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Shad Gregory Moss, a.k.a. Bow Wow, counted sheep with his 8-month-old daughter Shai during the holiday season. The rapper spent quality time with his bundle of joy before returning to work. Bow Wow tweeted, “Last day. She dont want me to leave.”

Shad recently defended his record label in explaining why his newest album, Underrated, has not yet debuted. Shad writes,

“Things are different this time around ima father now to a beautiful baby girl i have so much poetry and new things to share with the world. Everything that pops up in the news that yall want to hear me touch on i talk about it. I bare it all on this album. This is my “Classic” Underrated is a classic. This is my best work. So i be d*** i put it out and it aint right. Dont blame my label they have nothing to do with my decision. Birdman lets me be a boss and do what i want. He my manager so of course he wants the best for me. 2012 ull get it. In the mean time ill keep you all updated through youtube with my “Underrated” Webisodes. As for me ima jump back in the studio and get the working. Being that thats all i ever do is work. Love yall.”

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  1. Aaaarrgggghhhh it is not “she don’t” it is “she doesn’t”! Seriously I cannot stand “is you” “we is” “you be” “they is” “is you” “they be” and so forth. This little girl is gorgeous.

    • I agree, and it’s so difficult to unteach the kids. My ex husband talked that way around our son and still does, and now, despite my efforts, it’s difficult to get my son to use proper grammar. When I was growing up, my grandmother always said you should teach children the correct way to speak, because they WILL learn the wrong on their own.

      Hard to believe Shai is just 8 months. She seems so big in that pic, or maybe it’s because her dad is short.

  2. Man, I used to love Bow Wow so much. My whole family knew that was my man lol. He looks so good with his little girl!

  3. Love this picture! You guys should post that video he posted on his twitter of him playing w/ her. He had a Lion & he mad growling noises while he had it laying on her stomach. Then when he stopped, she made the growling noises LOL. it was so cute

    • aww he is so cute nnd she is to but i say da sme think it seem lke he change in his music he is really showinq the real bow:)

  4. She has matured him so much. When he speaks about Shai, u can tell its coming from such a good place, because he’s in a good place in life. Keep up the good work Bow

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