The only thing he got from Mariah was the size of his forehead, because even the shape of it, is square like Nick’s. I’m not saying you can’t see some Mariah in him, but when you really focus on features, he has more Nick. Monroe looks just like Nick’s mother Beth.

    • As for the name, I still say it’s not terrible. Out-of-the-box but not terrible. Then again,like I’ve said before, the only names I can’t stand are ones where it seems like the parents have taken parts from 2, 3, 4 different names and pushed them together.

      • Yessss honey, I dislike those ones too, and pretty much any name where it feels like a parent has added a prefix.

  12. WOW Deiondra needs to stop and stay out grown folk business. I mean of course she will fight for her daddy but she needs to know there are three sides to a story (his, hers, and the truth). I hate when people try to air other peoples dirty laundry.

  13. Let’s see Beyonce just had a baby & will make an appearance New’s Years day? Ummm..ok. Even if she doesn’t have the baby, she needs to sit & relax somewhere..she’s in her last trimester. Women are superwomen, but we don’t have to be.

    Blu Bear should have topped the worst celebrity kid name, but Morrocan shouldn’t be too far below it.

    Deiondra needs to be a child, period. I don’t care if she’s defending her father..she’s a child & she needs to stay out of grown folks business.

    Rhianna’s baby brother is a cutie. Please, Lord do not let Khloe K, Rhianna & Kim K get pregnant in 2012. I don’t think I can handle them & Beyonce on BCK together.

    Happy New Year BCK & all commentors!!!

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