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Up-and-coming music artists Chloe,13, and Halle,11, Bailey are making waves in the YouTube world. Contrary to some YouTube stars who gain attention for all the wrong reasons, the Baileys are rising to the top because of their dynamic singing abilities. The teen duo recently conducted an interview with Edge to discuss their vocal gifts and popularity on YouTube.


Hair stylist and extension expert DaRico Jackson recently criticized Angelina Jolie for allowing her daughter Zahara,6, to wear hair extensions. According to Jackson, Zahara is “far too young for that and Angelina is creating insecurity in the little girl that what she has is not good enough.” As the stylist explains, “Growing up with siblings who have long flowing hair, Zahara may grow to feel that her own natural hair is not pretty enough, and that without the fake hair she is not beautiful. She should be made to embrace who she is.”

When Zahara debuted her new hairstyle in Las Vegas, many observers viewed it as a positive attempt to keep the 6-year-old in touch with her native culture. Jackson however states, “If Angelina wants Zahara to be in touch with her roots and have her hair braided then she can do that with the child’s own hair and she doesn’t need to add extensions.” The stylist adds, “There are many cute styles that Zahara can have without adding fake hair at such a tender age.”

What do you think? Does Jackson have a point?