Singer and songwriter Erykah Badu is heavily involved with the International Center for Traditional Childbirth. According to the singer, the mission of the organization is to assist mothers in “education about pregnancy, [both] post and prenatal, to prevent infant mortality and encourage breastfeeding [along with] proper care for the child.” Geared towards minority women, Badu along with the organization hope to decrease the statistical data that shows high infant mortality rates among African Americans.

In a recent interview with TheGrio, Erykah revealed that she is a strong advocate for natural births that take place in the presence of a midwife or doula. As Badu states, “I’ve had three natural births all six years apart. [They] were [all] delivered at home with a midwife. A custom fit birth just for us.” Erykah has been a doula since 2001 and is studying to become a direct entry midwife. Although her preference is a natural birth at home, Badu stresses that “the main focus is a healthy mother and a healthy baby.”

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  1. um im not down with the natural childbirth but to each their own I was so glad when I got my epidural.It wasnt even the contractions that were killing me it was the cervical checks I felt like I was being ripped apart.There was no way that the doctor would have been able to check wme when I was in that much pain.

  2. I was recently invited to the birth of my friends child; it was planned and she was going to be at the same birthing center where she had her first baby. The new baby was nearly 10 pounds and would not come down, through the birth canal (naturally), so they did a c-section at the hospital across the street. I would do a home birth/birthing center if it was near a hospital, just in case!

  3. Do what’s best for you! Personally both of my sons were born in the hospital and I had an epidural with one but not the other (he came to quick). It’s a good thing that I was in a hospital because my first son swallowed fluid on his way out and had to be rushed to the NICU where he spent 3 days on oxygen to clear his lungs.

    • Awesome!Generally, we place a shower curtain under the Mom during labor so that she doesn’t mess up the bed. There is not as much blood as one would think. It doesn’t create a mess in the home at all. As far as hospital births, well a hospital is full of germs and sick people. It is loud and overstimulating for newborns. The immunizations are extremely toxic and formula is one of the worst things we could give a developing being,yet, the hospital pushes these things. As a conventional as well a holistic health practitioner, I can tell ya that I wouldn’t have a baby in a hospital unless it was a legitimate high risk pregnancy. That is coming from someone who works there.

  4. Seriously? MOST babies are born at home. And by “most babies” I mean babies around the world. Women have been giving birth at home since the beginning of time. I’m a proponent of hospitals and medicine too but we have got to get back to trusting our bodies. Giving birth is the most natural thing in the world.

  5. Because of how things are here in the States, I have had hospital births as a precaution in case something went wrong, but I have always had midwives. A friend I went to Primary (Elementary) school with back in England told me that she had her children at home…in England, they let women have their babies at home as a standard (as long as her pregnancy is not high risk) and offer the emergency medical attention that might be needed to her even at home. The United States is far behind in a lot of things. Or perhaps I would say the United States is so far ahead, that the health care system among other systems have lost the appreciation for all things natural.

  6. That’s cool. There can never be enough awareness about the infant mortality rate amongst Black women in the United States and advocacy for using the natural tools and abilities God equipped us with! Natural child birth is hard – I’ve done it twice after having epidurals the first two times (I have 4 in all). As hard as it is, natural is best. I wonder if the organization also teaches about the immunology of breast milk. Kudos to Ms. Badu.

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